They’re Alive!

Wished to keep a running tally somewhere, on idiosyncrasies i find with computers. because let’s face it, only life can be this dang perplexing.

May 2012


Spellcheck program in Windows 8 changes words. will make the lower case “i” an upper case I …… see, it changed it just there! that’s WITH the spellcorrect turned off. means i spend 50% more time fixing typos on edit, and have to up my OWN checking concentration.

because a computer has a problem with the way i spell things and can’t help itself. now when i complain? it’s leaving the lower case “i’s” alone. that’s just plain creepy.


the song portion on my android phone, is deciding which songs it wants me to hear.

you are playing songs in alphabetical ORDER while still in the “A’s” and turn the phone on, only to find the widget set to play the song “Telephone Line.”

because apparently that is the one song Android feels i should hear that day?


the wordpress editor enters code that is apparently not ‘seen.’ if you want 2 spaces after a period, must type in the “visual” field. otherwise does not register the spaces.

but check the html AFTER inserting spaces and it is the same as before when does NOT show spaces. technically that shouldn’t be possible. is not CSS, because instance-specific.

but going back to HTML after that, and have to CORRECT and reenter values that the editor removed. is like the computer is trying to TRAIN you to GIVE up on having things how you want and “just go with the flow.”

you have to give up having spaces after your periods, if you want to keep your HTML the way you had it. meanwhile, the normal &nbsp that would indicate a space — they use for the only way to create line breaks. apparently, /br was too universal?

no human would design something this way ….or should i say no COMPUTER would design things this way in such an analogous fashion?

don’t get me wrong … we need dead ends. but this is more like the pile of sticks blocking pet cemetery that you just have to climb over to arrive at the ground where can bury your dead cat and have it come back to life. yes, we are intrigued. but … the POINT?

and while i’m ripping on WP — got any idea what kind of vulnerability is written into a program when you decide to make the field for passwords “shake no!” when an incorrect password is entered? can use that baby to rewrite the entire graphics display.


now this one sort of doesn’t qualify, because i have an explanation. not a NICE explanation — but it’s there.

the external fan i bought at one time for my laptop … i now use as a base for the modem and router. since both tend to heat up a bit and both are huge pains with how light they are and how many cords/wires. so glued them to the fan, positioned so they will cool well.

today (have had this happen few times before) the fan went nutso …… doing about triple the RPM. it happens when too large a charge is being sent through the USB. in fact, i keep it for just that purpose … is a good, albeit primitive …. indicator.

usually disconnecting and reconnecting is enough to break the command for extra charge to a fan. but not this time. the USB port stays charged. so i plugged my camera into it and we’ll see if it fries it (is just the $10 webcam sort from big lots). on a seven-port USB extender, it is the ONLY port getting the higher juice. now that is impressive. AND is a command TO the extender for that port — because doesn’t matter whether plugged into straight power-outlet only or straight USB only …. is getting the same extra-juice.

there’s a virus from WAY back that attacks fan systems. windows has since shored on that, but could be the vulnerability still exists for USB devices. but then how the rewrite on firmware? that’s not old.

so i KIND OF have an explanation. a little chinese fan from a company that might not have played ball? perhaps. or it could be just Windows 8 …. running their system check-up. which sending extra juice to USB ports seems a rather irresponsible way to do a check-up. no …… it’s just going under the “i can’t explain this” files.

someday maybe i’ll bother to get a USB volt meter.


“although sometimes she gives up the pretense entirely” ~BBT

well i was entering text into a field on a facebook page with the android system on my phone …. and words i didn’t type appeared out of nowhere. as if they were field parameters, but very odd ones. granted, i was very tired. but this lands in the “Oh for Christ’s sake” category. *humphhh!* you know, where you go “there goes reality” but you’re really not that sad to see it go?

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  1. DebWrites says:

    i can’t stand autocorrect! if i want a lower case “i” then i want it there. this is grammar school comp class. appreciated this

    1. eebrinker says:

      when we’re talking the integrity of DATA over time, it’s a REALLY big issue, Debra. what if we had a shakespeare around here somewhere — but the data was moved to a new platform that “auto-corrected” it all? there is a reason i type in lower case.

      and not me, of course …….i’m a hack and know i’m a hack. lol. but when it comes to the preservation and integrity of data, what if somebody’s great great grandkid wanted to see what his ancestor wrote? compare intelligence? know where he came from?

      if they can’t get this right, we’re back to Alexandria.

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