revisit the premise

how does the wind make noise?
if glass is made of sand, was sand made of glass?
why are the oceans salty?

the world “round”
round is a concept from within
the rules governing earth
the laws are not the same and there is no
flat (plane) juxtaposition within space
by which to term the earth “round”

time is a concept
distance another concept
not complete

why aren’t cabinets where dishes are stored
why aren’t the cabinets the dishwashers?
why does everybody have zillions of clothes
all lizards
shedding skin each day

pain creates importance
information makes you important
collective conclusion
how far does any idea build

why is glass not a tree?
why is sand not dust?
how does the air move and howl like a ghost…
or do ghosts howl like the air?

spinning leaves
fallen from the tree
maybe the earth moves and the wind is still…

stepping in tune
in congress
the darkness is not as far
as man dreams

i touch the beginning of a problem … and let go
i grasp the better way
only to remember there is a love
of the mistake

all on the notion
that design is proof

to the next angry sigh
neither a trap
nor life
bound to be silenced
but even the empty
have everyplace to hide


gun control and the bigger picture – know your enemy

what bothers me about almost every bit of artillery, is it’s so dang phallic. psychologies being played. but i don’t have an answer for that…yet.

though i think it important for humans to look at their inventions, and look at what part of nature they emulate. almost nothing is original, and instead copies function that is already there. so then we have the juxtaposition, of instead of creating life with seed, destroy life. what’s interesting is not that this whole thing exists, but the draw to owning a weapon. and of course, how that’s played on and …. grown? needing a weapon indicates a lack of faith in ability WITHOUT a weapon or external tool. the mind is the greatest weapon of all. we tend to forget that…..

there is a legitimate fear of fascism, and balances of power. fact is that there are already measures in place limiting gun ownership, and rights to carry. my stand is that the psychologies need to be addressed. i’ve interacted with those in utah that build up their store of weapons and have all that going on, and they have mental issues more than anything — the male pecking order. since i have not had to face that myself, i cannot marginalize their fear. but i do think it is over-inflated, and of course played upon by news sources like fox news, etc. the answer to a scared person with a gun, is to make them not afraid. removing weapons is only part of a solution, and doesn’t address underlying issues. so it’s about power, and how a very small man with a gun has an advantage. therefore, removing all gun ownership, creates a social state where larger men, even with more social power — are put in complete control. that might not be the best thing for everyone. i myself, am not afraid. why? because number one, when i go out to the store, i’m not seeing everyone walking around with a firearm. i’m not seeing people gripping knives. for the most part, is a VERY controlled and peaceful society. don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

disparity is a different issue, and the ones creating disparity are not the ones putting a death grip on their guns. that reasoning is not matching up – though i imagine it has to do with the recent push against weapons and argument being against all the money being made by the gun industry. which — it’s not like they are on fortune 500 — well below everything from tech companies, to our overlords the petroleum industry. so there are much bigger battles out there — and winning the “battle” against the nra and gun ownership — might backfire socially into something worse than current situations. i would not advise it.

it’s the power struggle that i don’t think is ever going to go away — best thing to limit that is to put more funding into higher education and to open up more opportunities for youth and especially those in lower classes. thing we’ve got, is those on right working to LOWER opportunities in education, while pushing gun ownership. and it’s a bad mix. (not exactly friends to the united states of america) however, i do believe that a ‘natural’ reduction in fear is possible, with greater education and greater opportunities. create a nation of thinkers, and they won’t be so easily tricked into becoming victims of their own fear.

as far as terrorism goes – we have our own terror cells. they are called “gangs.” same animal, different name. the extent of our own home-grown terrorism is pretty bad, especially in larger cities and neighborhoods. and those balances of power are very tenuous. only thing that keeps home-grown local terrorism at bay, are local police forces. and then those are seen as “government” and we again have cuts in funding to police that is supported by those wishing to arm themselves more. but the ones that will end up “rising up” are the gangs, the terrorist cells that the US already has — already established. i’ve seen the damage they can do. it’s not small. the deaths are put in the back of the paper– not splashed on national news.

so a shooter has islamic ideology or warped ideology as their stated motivation. and then we look at the middle east, and how we have inserted ourselves into this area, due to conflicts with other nations in the asian continent. strategical placement. can be argued if that was necessity. but we ARE still here, not blown to bits.

the matter stands, on strategic levels, that an armed populous is not one that will be easily “conquered” by occupation. in other words, if another nation wants to ‘stop us’ they will have get us all at once or not at all. so we work to reduce the threat of nuclear war world-wide, and expand as much as we can economically. but if, at any time — we create a populace more open to invasion, then that goes back on the board.

and while the united states has very good strategical protection built in from the last century, with our placement of military bases and highways and bridges — they are not infallible. and of course well documented at this point. so deciding to completely ban guns and firearms within the populace, might not be the best strategy. and in fact is mainly one hoped-for by our enemies. the UK was able to, in a somewhat successful manner. and they have who for an ally? US. so if we go and create that kind of vulnerability, who do we have playing the heavy? no one….

therefore i believe it is better to keep the issue of guns as it stands, and work to limit our own home-grown terrorism WHILE increasing trade and dependencies world wide. have it come together, where always playing the heavy doesn’t get the response of hate that we are seeing so badly from middle-eastern nations. they not only were raised differently, they have different vulnerabilities. different fears.

how can a person, knowing nothing of going hungry and starvation — understand those subjected to malnutrition on a daily basis? they can’t. it’s a different world. so the biggest factor in establishing world peace, is the reduction of world hunger. bread basket of the world… comes down to agriculture. maybe we should be bombing Isil with sandwiches rather than mortar rounds. if you look on the map– our methods of agriculture are most copied in israel. rest tend to follow russian or india agricultural prototypes. india is a mess, btw. not a drop of loam left, all deadpan. while at same time vast phosphorus mining.

talk about inequality — and then US business moving in to take advantage of lower wages — the degree of crime against humanity makes me ill. but increasing united states vulnerability is not an answer. it’s a cop-out. it’s taking a dive. and we have to see this thing through. we need to be responsible, and look to educating our people a little more, so they aren’t left not understanding the bigger picture.

and beyond that, the greatest enemy of the united states is not terrorist cells from the other side of the world. it is ourselves. our romantic notions of despair – and ideologies that do not clarify where lines need to be drawn. there are bigger matters than gun control. you idiots waste the president’s time, with having to make an address to “calm the masses.” and i want to shoot you all myself.

the united states is a good place to live. but there are lots of good places to live in the world. ask switzerland. but each nation is only as good as its worst person. and what defines a good person? someone who loves peace enough to protect it.

so being a pacifist is only part of the answer. being military is only part of the answer. there is a fine line between protecting yourself, or attacking another. i had a game i would play with my cat — anticipation of attack. how often would she strike me first, and how does that play into fear? now it was a game, and she knew it was a game – and we had fun. in real life, her first instinct is to run. but in protecting herself, as an animal — she will strike out when her observation tells her that an attack from me is imminent. so of course, i fake her out, let her drop her guard — and then nab her….lol. she would get so mad! and then hit faster the next time …. but i had an advantage. and it wasn’t strength — it was sight. i could see every movement better, from higher angle and therefore anticipate and calculate. but that’s not what fascinates me. what fascinates me is that point, where the cat will decide to attack you even though they themselves were not first attacked. what fascinates me, is the definition of “threat.” what fascinates me is calling a person guilty, before they’ve done anything. what is our animal nature, and how far do we need to fight that nature?

someday – maybe men will lay down their arms in droves. but it will be because they have no use for them — no need. main thing i don’t cotton to, is the idiots that are too unhappy about less opportunity or need for a gun, and so they work to embroil things or create the havoc which would justify their preparedness. so let’s not do that.

bottom line for human psychology–what makes humans a different kind of animal–is that every man and woman needs purpose. every soul needs a purpose. but if your purpose is to strike before you are struck, then your fear is the only thing that you value. and you will protect that fear, even though there is no reason on god’s green earth to maintain it.

so i am FOR gun control. but i believe every man has the ability to control his own penis.


ashes falling inward

so i washed windows
watered plants and
swept the patio

the answer to pain
is to get busy…

ignore the worst
and move onward

do you know i worry
for my laptop
so i wait for the mail
and thermal conductors
that will help
move its heat
from the source
of activity to
the vent …

life gives minds
to mull and
for move
the out-take

must sweep cement
and smile

because there is
a lot
to finding grace

oh it’s not that hard!
to remember
dust is only dust


up the stony hill

Deep red is scorched of Earth,
I recall the burned glades that once held only
earthly brown. Aftermath a mars-scape of
red and blackened silence.
How I refuse to hope? The politics
leave nothing, yet the fire never raged!

Our landscape marked in blue and red,
it’s not dismay! No, were we ever together,
ever one? The battle merely up and down,
never ‘off.’
So no, is not despair over gaping gaps,
my formulation runs a deeper shade of
angry grays; no thunder in this distance…

Perhaps. Though mostly now it’s settled,
for a future non-combustible by any means
or any-ONE hell-bent on delivering prophecy
as neatly as they may: Judgment day?

Judge this! I saw a more noble path in
continuance. You want the favor of God?
I suggest an appreciation
within a continuity of extended

What is a test that runs short and sweet?
It is no test at all!

The burn, the land of red and red from horizon
to bloody horizon. Is it time to weep, or
to pray for new beginnings?

I find nothing of myself reflected here;
and that is good.
The ghosts?
Oh you worry too much over ghosts and hauntings.
The past is integrated, not shunned and feared.
How else to hope in future redemptive spirit?

When life is bent to comprehension,
the value is based upon complete idiosyncrasy,
not complete collection, or
so I think.
The measure of the waver, distinct.

Me of then believed now would be
a floating leftover in radioactive
Earthly hell. And we achieved that, not!
How great is that and how many
to thank? This is how I see man:
those consumed with ends to define
their in-betweens,
and those with ends OPEN.
May we be and continue
to be a people with ends-open,
where no smooth ride to settled
options! My wish is that each continuance
determines its path, even that which
leaves a landscape red and scorched.
The earth a bloody mess, yet
how is this challenge weighed?

So tempting for any youth
to lay all at the feet of those before.
NO! I say that wisdom
passed along has greater value
than any debts.

So to these hopes, we shall endure;
shall endure?
I hope so. What I see now
is a chance. Not for politics,
but for money to once again
be under the rule of man:

Not man ruled by Mammon.
It is a hungry God(!) that should
NEVER be worshipped, never granted
leeway to become the star for which
all search.

Each person has within them, beauty.
Search for that, and I will take my
findings, deliver justice home to a reach
beyond tired footsteps.

My hope is in the goodness of Man; there it
will stay.

Prove me wrong? Oh, you have! And yet
the beauty of delusion is the force for change,
the molding of path to the future, not
future to the path.

See, it’s simple. “Make your dreams come true,” oh
that is so worn and trite! “Keep hope alive!” Again,
I fear that repetition has gained only boredom.

And all a programming, this I also know. One must
compute the ideologies planted as an opponent’s next
move (coup). Yet nothing sweeter than using a plant
in more directions for a betterment of betterment’s cause!

To turn its use, and this is where I smile,
oh smile largely on even the red.

The red, red Earth; burned long ago?
Yes, and how many burned with this Earth,
none of time knows.

I sense their love in ghosts and
absence, earned.

Regret can touch this clay and know we are better than this.
A sun here, it does not kiss and
tomorrow finds little remarkability in the pain.
Though sums do see aftermath and pride; to be alive
the past is already beaten,
and every thought for multitudes
runs downhill.

My sight? I see that I am not needed, now.
Yet that is good, with paths set and games
playing out in the general sense, as they should.

Arrogance? Pish posh! We deal with what we have,
and all these fine lines are taxing to the soul of mind.
It is the crossing, and instruction to note the

This flow to points of no-return…lol ohhhhhh
I had so many finished at the start. Now simply
frozen to a waiting stance,

and feeding hope. For how else is the fevered past
to settle-in? Comparison; contrast and the awakening
of lessor thoughts. Much more is learned by stance.

Red testimony a proof of land used well beyond its own purpose,
man and his silly hopes!
We will burn and let it burn! Oh no, no you won’t.
What brings rejuvenation?

One thing, and one thing only. That is to never,
never fail to see alternate paths; ways; actions; designs; modes;
complexities; contradictions; targets; policies.

I only fear unexpected hate. Expected animosity is nothing more
than self-righteous validations. So enough of that, too. Humility
seems like the white whale. Yet I think she was here
all along; pulling at my hem, dogging the very air, breathed.

Steps? They only count if metered. For now, dust patterns

This! This land is far too red.


Fractal Bifurcation by eebrinker

Hesitation expands,
flicker complete is an idiom:
To see and know
beyond and beyond,
running silence haunts portrayals.

A ladybug climbs up a branch,
flies away. Broken in that climb is only
countenance divided by ambition; was not
always so…

The sidewalk becomes a darker gray with rain,
air is thin or thick,
this day lives in joy or bristles counting hope.

I prefer happiness without shadows,
embossed in my own footsteps–it is not better or worse;
merely clenched.

Seen and see, to fall to an understanding
is to rise to one occasion at a time,
leaning into deeper questions that
pin a soul to its foundation;

seek and ye shall find, yet I knock what I can
and can what I see as forever
from bottoms of swimming barrels;
cloned for every monkey to look upon
and never sigh,

God is not through with me yet.