Fascism here we cum

and yes, i “misspelled” that on purpose.  you fascist wunder-kinds all jonsing and getting-off on the idea of putting dead-body pictures on cigarette packages and ads.

i guess that means we’ll be putting heartattack-victim pics on sides of beef?  definitely throw a few of those reminders on your Denney’s bacon meals (the pork-belly shares otta luv that).  how about candy-bars?  let’s put pictures of diabetics with their legs cut-off on those.

and yea ……….. it means you crossed a line.  and IF the courts do NOT reverse this ……… i’m sorry folks ……… that will mean the United States is officially a fascist nation.  been dancing around it for years…. and this is the ticket to that train ride.

PS:  terribly reassuring that we are following such great nations as Columbia and Egypt on this ‘trend’

PPS:  is there ANY documented evidence that this won’t just make everybody, especially teenagers… smoke MORE?  they’ll be like trading cards …. nice going