to be or not to be trampled ….

i have always interpreted “fascist” as those who thrive on fear, and within that fear will strive to overly–or overtly–control their fellow man through legislation or military might… or social coercion.

a type of not allowing others to be or exist, especially if those others are seen as a “threat.” and then within the grouping-sense, the “enemy” is used as a bonding-point and way to enforce solidarity within that group. rather than, say they all like to get together on tuesday nights for basket weaving.

part of the seduction of fascism, is the rise in power over others. and of course, that is more tempting for those who exist in a manner that makes them feel powerless.

historical fascism might be something different — but the center or kernel is still the same as the commonly held definition.

and the ease with which those surrounding you might turn into rhinos — that still stays the same.

you really can’t let down your guard, while saying the propensity for fascism is extinct — simply because its origins are oceans and centuries away.

far as Trump is concerned — he’s not the richest man in the world and never will be. he is loud and undignified. he would make a very poor representative for the american people to the rest of the world. hopefully enough americans can see that. if they can’t, then how to explain that except by a thrall? by the draw to be yet another rhino …. so i think, all in all, that fascism and fascist is an apt term. or close enough.

passage of time tunnels

such a basic instinct
hatred of the pretty
though funny when an old show
and reality is they are all old now
like me…

you realize that even if
they held on to some form of beauty
we will all be equal
as dust
when 6 foot under
it’s a strange thing
to watch the slow-bouncing boobs
on Bay-Watch
i had forgotten all about this show
never did watch it much when it was on
but ….

there is something interesting
about the extremely obvious amounts of
grandma liked the show
maybe it helped to believe youth that stupid
empty of ….or maybe full of innocence?
hard to say

i clearly don’t understand people
these are images after all
the dust trail of a comet
not the comet itself

that part’s long gone
i smile at how i can tell
the age of any film according
to its degeneration….

i pick up on something
maybe the air quality that year

maybe it all fades no matter how it is saved
the souls captured, fade

until they are used up completely
or maybe there has never been anything THERE
really there
maybe it’s all a very complicated form
of mass hallucination
maybe every single bit of capture — film
and moving pictures — is but a mass
hallucination stored and re-accessed
by some giant earthly program

and as they age
they fade in earth’s memory

all men must die?
oh heck, the hard thing for most to realize
is that all men must live

courtesy-of buisnessinsider .com

courtesy-of buisnessinsider .com

for dust is packed

give me strength
yet make me humble
give me a caring heart
yet find also

sometimes strive for perfect answers
when know that perfection
even itself
is birthed out of
miasma in chaos

see, this night is bitter cold
but the air feels good
taking deep breaths

and remembering winter

nothing and everything
souls are soft
before they are hard
even the flower remembers
roots it gave to last spring

as their faces shrink from absolute cold
the last flowers still smile from the touch
of a bit of winter sunshine

no amount of complaint from me
equals dignity
what does tomorrow know?

terrifying Tuesday

Is the fan on too much
or is it my imagination?
don’t remember the fan running that much
must be the fan virus
seen since the early days of xp
no checker gets it
no system prevents it
and i still don’t know
if it’s an actual virus or just
a prevalent windows bug

but fan should definitely not be clipping along
when on battery power
set to passive cooling
and running almost nothing
with cpu usage less than 2%

i sigh
make sure files are backed up
run Windows 10 through a full reset
not knowing if that will help at all
not knowing if it’s my imagination….
all things seem louder
in the quiet of the dawn’s early light

i looked at terrorism, you know
in the global strategic sense
because basically it is
a non-real nation
committing war not bound
by the geneva convention
the agreement that all war should
be civilized
for power is power
and on the sidelines is right where
the greatest victor sits

so all are subject
except those who are subject
are preyed upon by those not subject
due to perceived insignificance
and what does the sideliner do?
sit and watch for even greater amusement
oh yes
there is a problem
yet it lies where no one is looking

how now brown cow
where does your garden grow?
how much wood does a woodchuck chuck
Peter Piper picked
Yankee doodle’s feather
and the ants go marching down… down…. down

sorry about that
my fan must be stuck
don’t know if it’s a virus
or built in flaw to the system…

you’re in the army now
you better get rich
you better get rich
how now
how now brown cow
you’re in the army now
you better be quick
you better be quick
little miss muffet sat on her tough-it
ringed around the rosy
to turn the other cheek
while born to bleed and bow
you’re in the army now
you better get rich
you better get rich
the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout
you’re in the army now
how now, how now brown cow?

darn fan…….