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am just registering my blog with technorati…..trying to get the ol’ blogging life organized! lol

you know what sucks is just realized that myspace with their new link policy, makes it impossible to register any blog you have there with technorati.  you know, they started that on the guise that it was to prevent phishing, but by turning EVERY SINGLE link you have on  your site into a myspace link address, they sure have capitalized on any google traffic and manage to even further isolate myspace bloggers from the rest of the blogging world.

they want everybody to join myspace to even be able to access your blog and myspace traffic and rankings no longer count at all to any technorati authority…..




Did you know

Did you know the sky melts incense
And a candle burns for hearts left
On the back porch with a toothpick shoved in the side
To hold broken pieces together

The meaning is never clear
It’s not that there are clouds
Or storming vistas
But somehow mistakes
Travel through and into
A burst of time
Upon the whisper of hello

I never hold on hard enough
I never make a fist
And grip the closeness
Always one to go my own way
To just plain go away
When what I dream isn’t real

Because it never is
It slides onto my finger
Like a hole in a sock that just keeps growing
Like a life left behind and
Bleeding an existence into starched sheets

My mind wanders
How it wanders!

Some day I’ll have to quit dreaming
Quit dreaming and open up
Grow up
To one reality
In the face of so many crimes
One justice that declares

Other people care


random hypothesis #2401

alcohol is a diuretic

leaching water from the body

that’s why beer makes you piss so much

maybe one of the feelings of well-being

delivered by a stiff drink

is that diuretic-effect

and part of the craving

is the body needing to rid itself

of all the excess fluids

and since an over-ingestion of salt

causes the water retention

number one

why salty foods are served in bars

number two

anyone dealing with alcoholism

should try cutting their salt intake

and might help immeasurably

the american diet is much higher in salt

than ever in the past

and could explain


in problems arising from alcohol consumption

oh and coffee is also a diuretic

and why

at AA meetings they always serve coffee

i mean always

they do it to trap

the poor sots into believing

it’s 12 steps and higher power

so if we go into conspiracy theory

it gets interesting

because that means frit-o-lay has ganged up

with budweiser

to increase their sales

and AA is a cult

sponsored by both

to keep the public focused

on mediocrity

and distracted from true solutions

on the cusp of a match

Infatuation held on a cloudless moon
I would sing to your whispers
Of subtle snickering

But my heart was yours
And the poor bastard is trapped

While my feathered anger still believes
In your storms of trust
For what never belonged

Time fills gutters
That run full through the night
Tangled lips that would be an answer to prayer
Prayer that is never the answer
To a lack of genuflection
A lack of passion
For worshipping love