random hypothesis #2401

alcohol is a diuretic

leaching water from the body

that’s why beer makes you piss so much

maybe one of the feelings of well-being

delivered by a stiff drink

is that diuretic-effect

and part of the craving

is the body needing to rid itself

of all the excess fluids

and since an over-ingestion of salt

causes the water retention

number one

why salty foods are served in bars

number two

anyone dealing with alcoholism

should try cutting their salt intake

and might help immeasurably

the american diet is much higher in salt

than ever in the past

and could explain


in problems arising from alcohol consumption

oh and coffee is also a diuretic

and why

at AA meetings they always serve coffee

i mean always

they do it to trap

the poor sots into believing

it’s 12 steps and higher power

so if we go into conspiracy theory

it gets interesting

because that means frit-o-lay has ganged up

with budweiser

to increase their sales

and AA is a cult

sponsored by both

to keep the public focused

on mediocrity

and distracted from true solutions


on the cusp of a match

Infatuation held on a cloudless moon
I would sing to your whispers
Of subtle snickering

But my heart was yours
And the poor bastard is trapped

While my feathered anger still believes
In your storms of trust
For what never belonged

Time fills gutters
That run full through the night
Tangled lips that would be an answer to prayer
Prayer that is never the answer
To a lack of genuflection
A lack of passion
For worshipping love


He’s a street person that happens to have a roof over his head

Thinking that makes it alright

Not knowing

Pretending not to see

Once you absorb that club

It’s life


Plays the guitar because that makes the hobo feel special

So he can cry even more

Even more

So unfair! Oh yes life breeds disdain

For everyone who has it made

The street code


Hate the “have-ers” and

Live to dream the crafty bargain


Do anything you have to do

Because there are no ethics

On the street


He thinks he has it beat

He thinks respectable breathes

From four thick walls

But this creature is the same

No matter where


Has no soul

No spark of god

No torch of humanity


A vagrant cares only for his own need

And fakes sympathy

Oh they fake it


Very well


Smooth words are a cheater’s delight

And he thinks he said good-bye to the night

Believes judgment no longer applies

But instinct grows

From worn sidewalks

Holding a storm of conniving justification


It lives!

Was born

Not kicking and screaming


Quiet and sharp



That instinct will never die

A street person

A street shadow

For life

He thinks he left it behind

He thinks he plays a different game

But I know

I know and see

Past through


It’s all the same


A nail of vision hurts to understand

There is no savior

For such a man

No saving grace

Because grace won’t live

Through fractured faces

In avenues on the street


I am supposed to care

Because that’s what we do

But soon


The day will come for shocked


You didn’t think you got away, did you?

You didn’t think

That we knew

We all knew

All along


Yes we have that number

And the day of the street person

Grinds through exact design

One aspect dwindles

Even as we speak

And your spirit of the street

We breed no more


That drug is dead

And sorry makes no change



Aching within bounds

I am tired of people that try to make other people what they are

A world where being nice becomes a crime of stupidity

Work that delegates pride to the humbled tenacious

TV dinners that shrink while the prices explode

Emotions that believe expression is god-given destiny

Complexities that forget how to dream simplicities

Dogs that bark because they can

Cats that hate with one solid look

Streets that look like avenues and avenues that look like baseball stadiums

Melodies that insist on superiority

Rocket ships using blood for fuel

Government contracts that scratch absurdity’s back

Fake brick

Fake wood

Fake sugar

Fake responsibility

Fake existence on the edge

Of fake “debilitude”

I’m tired of letting distraction run me out of coffee cream

And drinking “misattributes” from mania

I want to not care

Not dream

But time has me by the balls

I forgot to grow

And we only have so much

Only have so many cells and sinew

And degenerated absence

Trundled devotion to frame of construction

Exit polls say we crave


And every creature knows

It takes nothing

The sunspot of nothing

Aching within bounds

To prove quiet is a state of mind