song of the prodigal

Kicks for drama break the boundaries
When each parking lot is free
Wicked angels look for shopping carts
Broken edges
Worlds perceive
Each light has dimmed
And every patron
Runs the wandering
Wandering way home

She was just the girl on acid
The one that brushed her teeth each night
A teddy bear held oh so tight
And every prayer began just right

Petunia plots
And pineapple plans
Slide of skin
On aching sheets
Doorway demands
Steep shadows of one lonely man
A heartbeat wandering
Wandering home

Take the darkness with you
Make it live in your divides
Drink sunshine if the sun decides
Drink sorrow when it carves insides
Drink absence when absence arrives
And own belief that owns a mind

She was just the girl on acid
He’s the boy that drove her home
And when the car broke through the railing
They both found ways to leave that road

You can see the skid marks
You can breathe the dusty air
You can scream up to a hopeless sky
And slam your fists on worlds not fair

Petunia plots
And pineapple plans
Slide of skin
On aching sheets
One end for every countless man
One man for every end complete

Upon the wandering
Wandering way home


when it’s time to kick the rooster

You know when it’s quiet
And alone takes new meaning
The core of where you started
The foundation shimmers

Part of me feels the push of tears behind very tired eyeballs
And part of me never cared in the first place

I only live because breathing became hard
Hard and distracted
On somebody’s dining room table
There is an envelope
A folded piece of paper
And a pen that will never be used

On someone’s patio there is a chair
With plastic floral pattern and too much dust

And on someone’s heart there is an emptiness that I can’t afford to feel
Because we all touch god
We all stomach frozen fingers burned in place
Where the birth of stigmata simply forgot to bleed

Don’t give me your retarded bullshit
I’m the one that believed
I’m the one that needs to hold it fast
Steady and strong

Yes the night is quiet
It all makes me sad

I don’t know how it works
Where it all goes
Think perhaps I can fold myself into a few dreams
Live out each day
And not worry about you
Or them
Or them
Because have always known
That it takes strength to care
And have always known
I’m the only one that has enough

i’m sorry

but i can’t have you around

with accusations

saying i yelled

i was in the hallway late at night

walking outside to quiet darkness

i couldn’t yell

there was no room

whisper harshly



always control

to be accused


of yelling

you don’t get it and not many would


no shit

the minute someone

some bloody whiny half-retarded idiot

decided that i





how could i?

i would have woken up half the building

but it’s always my word against theirs

and the crazy person always loses

behind wire bars

so i can’t afford to have you around

screaming that the sky is falling

it hurts


it hurts!

but being shut away

on the basis of turkey lies

and mitigated spite

hurts more