Bipolar Savior

True passion is extremes
When the grass turns all shades of yellow
Because craving matches thirst
Amounts of hate
Give love its greater depth
The more it takes to achieve
The more songs will feel

Standing on a rooftop
The building downtown
Condemned long ago
Looking out over earth
And sky
And your ignorance

Beauty is not in every color
But in one contrast
For pleasure is real
Because passion lives
At the edge of blue
Reaching into the darkest of pinks
From one border of every sunrise
Into the plains of forgiveness that forget
While sorrow never felt sharper
Holding onto injustice
Soaking deliverance
Sure of life’s travesty
Gripping every knowledge
Every day outside of nature to resolve

One more departure
One more absolute
Folding inward
Smoldering outward
Broken through each aspect
To where I reach you

Finding humility
In cold drops
Of a heart’s true blood
Love from ecstasy
An exit from your circle
Yes! A circle is not a good thing

Did you watch the Lion King
Too many fucking times?

Every nightmare you ever believed in
Every rock you forgot to turn
Each answer
Each growing need for salvation
You lost
You dream of a repetition
Holding onto the darkest of truths
In a jungle of condemnation

Never mind the reality of wisdom
Never mind the stupidity
Wrapped within those turns
Reasons for escape
Drinking an abject sunrise
Distributing warmth for divine contrast
Marking trails
Upon destruction of the round

Chasing tails
Loving only your own
Circular universe

Save us within the breaking!
Save us!

The only savior
The only One
Rests on the back of each champion
Each believer
Each world

Of ups
And downs

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That Bitch

There are people that sap the world
And people that give
Or at least keep the status quo

That bitch
What a sapper in blue scrubs
The antithesis of a profession

Buying enough pet food to stock a farm
Nineteen she says
The burden left
With broken arms

I don’t know
If I’m a giver
I don’t even know
If pots and kettles go in the same dishwasher

Damned by an honesty
That reeks from my horizons
At least I know how to count

She had a very smug look on her face
As she loaded her stolen goods
Into a blue mini-van

It bled into the meaning of one-sex nature scrubs
And leached over the pavement
A dusty storm billowing in the distance

You could swear evil was

You could swear it on the lives of gray eyes
That know insanity
Is a breath away

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Like a Nazi prisoner

I’m hungry
Starving for something
No finger can find

The ache glimmers around my temples
And sinks into an abject gut
A struggle for the unknown
To feed or soak the timid mind

Have no solid foundation
Look everywhere
Your heart the last place expected

Give me release
Give me one crumb of promise
One measured kiss
From the numbness in the dark

technorati claim

Technorati Profile

am just registering my blog with technorati…..trying to get the ol’ blogging life organized! lol

you know what sucks is just realized that myspace with their new link policy, makes it impossible to register any blog you have there with technorati.  you know, they started that on the guise that it was to prevent phishing, but by turning EVERY SINGLE link you have on  your site into a myspace link address, they sure have capitalized on any google traffic and manage to even further isolate myspace bloggers from the rest of the blogging world.

they want everybody to join myspace to even be able to access your blog and myspace traffic and rankings no longer count at all to any technorati authority…..



Did you know

Did you know the sky melts incense
And a candle burns for hearts left
On the back porch with a toothpick shoved in the side
To hold broken pieces together

The meaning is never clear
It’s not that there are clouds
Or storming vistas
But somehow mistakes
Travel through and into
A burst of time
Upon the whisper of hello

I never hold on hard enough
I never make a fist
And grip the closeness
Always one to go my own way
To just plain go away
When what I dream isn’t real

Because it never is
It slides onto my finger
Like a hole in a sock that just keeps growing
Like a life left behind and
Bleeding an existence into starched sheets

My mind wanders
How it wanders!

Some day I’ll have to quit dreaming
Quit dreaming and open up
Grow up
To one reality
In the face of so many crimes
One justice that declares

Other people care