answers for now

time to be a child
a clean approach at heart
a wisdom that only knows delight

when i touch this world
it will be in wonder
it will be a spirit that has gone the distance
ran the race
followed with angry feet
to dissolve into first place

to be owning a hand
that touches worn skin
beneath your eyes
and knows

power absolved into one brow
will settle beyond lines of frustration

but no
i dream of real existence
to live in a time warp of absolution
to worship the beginning once again

a child

i will be the if
to your when

i will soar on wings of forgetful youth
i will take a burning household backwards
rage between the cusp
of tomorrow’s yesterday

a smile to balance everything
a song that knows how to play

a reason to be pure to your eyes


mean hook

i am the silencer
anger personified
for some…
then i go and try

fuck i try
explain ten times
and baited 10 times
to put his name in a message

try to be nice
play and make laugh
baited to be made
slap because deserved

and then betrayed
but i’ve got one fucking tough back
and i stab front to kill

anyone out there?
anyone real?
any type of world that doesn’t have a problem

i told her
he likes me because i can kick his ass
and i love him because he taught me how

and they still don’t get it

loyalty means more than principal
and if you lose

then where does principal land from begin

so it takes the weekend
the silencer
and then
everyone sees what’s left

i am not alone
and guess who’s here?

spite returning spite

You can try to fight the dead man
When a heart no longer breathes
You can try to plant your dandelions
In sheltered beds
With stolen seeds

You can fornicate forevers
You can smoke sacred cigars
Spark to pet one donkey
Or beat the ass for being smart

For each eyeball that you opened
For each hope that you conceived
For every dress you left unbuttoned
For every pickle crunched
Each storm believed
Some people just can’t help

Under their own feeble judge
The arbiter from hell
Looks you back from a mirror
With paint from your own tired work
Give it a rest and let your

Turn inward where it belongs
Devouring the only part
The only deserving
Worms on their hook

I have not begun
And you finished because
The road was too steep
And your lazy feet left you

Hatred not mine to give or keep
Are you not blessed?
Because damned if I couldn’t
But I’m not too impressed

And damned if I won’t
Because so much rivers of non
Anger for whom
But one’s own

While spanks the barking melody
Because good enough is never
never what it seems….
to a child

Speaking through the gates

And I run from the turtle
Because the walking corpse talks
When you leave what breaks your heart

A balmy breeze that settles on quiet shoulders
The end of too many promises
And the beginning of one
To yourself
Becomes the bearing standard

Someday I hope to find peace
In what I want
Becoming what I need

Someday I hope
To find the reality
Maybe in your arms

Regret we all know
More than makings
More than a future
Proof inside the requiem of a broken heart

Love only real when it leaves
Because the rest of the time
I already said good-bye

Shattered ends of design never what they seem
She gave me permission
So I left
I gave new meaning to what words find in

Because love never needed conquering

And time called me
Upon crumbled tracks of howling anger
From one essence of worship to another ruptured answer

song of the prodigal

Kicks for drama break the boundaries
When each parking lot is free
Wicked angels look for shopping carts
Broken edges
Worlds perceive
Each light has dimmed
And every patron
Runs the wandering
Wandering way home

She was just the girl on acid
The one that brushed her teeth each night
A teddy bear held oh so tight
And every prayer began just right

Petunia plots
And pineapple plans
Slide of skin
On aching sheets
Doorway demands
Steep shadows of one lonely man
A heartbeat wandering
Wandering home

Take the darkness with you
Make it live in your divides
Drink sunshine if the sun decides
Drink sorrow when it carves insides
Drink absence when absence arrives
And own belief that owns a mind

She was just the girl on acid
He’s the boy that drove her home
And when the car broke through the railing
They both found ways to leave that road

You can see the skid marks
You can breathe the dusty air
You can scream up to a hopeless sky
And slam your fists on worlds not fair

Petunia plots
And pineapple plans
Slide of skin
On aching sheets
One end for every countless man
One man for every end complete

Upon the wandering
Wandering way home