Trump #Shutdown the government LAST year too, you know.

With the most favorable conditions any president could have, clear majorities in the house and senate.

And he started THIS shutdown in December 2018, while he still had favorable conditions.

Therefore, the only conclusion is that a shutdown is/was the goal, and NOT a side effect from failing to reach a different goal.

Always look at the actions, what they actually get or go after, versus what they say they want.

Pretending to be forced to shutdown when you have full control of both Chambers of Congress…..

That’s some pretty ripe bull. That’s what he’s done and nobody calls him on it.

But the thing is that if you are pretending you had no choice, when you go for the thing you want…. Which Trump WANTS the shutdownS …..

Then any repercussions from it you get to blame on something or someone else.

Or at the very least, you get to blame the harm you have caused ON the harm itself. Which is intriguing trick…The irs is closed because of the shutdown. Not “the irs is closed because the president closed the irs.”

We have a president who closed national parks AS THE GOAL.

Within that scope, the entire idea of “a wall” was the set up. That’s the set up and excuse to get to the actual goal which is the shutdown.

So this #TrumpShutdown was planned as early as his first mention or promise of “a wall.”

That should have a few of us concerned.

And for those fools who convince themselves that he’s shutting things down to eliminate waste …

That’s ridiculous, when you are in charge there is nothing preventing you from eliminating waste while things are running.

You don’t have to grind things to a halt and knife the United States economy in the back, in order to lower government spending. Not when you HEAD the government already!

THEREFORE, the actual goal, IS to knife the United States economy in the back.

The only escape from this flowchart, is back where you have to decide if the goal of the Trump administration was the shutdown itself.

He had to work to get the shutdown, where if he had just let Congress do their job there would be no shutdown.

He went for the shutdown.

The shutdown WAS the goal all along.

So now, Trump has a way for his royal friends in arabia to attack the United States and then blame that vulnerability to terrorism on somebody else.

The ulterior motive for choosing a shutdown in the first place…Looking at that to decide the next move is almost impossible.

And that all stinks of slavik strategy.

Typically, they might have some move set up to fire off at the right time in a USA shutdown. Where the shutdown gives them enough advantage for success.

However, I would think that at this junction, that the purpose is more for smoke screen and havoc, while they continue to to move to anex East European nations. As well as tightening their grip on Asad and Syria. More for nudging the usa out of the way of their long game.

Bottom line on it would be oil.

And that is entangled in backdoor deals of enrichment and oil company interests across the globe….

Which your guess is as good as mine on any of that.

My point is, look at their smiles.

Look at potus and vice potus grin from ear to ear, and you tell me that they didn’t get what they wanted?

They must have wanted a shutdown all along. Must have aimed for that shutdown.

Those are not the grins of men who missed their mark.

But if you go back to the flowchart, within the course of a shutdown there are certain known results.

To aim for the shutdown itself, might be an aim for one of those results, versus all of them.

And it’s probably something obscure, if the flow continues in this direction at all. It might not, the entire effects are large enough to be a gain for any enemy nation. Take your pick.

Trump saluted a North Korean general while he was President of the United States. It’s on film it was done there’s no doubt.

Sometimes the obvious is right before your eyes. (Yes I know that’s the definition of obvious I’m having some fun there).

So my final words or say on any of this is that no I don’t know exactly where all of it goes. But I do know where it doesn’t go and where it doesn’t go is to a necessity for shutting down the government due to impasses on political goals. Where it doesn’t go is to some sort of unfortunate outcome. This was planned.

The why of it might be hidden, but the deliberate nature of it cannot hide.

Despots get others to sign on with them when they have a foolproof plan. Part of the other side of that is they also show what will happen to you if you do not go along with them as they initiate their fullproof plan.

It’s all the old ways, I’ve said before that you can find every strategy trumps use in episodes of bugs bunny. They are remedial for a reason.


AT&T are having issues

If you subcontact crooks, you’re going to get burned. All there is to it. The corporation (watchTV) at&t subcontracted to give higher-paying customers tv channels on their phones, is INSERTING THEIR OWN ADVERTISING CONTENT on popular shows such as south park. I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed.

And their security company has engineered it so i can’t even sign into my own account.

It keeps blocking my sign in with a page telling me it will send my son a code to sign in.

First off, i never signed up for double security to sign into my account. And secondly, AT&T themselves can’t fix it. I kid you not, their Representatives in India can only open up the account one time, and I can get to it once, before it shuts down again and demands a code rather than letting me sign in with my password.

AND every time the stop the security block so i can get to my account, it shuts down my internet on the phone and then I have to get them to fix THAT.

So it’s crazy. Absolutely mad. I’m paying close to two hundred dollars a month and can’t even get to my account to see the billing? And this is AFTER they convinced me to go with electronic billing only!

It’s absolutely crazy……. So I’ll obviously be changing my phone carrier. This is madness. Are you listening, #AT&T ?

Because I’m not going to try calling again. If anything, the amount of frustrations makes the reps (from india) so happy i can hear them jizzing in their pants. So let’s just end this.

Mostly I’ve never heard of a company SO screwed up that the owner of an account who is responsible for the bill, can’t even sign into the account with her own password. And then you don’t have enough technology to validate that I’m already ON the phone to access my phone account? Instead you want validation it’s me from my son’s phone, and that is insane. It’s also TOO INCONVENIENT for me to have to call my son every time i need to change a service or pay a bill.

Or even to see how much data is being used. Why won’t you just let me go on my account and do that, at&t? I’ll tell you why, it’s a deliberate work to mess somebody up. That’s the only explanation I have. Never thought I was that important. Go figure.

Dear #Microsoft and #Google and Techs

RE: the futility of current methods of site security.

well …. I think everybody went about it all wrong. while there is some advantage to having multiple accounts on one device, the better way would have been to hardwire an identification chip into every device and then register that chip with the website, service, or app.

Could have even made the security ID chip like a sim card, that could be transferred device to device. Call it a SID card. And then the only password you need is to unlock your SID card to use it on any device to automatically sign in to websites and apps.

you’d get a black market of SID cards, but the loss would be negligible for the amount saved in security programming hours.

so it would sort-of be like a smart card, except with standardized integration for every server/website/app.

anyway …………. that’s what they should have done in the first place instead of the insanity that has occurred with keeping track of dozens of passwords and the lag involved to access a site by signing in.

All of that shouldn’t have happened. It’s really just a blatant disregard of the users’ time, a disrespect for their time and also some kind of joy at providing back doors for hackers to get into sites, I assume. It was never necessary, they could have constructed a system of SID chips. Fact is, they didn’t want to.

Made the decision to waste user time, for the manipulation factor. Which I GET that ————- if you make something harder to enter or more complicated, such as with a password — then BEING on that site becomes psychologically more precious.

Being on the Google site is infinitely valuable …… but does anyone value it? I mean just the search engine. Where you don’t have to sign-in to use the search engine. There are all kinds of psychological plays involved.

Kind of the same way they do with supermarkets. Stalling someone at a sign-in page is good for advertising, it’s a storefront — a posterboard. I get ALL of that. But ARE those valuations greater than the degree of wasted time and the collective aggravation of “remembering” passwords?

Probably not.

I would suggest everyone shift gears. And the why of that is precisely because nobody cares. Nobody gives a crap, they just want to watch their movie or text a friend. They don’t want assurances of security or safety. If it drags too long, will drop computer revolution altogether.

And all you boys will be looking for jobs in book factories. And I’m not kidding.

It wouldn’t be hard to shove it all in the trash. Every circuit. More than enough reasons — start making some that give cause for it to remain.

The great OZ has spoken? I just care. This internet thing was my husbands baby. One of many fathers … he’s dead and I’d just as soon you didn’t kill the internet, too.


The point of gaslighters like Trump is they ALWAYS speak ambiguously so they can backtrack it and say you misunderstood them.

It’s a protection mechanism (manipulation) to make it so that the person who is being ambiguous is always right.

If someone calls you on something, you keep your authority and tell them they just misunderstood you. If you want to play it up, you tell them they misunderstood you and that you are hurt that they would even think that. Then, they are not only out of the line of fire for something awful they said (which if the person accepted it fully, then they also maintain authority)… But they also just placed the person who checked them into a position of having to apologize to them.

It’s a pretty old trick, one that I see used too often and I DO take internal personal notes, and tick off that individual as a gaslighter. You can’t tell them you caught them in their trick, because they’ll just dig in deeper. First off, they would say that YOU are too suspicious and untrusting, or that you are crazy. But they’ll say it ambiguously, so that if you interpret what they say as being hateful to you, then again they are feeling hurt you would even think that and so the gaslighting just mushrooms larger.

The more bull someone trys to fly past others, the more ambiguous their language becomes. Until it is so lacking in specifics that it becomes essentially void of all meaning. And then all talk MUST be on events or the latest this or that, because no amount of relating an opinion or thought can occur when the language specializes in ambiguity.

These kind of gaslighters enjoy lighting slow burns in others. They will say just enough to make others mad, but ambiguous enough so that if others actually DO get angry they can then blame that other (who they hate already enough to be trying to make them mad) for being judgemental and not understanding “what they meant at all.”

“I didn’t mean it that way! You aren’t listening to me! What I said was…”

Famous last words of every gaslighter. They should print it on their tombs.

It’s the language of ambiguity, the language of always being right because there’s no clarity, and body language delivers most of their meaning, while actual statements are evasive.

So people that imitate Trump will end up babbling like him and be confused as to why nobody understands what they are saying, because they read too much into words that express nothing and phrases that are so open for wide amounts of interpretation that it becomes nonsensical uttering and meaningless statements. All it basically does is band the gaslighter-imitators together for the comfort of familiar and meaningless jabber.

“… full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

It’s why you shouldn’t make gaslighters president.

Planes, trains, and yanked footballs

Scuttling across the airport like a flock of birds b\necause the gate was changed because the airline had a bad plane or bad mechanics and so a new airplane had to be chosen to go into the ice storm. So we scuttled across the airport. A group of tired travelers with no real hopes for anything other than home.
like many people I didn’t have a car waiting for me or have the ability to get a rental car or be in some way safe from the vagaries of when my cousin called and said there would be no ride waiting for me because there was too much snow for him to drive, and keep in mind this is when I’ve seen the man driving a veritable blizzard to get to church before and snow everywhere…but blindsided me after we scuttled across the airport me and my snot nose and tissue from a holiday that I spent mostly with a dire cold and flu in bed while everybody else watched movies and had fun. So I’m snotting my brains out there, slapped upside the head with the reality that nobody was going to be picking me up from the airport, that I wasn’t worth it enough to anybody. I was told to take the train in the dark and in the snow storm carrying my luggage hauling that like a hobo on the Trax train to try to get home myself because nobody saw me as worthwhile enough to pick up at the airport. So I sat there and bawled my eyes out the entire time on the plane the way home with a cold and a snotty nose and a tissue. For a change, the people next to me were probably very relieved that I didn’t try to strike up a conversation or be friendly that I just sat quietly and cried the whole way.

And I couldn’t even really say why that hurt so much.except that there was no apology, no sorry we can’t get you from the airport we just can’t get the car through, no anything like that. Just a terse screw you take the train and then what are you stupid or something you can ask somebody how to find the train.and then with absolutely no understanding that I purposely don’t take transit at night for a reason to stay safe and so after all of this and being sick and hauling luggage across the airport I’m supposed to sit there and be scared to death on public transit…. Because what? Because there’s 2 whole inches of snow on the ground and it’s harder for him to drive in 2 inches of snow than for me to make it home on foot in the dark with my luggage? and I just don’t understand that level of (inconsiderate) manners. I don’t know what I did I wonder what I did what could I have possibly done I was away I wasn’t even around did something happen did I offend someone while I wasn’t there?
The attitude was like I was the biggest a******* in the world that never deserved a favor in her life. Everything I do for others, every possible thing I could do I have done. Would give the shirt off my own back. It’s not enough that I get treated like crap and slapped upside the head while I’m waiting to see what airport gate to go to another and I end up having a nervous breakdown in front of hundreds of people, crying and sobbing that I just wanted to go home. And it really hurt. It really hurt my feelings to have that kind of disregard for me and to just like treat me like a piece of garbage I just didn’t even understand what’s going on here I thought they were my friends but I guess they aren’t. and I really and I really should be aware that it’s stupid of me to not be aware of that but you know I like to think better and family things that my gosh why would anybody do that to me?

So I had a good Christmas and a fine time up until the point of coming home where I got slapped upside the head that I amounted to others about as much as a piece of garbage that needed to be taken out to the trash.

And he even called me to say they wouldn’t be there to pick me up at the same time as I was scheduled to be on the plane. I just happened to not be on a plane yet because of all the delays.

And the kicker is I DON’T CARE. I don’t care about the ride, I care about getting enough courtesy to be told something like “if the weather is bad, we won’t be picking you up.” Then I could have been prepared. Or if he had just said that he might be busy Thursday night and unable to come to the airport….whatever. ANYTHING other than have me depend on that and then pull the rug out from under me. It is truly a Charlie Brown Christmas with a missed football…. Still flying through the air with no idea where I’ll land. Trust….. What is trust?

As I lie (figuratively) on the grass staring up at the stars, I wonder what is next? A friend picked me up from the airport instead. Nothing like having friends when family decided to knife you in the back. Some day I will have to find out what made them hate me so incredibly between the time I left for vacation and the time I returned. Maybe their printer stopped working. I have no idea.

And again, it’s not the fact of having no ride from the airport, it’s the fact of being blindsided by that in the middle of travel while I’m sick to boot. I had a hundred dollars set aside for an Uber., but if I had known I wouldn’t have been using up the power on my phone to watch movies. See? So I got to worry about that, about being stranded with no way to even call an Uber. Why couldn’t they just let me know the pick up at the airport was a “maybe”? When I first came to salt lake, i drove in five feet of snow in a Datsun to get to work. One inch of snow in Utah is nothing to its residents. So he just didn’t want to pick me up but he could have said so last week. And didn’t. Set me up to punch me in the gut while I was in the middle of traveling. It hurt my feelings to be treated like a piece of hobo trash that should be riding the train at night. Do they have any idea of the many times I’ve been stalked, and even raped? I won’t ride any mass transit at night. Once in awhile I get stuck and have to, and it scares me to death. I would rather lay down and die in the snow and have paramedics haul me off…. Than to do that. And more hauling luggage with my bad back while I’m sick? No, i would have just fallen face down in the snow like Robert Burns, hopped up on ten tons of cold medicine so I wouldn’t cough on other passengers …. To sleep forever in the snow.

I’m safe and sound at home now, in a hot bath trying to fix my dislocated back, with a cup of coffee and a mountain of tears still behind my eyes. When the going gets tough the tough get going. I’m all toughed out.

Happy holidays and to all a good night. I will live. But I’ll never forget.