an fyi

the newspaper guy was from THE GUARDIAN …. it is the political equivalent to the national enquirer.  i think it is alt right, might be alt left… point is, crazy click bait headlines and incorrect reporting.

so a guy from the guardian getting beat up by crazy right wing, is the same as brutus being beat up by his side kick.   and done right before an election, looks like it was done for the news exposure to win.

so don’t believe everything you hear, and it’s montana so might as well be norway.  who cares.

just an fyi.  because they ARE that insane to orchestrate a fight.  and every word is audible.  

kicking around the kick to unremarkable lives

being thankful for what you have
the lack of envy

but also the elimination of deprivation

deprivation has a constant

but is also relative in a correlation
to the facets of envy itself

” you should be satisfied.”
really not something one person should say to another

but ideologies for satisfaction
are manipulated and twisted and promoted

in clear avenues for
maintaining a class structure
that support the structure OVER the
good of any people within the structure

you are to envy those with a home
and seek to buy one

yet instead of saving a life of work to then buy a home for children
are convinced to pay much more and leave
children a mortgage

so once owning a home
you should be satisfied
but then get sent off chasing every
other thing, to further support
the ideology of dissatisfaction

those who gamble, seniors with pensions
they can’t afford to lose
because they are dissatisfied
with the amount they don’t have

and so the games become a way
to face winning and losing
as uncontrolled elements

YOU are the one to tell yourself
if you are satisfied or not

yet again, there is a constant
that poor health and pain
that misery produces dissatisfaction

i think there is such a thing as ways of peace

of not firing immediately back
of not being afraid of what can’t hurt you

but also, of ignoring what can hurt you
and is inescapable

but those ways of peace
are a luxury afforded to those with
needs met

and it is too easy for those with needs met,
to insist those who suffer should find the ways of peace

though i would say that if your need is
always more
then the perception will be that your needs are never met

living in peace is living without fear
but along with that is the sense
that you yourself are allowed to exist

if a job is too difficult
i just won’t do it
AND i don’t knock myself for bowing out

i don’t see that as a weakness
and i don’t set what i can accomplish
based on what others can accomplish

it’s better to do one little thing right every day
than to do one big thing right once a year

and envy is the mystery

seems to be no point in making yourself miserable
but there is also something to be said
for setting attainable goals

add to that
the fact is that many times if you had
that thing you envy
you would not be any happier

and add to that
the interesting phenom of needing
others to be envious of you

AND the baffling display of anger
if others are not appropriately envious

double standards that find a way into triumph

so there is the argument that democrats hated comey and now they love comey. and i’m trying to think what bothers me about that. not the dems, but the republicans that think anyone gives two farts about popularity of an fbi director.

so i’m trying to comprehend what their thing is on that. so if the republicans hated someone, and then changed and defended the person they hated … how would any democrat bring that up as an argument to say they are bad? or would it just be another day for republicans, to change policy and belief one day to the next.

so republicans are putting down dems for not adhering to the democrat principals that republicans don’t hold. so it’s like me as a christian, jumping on a jewish person for eating bacon, while i’m eating a ham. it’s like a bank robber telling a shop lifter that stealing is bad. it is like a child that catches their mom sneaking cookies, and is happy as can be that mom is bad and weak.

so it is the typical reaction of the oppressed toward their superiors.
it involves double standards, holding dems to a higher standard, and to consider the miss of a standard by the dems, as a win for the republicans. that is what is so strange. i can’t quite figure out what kind of person would bring that as an argument.

it would be like me saying that the jewish person that eats bacon makes me a better christian. it’s not that it is hard to argue against, it’s that why is this some kind of point to them? it makes no sense. like if somebody said why is the sky orange today, and the person next to them replied, “what sky?”

like I have said before, the man is illiterate

the word hypocrite
is one of those things you can’t call another
unless there is actual hypocrisy

if a person has NOT been hypocritical
then calling them an hypocrite is like calling your aunt Sylvia a dude
when that person can say, “no, I am not hypocritical in this,
so you are a liar!”

now I’ve played the devil’s advocate a few times
been deliberately hypocritical

but for the most part
integrity requires that
actions match up to beliefs

or that belief for what the right thing is,
because it is the foundation of actions.

so when somebody says they love babies
and don’t want them to die,
but then take away their health care

THAT’s hypocrisy, UNLESS they have decided they
hate babies and want them dead, then it’s
not hypocrisy

when a person hires Mexican gardeners
and then condemns immigrants
that’s hypocrisy

if I ask you to give me back my pruning sheers
and you do so 3 months later

then me being angry
is not me being an hypocrite

I don’t know how that even works
and apparently

the potus does not know the definition
of hypocrisy

I think they think it means
changing your mind? or maybe they
feel hypocrisy is any time
you want something, but then you don’t
want it after you get it?

I’m really not sure. it is part of their
brain limitation to not process the UNLESS

so I’m hypocritical sometimes,
and my belief foundation plays catch up
with my actions

I’m angry that the president used the word
“hypocrite” incorrectly and now his followers
have a misunderstanding

I can’t begin to say how many levels of stupid
that goes under

so I am frustrated, and somebody needs to mail the
whitehouse a dictionary

if I believed that I should never change my mind
and want something different tomorrow
than I want today…. if I felt that was wrong to change my mind
and yet I did
and if I tell others they should never change their mind

but I change my own mind…. then that is hypocrisy.

but of course, I believe “every woman has the right to change her mind.” so changing my mind is not hypocrisy.

the moral or belief system has to exist
before hypocrisy can exist

when no such moral bar exists, and you scream
“hypocrite! “…. then we are looking around for the bar
you claim we missed, and it’s not there

and the difference is severe, like potus is calling a mountain a guitar

I’m going, OK how is this hypocritical? I believed one thing
yesterday, and another thing today.

and that is called LIFE… but it’s not hypocrisy.
hypocrisy is keeping a belief and acting contrary to it

and he just doesn’t know what hypocrite means.

it doesn’t mean that your wants are changing.

it means your wants don’t line up with your beliefs

it doesn’t mean liar, it means you have no consistency
in your approach to decisions.

and I guess what happened is that potus45 was called hypocrite so many times, that he just registered it as a bad word
and is calling someone that back.

since he doesn’t know what the word MEANS

yes, people…. the American president is constantly
an hypocrite because he never learned
what hypocrisy actually IS

and ain’t that a kick in the 5th grader pants

if it’s positive then why does negative make you happy

caught in minutia

motionless unending way
to live beyond these little things
must be the hope and clarity

driving force of spirit, revised
i see the controversy that are ways for exacting to argue

never-ending to infinity
the pick of the primate
hell-bent on delivering bars of hell to their own doorstep
prisons of ever-copious design

oh the floggings are brutal!
is there no vision?
no way,
no solution to insanity before it speaks?

i know what it means to be pretentious
i watch as your eyes gloss over
in their assumption of glory

does it all have to be an act?
where is the real
like waldo, hiding

behind your boots
in the closet with the umbrella
and so many

so many shades of coats