and praise be to the electric fates

so i fixed the tv set i use as a monitor. a resister blew on the power board … which it basically went “bang!” and then went dead. so i took the back off it, at first thought it would be a blown capacitor, because i’ve had that happen in a monitor before. but they all looked fine, it was only the one tiny little resistor that apparently made all that noise.

in looking over the how-to videos, and techs that used a soldering iron while replacing damaged parts — one happened to mention that you could just replace the entire board. i thought well that sounds like an easier option – what the heck, i’ll look it up and see what a whole new power board costs. ebay is a real lifesaver on the electronic parts.

only $26 – so figured it was worth the gamble to see if i couldn’t make the tv/monitor come back alive again. the part arrived today, i switched it with the old powerboard, put the TV back together — and surprise, surprise, it works!

so that’s a first for me … fixed a television set. i might spend the next week or so patting myself on the back, so don’t mind me:)


eh a bit of musing while waiting for the mailman

how good a system is, is dependent on the hard drive more than anything. more than a CPU, even. a computer with a marginal cpu and solid state hard drive, is going to out-perform one with excellent cpu and standard hard drive.

upgrading memory is only going to help stop system freezing, if the freeze is happening from a shortage of memory. but more or super large amounts of memory, is not going to translate into “faster.” so if you think the more memory you have, the faster it will be — no. only thing memory does is handle the workload. and it’s performance ability it based on what the motherboard is designed to hold. to change that, you’d have to upgrade entire motherboard to newer (faster) standards.

so IF you have a “laggy” computer, the best thing you can do to speed it up is switch out the hard drive for something newer and faster. if the computer is REALLY old, and has only SATA 2 interface instead of SATA 3 — then don’t bother since the read write speeds are limited by that SATA 2. by older, am talking Vista systems and older.

if have windows 7 system or newer, should have SATA 3 capability– and using a solid state flash memory drive should then improve performance.

computers are a model prototype for the human brain — having more memory to remember more things at once does not necessarily make you smarter. being able to process data faster does not necessarily make you smarter. having more room to store data does not make you smarter. what makes you smarter is how fast you can access your information, and how fast you can sock it away.

and the terms are reversed, or mixed up. what we think of as “memory” is not equal to computer memory. computer memory is equal to how much data can be processed at one time. and human memory is more equated to hard drive. where the data is “stored.”

so there are three or four elements:
how much data can be processed in a value over time
how strong the processor is in relation to load
how much data can be stored
how quickly can data be retrieved and written

read times are always faster than write times

think about that and how it applies to human memory(hard drive) … the computer naturally slows down when writing data, because that is where accuracy is more necessary than time.

so people mis-remembering things could be a matter of originally writing those values too fast. maybe.

and it all comes down to load….. what exactly are you using your computer FOR? what are you using your brain FOR?


task management. priorities.

what decides priorities in computers is the I/O system.

do humans network? plug into each other and share resources? yep — and to the extent that you might be ill and sick in the head, only because something on your network has shifted a greater load to your cpu.

there is definitely connection in the human world, like there is between computers in the computing world. and i think we need to REALIZE that, and instead of treating only one human that can’t handle their load– must address the entire network. which in theory could be EVERYONE.

yep. so if more of your people are getting sick in the head, it is a network problem, more than a design problem of the individual. or a greater likelihood of being a problem within priorities of the network itself, rather than priorities established by the individual.

manic well might be only a matter of disengaging from that network, or heavy overload. and then all of a sudden you have more energy than you can handle.

spirit fills the holes

and constancy is
tested prior to
arriving near
or anywhere close to home

therefore to one
and all, men and
women, cats and goats:
please just breathe
and your breath is
the next step
to a sigh

only thing to
fill the sails
of this boat
not built by us
from warmer winds
angels fly
known by rote
swift feet are made for tickles
in the night
…to breathe is not a sin!

foreheads crinkled in concern
wars against infinity
spiraled holes
because you said so yourself

so stop worrying
silly goose!
when the north wind blows,
remember me
lift up your head
look up
until you finally see!
then strike out
for the higher path
than the one behind you

i’ll be there
the smile you always see
in your own mirror
good and bad

never surrender the good


shadows of the indulgent mind

i think it’s more because men
are taught to have no doubts
blind confidence
but lacks of empathy

though it goes hand in hand
with big babies when they are sick
is it fear?
self indulgence?

inability to read
faith put in others
only to meet betrayal?
caution not something learned
until it’s too late

when becomes overcompensation
seeing evil around every corner

where women are taught
to have doubts
to fret over not being good enough
pretty enough
because eventually
you excel at fretting

and empathy reigns as women
feel for every creature put down
every crawling thing abused
but themselves
it pulls something that can’t help being pulled

women work when they are sick
because to be helpless is
not the role of the servant

self indulgence, yes
and fear, but a different kind of fear

women classify grade levels
of what is to be feared more
or to be feared less
it is not an on and off
fight or flight
but a fight, dance, deem, flight
round, rooting, ranging, recourse, fight, freeze

women read faces
read voices
just about anything
that requires reading between the lines
true meaning
are rabid for true meaning

faith given only when it’s earned
…. and sometimes not even then
they learn caution early
see less of themselves
rather than more
and that more

then becomes overcompensation
seeing good around every corner

men are more likely to fall prey to exaggerated
because women are practical
and besides, everyone is out to get women
from puberty on….. the only thing to worry
about is, if you let the bad man play you

be sure to play him first

i failed to see this vulnerability, you know
the factor of male just enough dumb
combined with just enough imagination

the lowest common denominator
flew below the radar
so let them dig in
and bleed fear

until exhaustion sleeps
sleeps like a baby ….like the baby it is….
as for me and mine,
there is no sideways
no about face
no end to any rope


in the shoes

people that do that
have an awful lot of faith
in psychological examination

i’m an agnostic or atheist on the subject
not only do not have faith
in psychological examinations
(because they are all asking incorrect questions)
but i don’t have faith in the premise

the objective
what is the objective?
to decide how much alike
someone is to everyone else

but the everyone else changes
over time and according
to age group
therefore the strictures themselves
by which deem psychologically fit
or not
do not themselves contain a steady
without those factors being affected
over time and made obsolete
if not changed
and then of course
the definitions come into question

because are not looking at an absolute state
but a relative state

you want to map
behaviors into a creation of predictability?

then i can conclude
that you have a psychological problem
dealing with trust and prejudgment

those who thrive on prejudgment
don’t know what to do when others
fail to act according to their profile

it’s fun to test
i’ve done so over the years
what you do
is take a stereotype
and play it, then start introducing
actions that differ from the stereotype

and then watch to see if that
exception is made to the stereotype

fascinating thing
those who have faith in it
see i thought about
that woman who was raped
and if it were me,
would i be saying, “they should have known and
kept him in jail.”

and so i think about
what kind of problems you would
have to have
to believe that

was the same with the mass
you should have known!
so NOW you should put
more faith into psychological testing
and that will fix it all!


so what do you think they gain
by deciding
if you are too far from normal
or close enough to normal?

a system
that wants to give gold stars
to those who are mundane

well i don’t have faith in the premise
i believe mankind is better off
in embracing individual directions
as also correct

negative actions are negative
the people inside of them are neither negative nor positive
they are just people

people are either caged or free