Monitor drivers for Dell and Lenovo in #Windows10

Even if the specs for an older machine are adequate and meet Windows 10 requirements, I am running into problems when comes to the graphics (video).

Starting from scratch, after wiping out the old Windows XP systems – it seems Windows is determined to install incorrect refresh rates. This makes the Windows 10 operating system almost unusable. Who wants a computer that can’t run video?

On the Lenovo Thinkpad, Windows installs a 50 Hertz refresh rate. normal refresh rates for generic monitors is 60 Hertz. On the Dell laptop, Windows ten installs the monitor at 64 Hertz refresh rate. In both cases, the incorrect refresh rates effectively prevent video from running without all kinds of stops and staggers.

Even after installing the correct ATI drivers to the IBM Thinkpad, it still settles on the 50 Hertz refresh rate. And the older version of MOM (Catalyst Control Center) does not give the options for forcing a better refresh rate. And neither does Windows, btw. There is no way to fix the bad refresh rates. Short of registry tweaks. Which I do know one ATI tweak that may or may not get results. I have never used it specifically to force a refresh rate.

The Dell, on the other hand – might be hopeless. It has the 915GM integrated Intel graphics, which is like the one model that got destroyed by its own maker, Intel. Apparently at the time, Intel and Microsoft were in feud over Windows Vista support, and Intel never updated the drivers on the 915GM to run within a Vista on up file system. Has nothing to do with graphics capability, like they claim. nothing — because Linux has the drivers. Intel even lists the Linux drivers. So that is a tad frustrating.

Combine that with Windows 10 insisting to set incorrect and unstable refresh rates – and I feel like I’m caught between a giant battle of two idiots. Life kind of regresses when your mind is circling around what to google and find an answer to these kind of roadblocks.

So what to do? I could say to heck with it, and install Linux systems on both machines. Problem with that, is I wanted to get the IBM up to shape as a Windows machine for my cousin to use. While Linux distros have come a long way, they are still not quite something for the novice computer user. And the Dell laptop is something the handyman (who found it by a dumpster) might want to replace one other lap top he has been using. So again, are looking at the Windows being a better option for an average user.

What this leaves me with, is I need a copy of Windows XP to install. They can be pricey, and top that with the fact that XP is no longer supported. So are not “safe” to use at this point. And the only real problem I have with both machines in running Windows 10, is the graphics and video. The only problem I really have is the incorrect drivers that Windows installs for the laptop monitors.

There are ways to go in and build your own .inf files. So I’m thinking about THAT. Only thing is it means research and study and TIME for me, where I’m not sure if either of these machines is worth it in the first place. I would be perfectly happy to have Linux on them, but if I’m not keeping these laptops – they need to be outfitted with something like Windows.

And that’s where my brain is left just circling and circling. And it hinges on that Windows imposed refresh rate, that is something beyond just drivers. I can feel it. Because on the ATI catalyst control center, where it lists “force” – under refresh rates it still only gives the 50 Hertz bad refresh rate. Which means that the ATI could not even override what Windows is imposing on the system.

I have seen this before. Under Windows 8, it would impose a 72 Hertz refresh rate on a monitor, causing it to be all lines and a bad display. So the main question, is WHY??????

That is where I will Google and hunt, next. Will be updating this blog as my search continues…


So I put Windows XP back on both machines, so could get the drivers re-established. Thing is, neither one can run video right, even so. And the hardware can DO it, because at least the one (Dell) can run video with Ubuntu on a stick plugged in. SO — I am looking at a setting or Windows feature in the Power? Something that is causing graphics drivers to malfunction and video to not play correctly.

I thought it was the refresh rates, but even WITH the right refresh rates, are still doing this staggered choppy number on video.

pointed tactics

line between the dots
a simple exercise of connect
focusing importance on the numbers
etched succession

yet life is lived on the line
the in between
the now

to be in the moment holds
greater reward

or is it always about getting there?
always the plan
overshadowing choppier
bigger pictures

i lift my eyebrows a lot at the world
did notice that
like a tic that gives away


yet the thing is get to see yourself
i would recommend the exercise
to any who have had arguments with a mirror

film yourself in 3 second clips
three or four word statements
throughout your day

put them together

decide you aren’t that horrible to look upon
if ignore the gap between teeth
and the propensity to smile too wide
when pain lurks just under the surface

the in between
the lines
the now

life has been dots on a journey to this and that
never quite pleased with the here
i wonder how i will remember to look down

to fall up
dots the deliverance on lines
where goals are numbered

proven through metered succession:
first you go to school
then you get a job
find a mate
have kids
send them to school
then to a resthome
where you hope your drool
doesn’t belie how much you very much
don’t care at that point

this point for me is way off the page
looking for lines that don’t exist
no answer to the next number
no picture formed that involves
anything greater than abstract discretion

and the dots
God help us with those dots
designs of reference
lost in an eager yawn

to but horns or to butt out

information wars
the age of the almighty statistic
the dawn of my idea is better than your idea
the armageddon of insult
full and fully

i would stand for free speech
except that freely distributing false
information for the will to do bodily harm
crosses a line

oh it does….
and some day i will explain why
life gave you a mind to not be duped
and spread harmful diatribe

i will explain why no, you don’t get to be innocent
because any harmed by that action
is your fault and will always be your fault

the power of the pen, you don’t take lightly
those misusing it to harm others
with incorrect data that could lead to harm
and more confusion on nutrition than
already happens
(once i heard a news person exclaim that
how cool is it that sugar has no fat?!)

it’s worse than Stupid and his dog Spot…

it’s Spot and his pet gopher ChewYou

those misusing the power of the pen
make writing and expression a cheapened thing for everyone…

that is part of it, too

two birds with a stone
i don’t want to be against free speech
but this is one of those areas that you don’t touch

it is the same exact thing
if someone posted a meme that says
insulin is bad for diabetics to take …
or that people with heart trouble
should never take aspirin

it is the same as saying water is bad for you
don’t drink anything! stay away from all liquids

what is essential and what is not?
trolls love it when they get your goat

hippie trolls are the worst

i want to string them up by their new-age ignorance
light a fire under their insolence
decide they are gone and goners
because there is nothing you can do

to save people from their own consequences

an information war
where the pen is mightier than the sword

but then the pen rots with filth
from the inside, out

and even a sword is better
even a sword that can only be a tongue
so done is done

a shake of my rather large head
as i sit with cigarette and coffee
looking out at the sun
deciding life gives me too many lemons
but lemonade isn’t what it used to be…
how are these particular lines drawn?

deciding what rights i have
to protect the unknowing
how much is the cost to me
versus a never-ending cost to them

all it takes from me is to stand up and say
“excuse me, but you people are idiots.”


away from metered

the day is bright
and always here
time for time
and month for year
the settled in
the wild sweet watch
for better nodes
on crowned sidewalks

begin and i will count the tomorrows
as paid delivery of better
true gardens
where rain falls but
only melts the witches

it is good enough
my heart never gone to the head
finding room is not particular on consequence
brought to bear
and turned full steam
the dawn was breaking nothing
but the morning felt my wish
for peace that sings