so to be clear…

so to be clear … the economic disaster of the right ensures massive inflation. immigration OUT of the country only guarantees less consumers and therefore higher prices.

so in case are still making fun of all the people leaving the USA — might want to take a brush-up course on the laws of supply and demand.

and to be clear … i am tapped into the HAPS for now, but can only go maybe another 2 days at most. complete shutdown is necessary. mostly out of spite. will admit that, but i don’t appreciate having my job made this much harder, and so am quitting.

explaining this to anyone might get a little difficult. but there is just no way. no way to mentally support the change in washington on any level. and that includes supporting it by watchdogging it.

i understand being backed into a corner. invented it. has been one heck of a ride on the internet these last 10+ years. working to see that the right people got the right information.

but yea, i’m throwing a tantrum and saying it’s not a matter of throwing the game … but letting it play itself out now to its own end. kind of like not sticking around to watch the charges that are set go bang.

which i guess i should say i’m sorry or that i didn’t mean it to end this way. thing is, you give people a choice, and if they choose to piss on themselves and then shoot themselves in their own foot — you leave them to it.

got my phone updated, thank God. so will keep that in commission. and wordpress servers are in another country, i believe. traced it at one point to be somewhere in the baltic states. so for those continuing communications, wordpress really is your best bet. not that i haven’t been saying that all along.

just set it up to auto-post to your other sites like twitter and facebook.

if you don’t know how to do that, figure it out. i was able to without anybody holding my hand. you should be able.

suppose should let you know to use the old posting window still available at /post-new.php …. because it still has controls that work for post-dating entries.

so far, i have found that to get more exposure, put at least one word from your title into the tags. and have found that a consistency of tagging your work with your own user name over time pays off. make sure you coordinate your categories with tags.

ad photos for the pop, keep aware they take up bandwidth space.

don’t be fooled by number of “subscribers” — a large majority are whore-train bots designed to get you to visit THEIR blog sites. think of it as a very convoluted form of advertising.

if you want to ‘buy’ your own blog, do it outside of wordpress and then host your wordpress on your site on your servers. that also not hard to figure out how to do, if you dig a bit.

develop a consistency. all content must have a consistency to thrive. note i haven’t done that — just to test how hard it is overall to thrive without consistency.

and on a personal note — i’m a little pissed that more likes go to simple content blogs like one sentence … that less somehow is more. that i find a little upsetting or disgusting or just that it makes me disappointed in humanity itself. not that i believe likes are indicative of much. because i honestly find it hard to believe that some are reading and bothering to “withhold” likes? that makes no sense, especially with how low the bar is. so it’s something else. some filter left undiscovered, some factor of reach.

but the beauty of words …. oh, the beauty of words! they can stir the heart, or calm the soul. one thing i have fought hard for is the understanding of “mental illness” and how it really isn’t an illness — you just don’t know what it is. but i kind of do, now. i kind of do ….

so i’m going to step back, reclaim my life. look around and see how bad it is. for those in other nations, i’ll tell you — don’t give up on dreams, but make your own. the american dream is long dead, and has been. it’s all been a bluff.

i would create a channel interviewing the homeless and destitute we have on our streets — overflowing shelters this winter ……………. but you get the picture.

have no idea what it’s like spending $ to feed a cat, while wondering what that catfood is going to taste like in 20 years …. but it’s just one of those things. germany, in its love of “differences” — is dividing humans into positive and negative …… bravo! but what of the bi-polar that knows how to do both? guess that doesn’t factor into your plan. the joker that can play any card in the deck ….

i am really beat. as in bushed. and the thing is, don’t know how to explain how i know news before it happens or how i don’t need to watch a movie, because it’s like i’ve seen it. how the mind attaches to other minds — and so you get this web of information. i often wondered if my metal teeth were just getting broadcasts that i was registering at another level. even heard mexican broadcasting for awhile there in 2012. that was fun.

so i don’t know how … really don’t. just know that somehow and for some reason i am plugged in — and that i can unplug any time i want to. i know some think i can’t — but i just let them go on thinking that. it’s easier this way.

and it’s easier for that observation to remain ‘crazy’ — to be seen as having a wire lose and nothing registering correctly there. easier for me, easier for those that don’t believe or understand things on a different level that generations before called “psychic.” because i also studied flim flam in depth … sucker born every minute. there is that too. a good bluff can be the better choice. sometimes it’s not. i always bluff high. always.

life is rhythm and pattern … life IS poetry. may the points of time beyond this breach–be full of dance, of music unsung. of better days that unfold and better meaning that comes to fruition. i may or may not stay in the fray — this is true. often make a game of it.

but in this case …. i think even the games have grown tired. Salamat ….

oh for the sake of heads full of sand

the craziest thing about this is that
the right followers believe they are less government
while world markets move according to
the right creating more federal spending

other thing that is humorous
is the right followers think people leaving the usa
is based on fear of them
when is based on getting away from the
ones that will go boom

kind of like seeing your neighbor strap a bomb on their chest
and deciding you are better off not hugging the crazy bastard

the one hope is to get enough china tourism
which i find a little funny as can be
move out the mexicans because you want your
white communities and will be the tourist destination
for 3 billion chinese taking advantage of
the fall in the dollar…. but it’s one way to
make ourselves useful enough

the grand canyon will save you
as america is whored out to the world
get ready to sell lots of souvenirs

so those are the factory jobs you will get…
along with an increase in federal spending
for building roads no one here can afford to use
but will be handy for tourists

eh….. i just think it’s kind of funny
because deep in the heart of the gop, they
must realize that the number wanting to flee
the usa is indicative of getting out while you can

the left trying to persuade members to stay
to protect those in most danger
from white nationalism

if i had the funds i would at the least
be taking a very long vacation

i doubt the ruse to make usa a vacation spot
for the chinese will work

so it’s the irony
the right thinks they are for less government
but they actually are more
they think the left fleeing the country
is fear of the right when it’s leaving in fear of
what will be done to the right

and the poor of this country
will get hit by massive inflation

while the right holds down wage increases

the only plus side of that being everyone
might get put out of their misery…

in less than a week
iran has stopped the import of usa cars,
and held talks with russia to import munitions

so usa cars will get more expensive
and slow production
depending who else gets on that band wagon

europe is taking measures to defend themselves
outside of nato….

russia is positioning itself in the mediterranean

but hey, you wanted change because you couldn’t
afford an ipad….. i get that

so congrats

you wanted a “strong ” america and think that means something.

shaking my head… laughing
you don’t get it
plugged into cable brainwashing
fairy tales so you can sleep at night

obama is going to europe and then south america
for damage control on trade agreements

you don’t get it
but i know the love of distraction
the head in the sand

my english teacher used to call it
playing in the sand box
and i understand all of that

i myself am thinking of tending my own garden
still on the fence
to see if there is anything to salvage

but understand that the far right are anarchists
get that much straight
the far anything is anarchy

is chaos and disruption
so you will only be able
to distract yourselves so much

eh….. it might all be fine
hunky dory

but i’m guessing not

some very bad signs going on in the world

we have BEEN fighting world war 3 … btw
it has been an economic world war

and the usa just lost a very big battle
it might be the killing blow
can’t tell at this point

until the dust settles

but china doing info ads for visiting
usa tourism spots
is one of the more depressing economic hits i’ve seen
in a long while

the jewish newspaper trying to calm fears
that the russian air craft carrier that appeared
in the mediterranean is an old beast barely fit to float

oh it gets better…. the philippines are planning
to bond with russia and remove usa bases
and japan as well as the usa are the two left
on this side of the economic war

south america planning to send their fruit
to china, not up the coast to the usa…
better start getting out your canning jars, ladies!

truth is we don’t know how bad this economic hit
in the economic world war 3 … will be

but most are guessing a large increase in government spending
combined with an increase of production with a lowering of the dollar
lots of jobs, but products and food costing more
because of inflation

and that’s if the usa does not get entangled in a military
world war 3 …. which in that case we will pull up
beautifully from the losses in the economic world war….

merry christmas…. and did you know that china has a national holiday just to spend usa dollars on one website?

they are not pulling punches

so i’m pretty much done.

have looked at all this and the news addict in me
is connecting the dots
and going oh sh* t…. sorry i feel the need
to share

am staying alone for now to not let
my panic spread to the mormon base
they are prepared
for the worst and have been running their own canning business

and i’m a card carrying member
did that just in case

so thank you for letting me rant my worries

just remember
that when rats flee a ship, you don’t point
at them and laugh and say “good riddence! we are white people and are superior!”
no, what you should be doing is looking for the leak in your boat

and trying to remember if you can swim

how many lies are we going to tell

we are going to be blown to smithereens
put down like a mad dog

that’s what i would do
i think about the election
and every paper that took a risk to fight …

and think about the world
i just hope they get mitch mcconnell
wish we could chain him to one of
the ground zeros

but that’s the thing
washington families will have a bunker
and be protected
and go on and propagate

and the rest of our families
will be sucking on nuclear lollipops


i woke up today knowing this

knowing time was no longer
something un-scarce

you know what it’s like to be killed for another man’s greed?
we will all find out

sorry …. should be pleasant

the butterflies are just beautiful today!
at 4:00 in the morning
they are amazing and the flowers! oh the flowers
are like ripe petals in the moonlight
glistening with new love and joy ….

there ……. got your foo foo fluff ….

have a nice day

never doubt

never doubt the power of post traumatic stress.

i have to get up in the morning
when the heater kicks on,
and open a door or window for air.

ever since that time 20 years ago,
when we both almost died
from carbon monoxide–

the heater kicking on is this symbol of death,
and i must arise;

fight the panic welling up in my throat;
abandon sleep and call it morning.

taking big gasps…no way to not remember the
cracks in a furnace that were
done by someone to hurt both of us.
who was the murderer? failed murderer?
like a trap
lying in wait to spring…i can’t forget

how months of poisoning were months of pain.

it all falls on my heart and body again,
with no way to stay comfortable in sleep…no!
if you want to live! arise … arise!
if you want her to live…….arise!

every animal must fight for its life,
but i do so doubly on these mornings.
gasping for reality,

i kiss the anger deep and smooth and going on forever;

and so i begin
a new day; thoroughly tainted by the old.

yes, post traumatic stress exists. the only thing i can tell you
is that some events never end.