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  1. rantingsofacrazypoet says:

    Like the paintings…

    1. eebrinker says:

      appreciate….thanks Lee

  2. Your art work is truly wonderful
    I love abstract painting


    1. eebrinker says:

      thanks so much, clarice…..really glad you like

  3. DragonKatet says:

    My favorite is 13, followed by 2, 4, 7, 8 and 9. Incredible work!

    1. eebrinker says:

      and i almost didn’t make that one….that thirteen was sort of an afterthought…..had left the number 12 one up and after looking at it decided to cut out part and change the filter. there are some i like better than others, too. it’s funny, because it’s almost like a diary in the abstract, and like any there are good days, and bad…..

  4. Rich says:

    hi eileen, i love your work 🙂 both the writing and the paintings- while having a refreshing quality, there is much depth (in particular, i like the way you expose the dark corners). i would like to invite you out for a cup of coffee, but alas i live on the east coast. be well and keep up the good work.


    1. eebrinker says:

      and i would accept that cup of coffee….so perhaps can meet at a bistro on the streets of new york in another lifetime….

      and thank you…..have purposely kept my artistic instruction and education to a minimum……to find my own path. these here are a digital art done very crudely using the adobe program. but they do very much reflect a certain style that can also be found in colorful abstracts i have worked using watercolors and ink. when working realism, i like to employ canvas and acrylics. to attempt that in the digital only results in what at best could be called a cartoon *smiles*

  5. j4n says:

    I shall look at these for seven days, practically peaceful, already.

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