NO, mr. president, gas prices are NOT at a 10 year low… summer prices, my dear … SUMMER

our president is so stupid, he doesn’t even know that the stats for gas prices get a good spin every year to inspire people to get out and travel for the summer.

a good spin increases the demand while pricing already higher for the summer. helps prevent a surplus at the end of the summer causing problems. so they spin the stats. but instead of knowing those are spun stats for a reason…. and instead of knowing that people remember gas has been lower even just a few months ago…. the president takes the yearly “get out and vacation” gasoline news as some sort of personal bragging right.

this is how stupid our president is. somebody please get him out of office quickly.

and what infuriates me about this, is he spreads what he barely comprehends and barely hears with half an ear…. and posts things without even understanding the spin. like he never watched or read news until he was in it. never grasped the difference between “lowest summer gas prices in ten years” and “lowest gas prices in ten years.” his tweet should have left most people scratching their heads, since they paid lower prices just last month. but instead… INSTEAD, everybody was accepting the information that gasoline was at a ten-year low. they only objected to the fact he was bragging. but they accepted his premise hook, line, and sinker. did not believe he would lie on something like that. but also because it mirrored news casts that were more careful in their wording to make sure their spin didn’t register formally as a lie.

the reality is that average gas prices hit their most recent low in february and are now climbing again. gee, i wonder what happened in february 2017?

so i’m just throwing my hands up in the air at this point. how gosh darn out of touch and reclusive do you have to be to not realize the news pushes travel every year? they certainly don’t ever say “stay at home and save that gasoline, check out museums in your home town.” christ…..

and how incapable do you have to be to not know how to google “gasoline recent price charts” …seriously. how irresponsible do you have to be to spread something like that without checking first. how caught up in your own ego? to imagine that your presence magically fixed something, not the extra refineries brought online. more supply, price goes down. more demand, price goes up. it’s why you get to buy all that cheap crap in china and sell it here under a trump brand. you’d think he’d be familiar with the concept.

which means ………. complete hoodwink. guy is a worthless cheat. you all need to get him out of there. we are vulnerable every minute he stays, because no one will believe him now in a national address in case of emergency. even his followers feel he is lying to be crafty and shrewd. so even they, won’t be convinced something is truth or lies unless it is verified. we are in a situation where the words and directive of the president of the united states must be verified by the people at another source, before being believed. we will have mass confusion on a scale never seen before.

GET …. HIM ….. OUT!

and please tell me again why every politician should be trumpian and full of such grace?

the idea that democrats lost, so they should be more like trump — is absurd. i just want to make that clear. because there seems to be a misunderstanding on what “winning” is.

winning is not giving up your ideals, to be like those you scorn. i find that to be an interesting request, and would be more interesting if that scorn were not deserved.

no, the crazy, insane right that has gone alt-right and around the bend, over the woods into crazy-land the alt-universe with alt-facts for true believers of alt-reality — they just want company on their journey. i like plain politicians.

boring politicians. politicians you wouldn’t pay to see in a MILLION years. because those are the kind that sit behind the desks and get the work done.

i don’t want stars. i don’t want rally-leaders. i don’t want yelling, rabble-rousing, insanity. i want BORING government. government i can count on to be tedious and thorough. none of this going off half-cocked, “i wonder what will happen when i do THIS.”

bloody idiots. boring. bored. tedious. mundane. i want government SO slow, it risks going in reverse. i want it completely un-entertaining! i need my government to be dull. dull. dull. and no, this is absolutely no “trend” in politicians to follow — if we get a whole tribe of trumped up politicians now, it’s time to get out the knitting needles for a front row seat …

boring. dull. undeniably snoozed. you can take your winning ways and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine. i want completely dull politicians. ones that don’t yell at all, would be nice. no rally cry, no getting all excited up there. keep your calm. keep people calm. it’s kind of the idea.

tedious … mundane. absolutely no draw whatsoever. behind desks, running things so they don’t fall apart. that’s what i want. this is not a circus. this is people’s lives.

you want a concert, go see a concert. a ball game, go to that. you want religious zeal, find a dang church. don’t go looking for your extremism in politics. politics needs to be boring! dull. extremely and thoroughly uninteresting. like the news was, when you were ten and your great uncle guy didn’t have time to take you fishing before dinner but you whined and pleaded with him anyway.

we don’t need government hopping and be-bopping all over the place like celebrity news. don’t need an even BIGGER crazy to beat the crazy already in the whitehouse. we are NOT going to get into a contest on who can out-crazy each other.

boring, dull, humdrum … monotonous. tedium. i want so much tedium, i can sleep to it.

for the round of potatoes in american do-si-does errupted

it’s not often i get to make a nice, beef stew. often the price of beef ranges higher, but it’s also because much easier to throw what is left of a chicken into a stewpot.

so i found some good beef on sale, and chopped it up — added vegetables that were getting a little old. you just clip out the bad parts. and it is bubbling on the stove nicely, on this sort of gloomy day. funny how the sun is wonderful, and invigorating. but the rain is necessary for any and all of the beauty.

so can’t regret clouds. just make a nice batch of stew, and settle in for a comfortable day of reading.

i get a little overwhelmed with the issues. but i kind of think it’s like using the vegetables you need — cut out the bad parts. put things together, even experiment with ingredients. did you know that peanut butter works nicely in pork stew? a dash of this, a shake of that.

the final moment is when you raise that spoon to your mouth, close your eyes and sip. think what it might need or what it doesn’t need, or if it is perfect.

you can get too fussy, and ruin a perfectly fine stew by adding too many flavors. there is a balance to all artistry, i think. that point where colors will jumble and blend, to become mud brown. i do like the peaceful sound of something cooking on the stove, the smell of the house — onions and so forth. i breathe a little deeper.

it’s gloomy out. the rain will begin, soon. patters, and then pools. i type my thing, my reasoning that looks a little worn, at this point. needs a little fresh rain itself i should think.

but i look out the window at the day, and it’s good. wouldn’t change a thing.

a win for comcast to sell your social security number to the highest bidder

if you’re wondering what the no internet privacy thing is about now — part of what it means, is that if you own a website, then comcast or other ISP’s can put ads up ON YOUR WEBSITE without your permission, through a method of pushing ads through to any browser. this includes mozilla, ie, opera, etc. and it includes macs and pc’s and linux … ALL. comcast will be able to put THEIR ads on YOUR website without a by-your-leave and with NO payment to the website.

so (to congress) you all really need to know more about computers before you just sign off sh*t without knowing what you are doing.

and if you don’t own a website, and think this doesn’t affect you, think again. say you go to a website and the ad is really annoying! so you boycot that company. you tell all your friends, how horrible they are. but turns out it wasn’t them, it was comcast who messed up your browser and made you restart your computer because it froze it up.

so they caused you to hurt another company by misrepresenting that company incorrectly in delivering content. consider it like ads included with your mail, and you lose a letter because it gets caught in the ads. then they started making carriers place ‘real’ mail on top of ads, taking twice as long or more to deliver anything. all because they crossed that first line? this is a bigger line. it means getting no internet service minus ads on every page. YOU CAN’T STOP IT. and i imagine … just conjecture, but you can probably bet that an internet service will be offered then for twice as much — and ad free!

that’s how they work.


just saying, consider yourself warned!

you will have nothing online without ads flashing on the screen straight from comcast, verizon, xfinity, etc. …. and get this other tidbit: if you complain to a website, and they really do have malicious or annoying ads — they will be able to just point at your ISP and say it wasn’t them, and are off the hook. this is a mess. I knew something was up when Comcast used their new method to block my browsers ——- every single browser on my network, until I would agree to sign a legal document for them. “just click to agree” — frack that! I called and complained until they took it down.

but every single browser, from the tablet to the phone to windows 10, windows 7, Ubuntu Linux …..every webpage I went to had a window on it blocking the page, insisting I click and agree to my guilt …………………… android, windows — and Linux, so that means apple, too. it will be like having a clear screen in front of ALL your computers, that fills with ads from Comcast (att, Verizon, etc) however often they want to send them to you!

so that’s the backdoor they are going to use to place ads over your webpages that you can’t remove with any block, because the script is running at Comcast. and get THIS — IF that script gets infected with a virus — it will take out every computer on the Comcast network. IF it is buggy, it will crash every computer on their service. but even with no problems at all, it’s still a way to place content directly onto any device they service. daily ads — ads that sing out from your phone at 7am every morning for you to buy their coffee …..

you think i’m kidding … i’m not kidding.

THIS IS A WHOLE NEW WORLD. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. a line has been crossed.

they don’t access through the IP addresses at all, it’s a direct port that puts the same “ad window” overlay onto all your browsers. if they felt like it, could run blank black screens during a presidential address …… during your football game you stream on your tv. they can make it blank. with no explanation. how many hackers will try to get a hold of that? flash porn on everyone’s screen …….

but mostly it will be a deluge of ads that NO flash blocker and NO script blocker and NO nothing can remove. the programming running the content will be remote access.

and guess what? you won’t even know when it starts. they have permission — could start tomorrow. could start today. ads popping up everywhere, more than usual. more targeted at you and your family. and you have no way of knowing if that is from malware on your computer, or from bad web pages, or from Comcast.

I will look for some way to use a different port for browsing, though i’m not sure if that’s possible. but we might have to build a whole new internet. (you think i’m kidding …. ha! the innocence …)

this is terrible. they have everyone by the balls now. (oh, and since their software cannot be checked by your browser’s security settings — they will be able to turn on mics and cameras with every ad, to record your reaction to it. and again, you think i’m kidding? i’m not.)

how words are meant to confuse souls

the thing about the reporting on trump, is they will say something like, “president trump spoke once again on the importance of building a wall.” and that sounds almost normal, when in actual words, he said something like, “we’re going to build that wall, it will be tremendous!” so the paraphrasing creates statements into something they are not.

i found it kind of startling, to hear trump supporters talking about how they use an “inner-translator” to tell themselves what he “really” means. ????? they treat him like he is some genius that is hard to understand because it is so amazingly deep. when what he actually is, is a con man. a con man that enjoys the ability to deny, to back track. it comes in handy when he wants to state that he doesn’t remember ever making that deal with you. you just understood him wrong.

I’ve seen this so often in my life. it’s one of those low moves, that you expect from people desperately in over their head. like a boss that needs scapegoats everywhere, and has to make more through kick-backs because he has 3 mortgages on his house.

and trump has professional translators, so another step he can blame. people who have the job of describing what the president “really means.” then he can send a second one out, saying the first one is wrong. this is utter insanity. at some point, wouldn’t it make the most sense to have a president that didn’t talk in riddles?

the degree of excuses, are similar to what you have to arm yourself with when raising an aggressive child — he didn’t really MEAN to bite your girl. he’s REALLY telling her how much he likes her! it’s a format of excuses and double-speak and lord knows. the end product is a distinct distrust for those doing the explanation, while forgetting that the whole problem is the source of that remedial diction — the president himself.

the entire nation gets treated to a building distrust and trepidation, as more and more step up with versions of what the president “really meant.” and when are we going to call “uncle?”

i sometimes wonder if those who love this kind of wishy washy diction were raised in households where nobody means what they say, and never say what they mean. households that depend on “tone” and body language more than actual words. (there’s a whole science to that, some estimations put it at 80% of communication can occur through body language.) that’s why i said to listen to audio only of presidential speeches — pretend it’s 1930 if you have to. i find it fitting.

(though ask myself why bother explaining this? trump is probably not even the one running things. is probably as much a victim of the republican party as the rest of us. )

what it comes down to — is i hugely object when everyone is supposed to guess what trump means, by ignoring what he said. the president is the one who tells us if there is danger. now we are all in a giant story of the boy who cried wolf. we can’t trust what comes out of that mouth, but he is where he is.

–and the troll legions are brainwashed into some kind of trump cult communication. they absorb the ambiguity, and it feels like it’s right inside of them — because it is! interpretation makes you feel closer to the speaker. that’s why it’s used as a rhetorical-critic ploy.

trump requires ‘representatives’ everywhere re-define every word that comes out of his mouth for anything that ranges into official levels. though we can’t decide that, because he seems to be still stuck in a campaign mode – and has a problem of figuring out what a president actually does. we would probably settle for him to keep his mouth shut until he can speak clear and concisely.

not to mention –even written orders are so unclear, they are ‘cleaned up’ with a glossary, or need to be reviewed by the courts before being sent back, like the teacher that has to give a student their homework back–to redo it so there is at least something to grade.

so the courts have to weigh in, because of cryptic orders —-and double-speak that doesn’t belong in a presidential order at all —– and all this costs time, money, trust?… this is what happens when you put an inexperienced man in charge of the hamburger grill, and he burns it all. then you say the customers are wrong for not liking burnt hamburgers.

it’s all so bizarre, it’s freaking me out. i try to remind myself this is just an insecure time. many had them, we have photos of all the frowning people before the world wars, that’s for sure.

then to get a strange dictator wanna be who depends on loyalty for his operation … it’s confusing. the image of someone you have to defend, and explain what he really means, with the image of a person who takes what they want. so why does everyone jump at trying to figure out this very odd dictator-poet?

trump is the old man who is confused and muses to himself. but he has never practiced on clarifying his speech. and why? spoiled as all get out, surrounded by yes men and never had to be clear and concise to anyone. just throws whatever out there.

leave everything open to interpretation. cover your rear by using double-speak. i employ that all the time. but try to do it without insulting reader’s intelligence. trump has no such boundary. he insults away until most are jaw-dropped.

“nukes are bad?” gee thanks for that info. have been wondering my whole life. now i get to believe that because you said it.

the scary thing is — that is how followers in a cult develop their dependency on a cult leader. they actually end up believing, that his words are the first time they realized that nukes are bad.

it’s partly the collective nature, followers that come together –talk with each other — reaffirm how RIGHT their leader is– nukes are bad. but how we need more of them, so much more! because he said that, too. and what it does, is create a body of hypocrisy following and justifying hypocritical logic, and as followers they end up surrendering their own integrity.

so it’s hard to watch. generally, in civilized society, we try to eliminate those who promote hypocritical stands in their followers.

but it feels like the adults have left the building — like the nation is stranded on this lord of the flies island. and i have the glasses, but i sure as sh*t ain’t going to save this crew. don’t want them playing with fire on top of everything else….

when it comes to dependency on interpretation, we poets know something about that, right? metaphor. you throw it out there and let the listener decide. only — if you say something mean, and don’t specify a target — then they might think it is about them. i’ve seen a million and one games played with that.

but in a leader, to have all that ambiguity is odd. and paraphrasing it to make it sound like normal communication, is not doing anyone any favors. so that’s my point for this whole long bloody write. stop cleaning up his speech for him.

put what trump ACTUALLY says, and THEN write your interpretation of what that might mean. or your interpretation of how that would sound if a real president were saying something similar, after the reality of how trump expressed himself.

otherwise, it makes him sound normal. and he’s not. he’s insane. if you’re only reporting with use of a paraphrased interpretation –that’s not the truth, and you are joining the ranks of trump mouthpieces — with their alternate facts — desperately trying to paint a picture of normalcy, that JUST ISN’T THERE.

listen … only listen to trump speeches. don’t depend on your body language interpretation — the waving of the “ok” symbol. all that BS. just listen.

i guarantee, the spell will break, and you will go — why is this auto mechanic from the Bronx running the country? he sounds like a round, short man with a five o’clock shadow — he sounds like he is trying to BS himself into thinking he knows the job. he knows manipulating people. but is an AGING auto mechanic that depends more and more as he ages, on the loyalty of customers. customers he grabs by the shoulder and tells them they are getting the best deal ever, because you’re my friend! we are buds! and then he charges them twice as much.

it’s not how you run a country. it’s barely how you run an auto shop. at some point it will all end. i just hope it doesn’t end by us all going into the darkness together. you might want to google Jonestown, and remind yourself what happens to cults with members that trust implicitly.

btw ….. i’m going to be pissed for awhile, since this mistake in president is going to cost me a lot, once the inflation hits and i can only afford ramen for dinner.

and those who are eating ramen now, frack me, i don’t know what’s going to happen to them.

so stop making something like trump sound civilized. he’s not. this is not what civilized people do. this is not what civilized people are? i never thought of it like that. i figured that smart societies find the ways for most everyone to have a kind of peace– i picture them interacting and having this way about them. and intelligent conversations, that don’t center on what was done, but what can be done in the future when built with a sense of hope.

it’s a big picture event i look at sometimes, like the best of all worlds. along with roads not covered in trash from people throwing trash out the windows of their cars. and i know it’s hopeless. i really do. i see enough trash to know it’s hopeless, ok? i know the president is the casino mob boss kind — the wrestling event showman. the people love it. the people love throwing trash out the windows of their cars. they love throwing gum on sidewalks. love the lack of dignity, and the comfort that are all going to hell together.

you don’t get that kind of divorce from reality just reversed. lost is lost.
i still dream? i still think about maybe getting there some day. but it’s not on this road. i know that much … fact, integrity, and intelligence are necessary. you don’t build a stone house out of gobs of spit, right? well i just see a whole huge spit-lake.

it makes my little dream of civilization seem even more distant. so i’m pissed about that, too. in fact, that hurts more than the ramen thing. i can live without food.

can’t live without my dreams.