Ever one to pull the grade
Songs of silence
Never made


Pull the truth
Begin the pact
When icing is a cake
On tract


To storm and rage
The ever-flow
The wit on stage
Begins to blow


And as I look
For peace and smiles
In patience for
A little while …


I round the round
In rounder styles




Whatever things I think

Are fluff along the way

Born on winds like seeds

To live another day…

sometimes I wonder IF

The world had never changed

Would life be all there is

In battles gone astray

No better words are able

No lines of hope more just

In looking on this world

And say you can’t! but then you must …

so where do I implore you?

How do I break through?

It’s better to be a thinker

Better to stir the stew

Than have every care and worry

About what others think of you!




Never was the sense

Of how the stubborn hold the gate

The march to breathe remittance

From tides that kiss

Confounded shores

Never was my passport

All that’s set
In journeys wide and far

The architect of Never
Was what Never was the same
True paths that cross the criss
As Never plods
In Never gains for wise decrees…

How does Never hold a candle

To what Ever believes


Doesn’t matter

What I thought

While brain offline

And still charging


The electric overload

Some day I will tell you about truth

And persistence

For now coffee needs to be made

And eyes need to be opened

To savor the strength of sighs


You know, i don’t even blink anymore