To spin or not to lose? That is the question.

Always amazes, the fascination…. Doesn’t it? You know, even grandmother assumed that I raised mice to watch them mate… Don’t cha know? Considered it the sign of a filthy mind. They just happened to like hopping away between their tumors after running the mazes I built. At 13 under a fiberglass patio my uncle built….

It’s a persimmon incorrect programming

The social sort of ideology that those who abstain from temptations (such as alcohol, smoking, gambling, etc etc…) are STRONGER against them, is so wrong I don’t know where to begin. The entire point of abstaining completely is due to a WEAKNESS for that substance or action. When it’s entire groups of people, like churches…….

So who’s in charge here

So far, flipping through the news today: Covid might spike, Roe vs Wade might be reversed, and Russia might invade the Ukraine. Can we just make a rule to have puppy videos instead of mights? So I’m betting on the outcomes to be “yes, no, yes.” But a shaky yes on the last one. At…

All together now… Regarding conspiracy theories

Well🤔 the thing about paranoia is that the source of the problem is YOU. Conspiracy is just one of the symptoms. It’s the same on a mass scale, believing the same conspiracy in unison does not make them less paranoid….it normalizes that paranoia for them and they proceed farther into paranoia.The conspiracy theories become like…

Above and beyond

Suffice it to say the problem is not that they don’t understand reality, the problem is they are choosing a different culture that embraces more ignorance and less fact, more superstition and less faith.  Why?  Because it’s more comfortable but the main reason it’s comfortable is because everybody around them panders the same illogical fantasies.They…