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new Croxxed episode ……….yesterday was feeling sick and didn’t get one made. oops! in the future might do reruns on a bad day. i seriously woke up thinking yesterday was Wednesday, and that i was missing a meeting at church. then after deciding i felt too bad to go to the meeting, realized it was…

Croxxed: 10-17-2013

amazing how much better the world looks when you hurt less. can actually feel the sunshine in the day. get older and days like this seem few and far between.

Croxxed: 10-16-2013

well happy hump day … the good news is that i have gotten some feeling back in my right foot. whatever else happens I’m happy camper …

Croxxed: 10-15-2013

seems we have an awful lot of extreme weather, typhoons this week in asia… china just recovering from a flood. is as if water-world might become a reality. top that off with an honest to god sea-monster found in california, and i’m calling it the end of the world. any seconds?