so where is the problem? pc audio

well, after doing a clean install of windows 10 … there is no audio problem. other than the volume level seems a little higher than normal. but the distortion has ceased.

and that’s with all the updates. so … audio problems not only with this computer–but the others–might be due to third-party software. and i’m thinking the culprit is adobe, possibly the photoshop/premiere 13 that somehow manages to blow the audio codecs. i know it does break codecs and have had to run a codec repair always after an adobe install.

can only kind of guess at it. this is one of those things, that can’t be sure without repeating the problem. and i’m kind of not wanting to destroy the 10 system i just installed. or possibly destroy by trying that particular software again. can always use my older version–photoshop 7, never had problems with it before. and can pretty much trace the audio problem time-frame to when i got the photoshop 13.

which of course, i’m busy cursing adobe and their stupid loyalty to Apple that causes them to unintentionally or purposely mess up Windows. it’s a bit of a dilemma for those of us who are techies smart enough to use Windows, but at the same time artists that want to make use of adobe software.

it would have to go a little deeper than just codecs, and a tampering with the audio card firmware itself. but so hard to say, because might even be malware of some kind. though would have to have some pretty big holes in a system for it to get that far.

i tend to point fingers too quickly, and before wrote that it must be the conextant audio drivers. or that windows has changed its way of handling the audio for windows 10. and now i’m thinking they either fixed the problem overnight and coincidentally at the same time i put in a new system … which is possible since it was on Tuesday. or… it was from something else.

part of me loves problem-solving. part of me could do with a little less.


Windows 10 Destroys Conexant Audio in Lenovo Laptops

Well that just figures, 2 months before Windows 10 is no longer a “free” upgrade, and Microsoft chooses to bomb the audio in every Thinkpad running Conexant drivers. Which is just about every single thinkpad currently on the market. Just google “Thinkpad” and that will give you an idea of the numbers.

In the 10 typical fashion, drivers are installed automatically. And while I have been able to get around that for drivers such as Synaptic touchpad, by utilizing the “hide update” features, there is no such luck for audio drivers.

Windows 10 now installs their generic audioendpoint — and even for short-term purposes, the Conexant drivers will not reinstall after that. I have tried everything, from pointing the system to .inf files to completely reinstalling the operating system from the ground up with a fresh clean install.

There are 3 essential driver groups in any system:
1. Picture (Video drivers)
2. Network (Wireless/Lan drivers)
3. Sound (Audio drivers)

So in one fell swoop, Microsoft has ruined the sound for every Thinkpad utilizing Conexant sound boards — and that’s just about ALL of them. Without the correct sound for Conexant boards, there is a very noticeable “tinny” sound. High pitches suddenly become ultrasonic, and every bit of dialogue sounds as if it’s coming from the bottom of a very deep well.

Again, I have tried everything, and that includes turning OFF audio enhancements as well as tweaking them in so many ways I can’t begin to tell you how much time it takes to find a combination of settings that at least doesn’t RUPTURE THE USERS EARDRUMS as it does on default.

That’s right, Microsoft — afraid to tell you that you are looking at lawsuits for hearing damage caused by blocking the use of actual Conexant drivers for the Conexant hardware. And Thinkpad — probably couldn’t have picked a worse brand for doing this, a brand that is mostly used by business and people that are not afraid to use lawyers when and how they can…..

I wrote a letter to Conexant, basically screaming “Help!” but have not heard back from them. In refurbishing many Thinkpad laptops over the last two years or so, I have found that I MUST install the ACTUAL Conexant audio drivers, or the sound will be noticeably bad for even the average non-audiophile person. And it is unbearable for the audiophile. Completely destroys the ability for any computer to play video or music without having to shut it off to keep from hurting the ears.

Now, I know how you “boys” have trouble getting along. And I know, how Windows 10 seeks to install drivers itself now for the sake of function. But this is NOT the place to be penny pinchers! Good Grief, Microsoft! — pay the friggin’ “ransom” price to Conexant and get the correct drivers! I’m sure they demanded a terrible amount — but you are looking a ONE THIRD of the production value of a PC. So then are due one third of the budget for buying the rights to that driver software.

As it stands, I’m not happy with the drivers you have bought so far! You need to remove the person in charge of that department. They are leaning far too much on the side of CHEAP, and it really effects the ability to utilize and deploy Windows 10 on a widescale basis. You might CHANGE the numbers and date on ATI drivers for Windows 10, for instance. But I KNOW those drivers, and I can tell when it is an older model. I KNOW you are using a 5 year old driver and slapping a 2015 date on them.

And you just CAN’T replace the Conexant audio drivers with your generic ones and expect anything good to come out of it. I am very serious here. I approve of taking over the “driver nonsense” — that was a good move. But you NEED to budget to getting the rights to at least a few of these very necessary driver packages. If they won’t sell them to you at all, then OK, not a lot that you can do. But then DON’T destroy the efforts of system builders like myself, to install the Conexant drivers that are still available from the PC manufacturer. That is called being spiteful, or stupid. You are either being A-holes, or you’re being dumb.

And at this point, I know how smart you are. Whole thing has culminated in leaving me somewhat unhappy with Microsoft. Not enough to go to Apple, you’d have to drop a house on me for that. But get it together, or choose silence. Silence is better than BAD sound. And I am extremely serious here. Deliver good, or nothing at all. Those are the options.

The current situation is unacceptable. There are THREE things that have to work, before turning a computer system over to a new user: Video, Network, Sound. It is one third of the triangle that has to be present. Otherwise the investment is GONE, and we have what amounts to very large paperweights. As it stands, I expect to get phone calls from past customers, complaining about the sound in their systems. It will either be that, or they will just put up with it. They will think that it is the source, or that something has just gone wrong, and they will use the computer less and less as time goes on…they will cut down their use of youtube and netflix and every other site that depends heavily on audio. Which includes Skype and phone calls over LAN — the list of fallout goes on and on.

It’s not just me. You are looking at a hit to media itself. Get it together, Microsoft. This is not the time, nor the place–to be frugal. Don’t listen to the executive that uses a product for five minutes, and decides that generic Windows audio drivers work good enough and that nobody will know the difference. Those are the idiots you should NOT listen-to. And you need to pay attention and pay-off Conexant for the driver software that actually works.

I need a new laptop at some point this summer. And guess what feature is going to make the difference for what I buy? It will have to have a realtek audio board and NOT a Conexant. Conexant is getting hit by Microsoft, and you’re catching all of us consumers in the crossfire. Gee thanks.

The plus side to everything, is that laptop prices are starting to drop due to the looming end-date for free Windows 10 upgrades. But like I said, that doesn’t help me much if they are all bricked by Microsoft itself, and can only run silent movies as somewhat-decorative paperweights.


and praise be to the electric fates

so i fixed the tv set i use as a monitor. a resister blew on the power board … which it basically went “bang!” and then went dead. so i took the back off it, at first thought it would be a blown capacitor, because i’ve had that happen in a monitor before. but they all looked fine, it was only the one tiny little resistor that apparently made all that noise.

in looking over the how-to videos, and techs that used a soldering iron while replacing damaged parts — one happened to mention that you could just replace the entire board. i thought well that sounds like an easier option – what the heck, i’ll look it up and see what a whole new power board costs. ebay is a real lifesaver on the electronic parts.

only $26 – so figured it was worth the gamble to see if i couldn’t make the tv/monitor come back alive again. the part arrived today, i switched it with the old powerboard, put the TV back together — and surprise, surprise, it works!

so that’s a first for me … fixed a television set. i might spend the next week or so patting myself on the back, so don’t mind me 🙂


Rant number 490!fX2893G0

first it was ‘must be more than 8 characters’
then it was ‘must contain letters and numbers’
then it was ‘must contain capital letter’
then it was ‘must contain a special character’
then it was ‘cannot contain your user name’
and now it cannot have any 3 letters or
numbers in a row and no sequence of numbers

oh for pete sakes
did it ever dawn on them
or us

that each restriction NARROWS the field
instead of opening the field??????
you have just put limits on possible derivations
cut them in half, actually
or more

it’s the size of the field
that makes the difference
not the degree of firsts

restrictions to make more secure
are actually doing the opposite

i’ve tolerated it for awhile
because stupid is stupid
but now they’ve struck on one that will disqualify
my own password that i have used for years

(find ONE that fits all their qualifications and then tag it for each site)
but now they are going to try to make it so i can’t
use the perfect system?
i’ll have to change EVERY single password!
just the new ones, you say….
no! that’s not how MY system works

my system has one VERY GOOD password
and then is appended for each site
so each site gets a different password

but now they’ve crossed over into my GOOD password
being not good enough???
and the funny thing is that it’s almost like
purposefully forcing people to write down
the password to remember it— and then
gee…. can never find it
and so now the
internet servers have TONS of space wasted
with accounts never used
because they were abandoned for lack of password

now they are crossing into where my
good password is good … they want me to change
it…. the one thing about it actually that makes it

because i can do the math…

so my little friends — this is war

because how dumb do you have to be?
at the end, when are done deciding what kind of password users get to make…
the safest password will be just your name that is less
than 8 characters or the safest one will be 1234

because no one is looking for them
millions of passwords
that are safe

the MORE rules to the making of passwords
the more EXACT you determine the boundaries for
password-guessing software bots

it’s perfect for them, gives them the
parameters they need to make the number of
possibilities finite

so ALL you accomplish with all this
you are wasting everyone’s time
stupid stupid stupid

and don’t mean to burst your bubble
but you’re going in the wrong direction

non-restriction is best

just because people want to have their name for a password…
then let them!
you fascist pigs!


it’s actually a good example of what happens
when you cross a line — when they crossed the line
and decided that they get to place a restriction
on what kind of password you get.

and now it’s just gone hog wild

until we have to question the very thing

the necessity for the thing itself

because not worth it is not worth it

grow a brain
and get back to me
but your password will have to contain
a duck, a chicken, a dog that barks only twice
with 2 servings of oatmeal
and at least 20 types of whistling dixie

then please stand on your head
for fifty hours and
snort five times

and you may then contact me

Lenovo thinkcentre

she’s purring like a kitten, i’m a genius 🙂 can only say that when you’re not exactly sure what you did, but fixed it anyway.
though i think the credit goes to ubuntu linux more than anything. it must install firmware that fixes fan issues, i’ve seen it happen enough times now to decide that there is something linux is doing right, and just running it on a computer can solve driver or firmware issues.

when i first fired it up, the fan would do this spastic blasting, and the power supply and heatsink on the machine was very hot to the touch. and that’s with next to nothing going on it. almost no load and was too hot.

being the selfish critter i am, i’m thinking how something that hot and pulling that much juice, is going to cost in electricity! now the case is cool to the touch and no signs of overheating.

either i have the magic touch, or linux is a miracle worker. maybe a little of both.

it’s so important to have the right controllers and drivers on a computer. you see how much the firmware/software can effect the hardware. actually means life and death to it.

and funny how our own software — how we are programmed — can mean life or death. to have a healthy body, must first have a healthy mind.

i’ll keep an eye on the cpu temps, but so far they are looking pretty normal. i throttled the cpu by 15% … and that’s kind of an analogy, too. sometimes it’s better to throttle our cpu’s…cut back on the over-thinking.

enjoy life? well, try to not spin out of control 🙂 mostly i’ll need to keep an eye on it for awhile, see that it’s not having too much trouble. even though a used desktop, i don’t think it was ever properly broken-in. still has that “new electronics smell.” lol