Above and beyond

Suffice it to say the problem is not that they don’t understand reality, the problem is they are choosing a different culture that embraces more ignorance and less fact, more superstition and less faith.  Why?  Because it’s more comfortable but the main reason it’s comfortable is because everybody around them panders the same illogical fantasies.
They spread the false culture….the trump cult, through those circles so that they just deepened and deepened into their illogical rabbit holes. 

They are comfortable because it makes them depend more heavily upon their friends and neighbors belief for their social bonds, rather than upon the greater scope of collective scientific knowledge. 

Doing that sends them on a path of the least common denominator of education, rather than depending upon members with the most education. 

So anyway, the cult CHOOSES what to believe or not believe.  So that when they see YOU believing that they “just don’t understand” and catering to that dumbest element…. It confirms THEIR belief that you are stupid and a sheep and they are not….. Because you fail to know that they already know and simply reject your truths.

It’s similar to a person slowing down their speech to talk to a person (who speaks a different language) who doesn’t understand them… It doesn’t help the understanding of a foreign language to slow your speech, the result = the person slowing their speech look condescending.

And the irony behind ALL of that?  Is that they are absolutely no judge of the intelligence levels of others, themselves.  As in none, that’s why they pick someone to follow and stick with it.  That’s why if you need peeps to stop following you, you have to perform INCREDIBLE levels of screw ups. 

Back to my point…. They can’t judge intelligence levels themselves, and due to lacks of compassion within themselves…fail to see that teaching is an act of compassion…
Instead, they see teaching as your attempt to boost your own ego.

And they scorn that, as well. Prize secrets more, secrets of the trade. What they value is not shared knowledge, they value secreted knowledge and monetizing that. Sharing knowledge for the purpose of teaching, is considered nothing but ego boost. And so they only listen to teachers WITH simultaneous power. And that is WHY they listen to trump and let him teach them, and allowed him to take them so far out of USA culture they became a cult.

You can blame it on trumps lack of skill and that it wasn’t deliberate, and that is bull. He wouldn’t invest that much effort if it wasn’t for the desired cult he achieved. And the most ignorant circle of his cult, cites that effort as proof that trump “really cares about them.”

No, he really cares about breaking the culture and creating less effective mores to the extent of broadening enterprise and industry for the purpose of fleecing a larger lower class which they simultaneously create and have created for years. A lower class with no effective leadership within their ranks, creates a malleable population.

The best case scenario, is the desire for those outcomes stems from capitalization fit/of a consumer class with higher outcomes (profit) for the wealthy class attached to that consumer engine.

The worst cases scenario is that it stems from a desire to mold and create a world sociology of their own making and vision….. This is why it is an important consideration to know if the trumps are or are not racists….

And the MAGA most certainly ARE, and certain circles of the MAGA cult do believe that the trumps hold their vision of a homogeneously white culture as some sort of promised land.

Painted themselves into quite a corner. All of it.  I might eventually figure a way out but it might be unsolvable.

The thing about trump cult bag of tricks, is almost all of them are fullproof.  Imagine the Acme company on roadrunner with flawless products that never blew up in their face.

They are also all the tricks that cause eventual dissolution of a society, and that is why the majority of them were abandoned and not recognizable to modern generations.  They think trump is brilliant, hence the cult.

I learned at the knee of my GRANDMOTHER.  And she had most of the tricks the trumps use.  If I come across one that I missed, it’s usually because it’s newer not because it’s older.  But the cult has the whole collection.  That’s why they think they will succeed with their counter-culture in breaking the culture.  They will not.  The USA culture will simply sharpen its teeth on them, and move on.

And that’s what I’m concerned about.  Knowing bigger and greater ways to screw each other is not an ingredient that mixes well with diversity.

Those are how all those sociological
formula run,
I hope it’s not too much.  I keep a pretty big mental drawing board.  But that’s the flow chart on it

So more dumbing down just tightens them into more scorn.  A different approach might be more effective, to include obscure references with the dumbing down.  But that backfires as well.  Only real answer is to use straight up explanations with no metaphors and no softening of the truth.

And then eventually we have to go backwards once the Trump counterculture is more silenced. We will have to go backwards into metaphors and explanations that allow greater expansion of personal knowledge based upon personal observation rather than complete data based on duplicate and mimeographed explanations. We have to try that again because that is the pathway to a better culture and a better society.

There’s no such thing as best and one’s like the trumps see those better societal goals as futile. They believe that corruption will always happen by somebody like themselves.

And that is not true. That is also a defeatist and a despair positioning, which if you fall into those parameters yourself you will simply be in those absolute idealisms of despair. So even if you decided that is a path to go it becomes this black hole this spiral into despair by the entire society because the entire society decided to take up their cross and follow the idiot at the top.

Ok? So all of that is a recap of what has happened. It’s also a recap of what did happen with the generations in the 1950s whatever 1940s and the world wars. It’s a recap of the reset made possible by the 60s revolution and the process of hallucinogenic drugs with the resulting multitude of cults that created a greater diversity of tolerance within the major US culture.

It expanded the culture to be more accepting, and more creative. Not for the purposes that hippies believe, but for the purpose of riding the ceiling for the potential of the individual to engineer what is best for themselves.

Rather than molding the people to the culture, our final wish is for the culture to mold to the people.

I hope that’s understood. I also hope it’s understood, what it means to put my cards on the table. I’ve said all along that I bluff low. All along. I believe in relativism, so that for ME, pretending you have less or are less….is not a lie. It’s simply offering a perception of a subset of your knowledge….a lie of omission is not really a lie. It’s a bluff, and I always bluff low. Kind of one of the things you can count on with me.

When fascism rises, the power of individual teachers rises as well. If the power OF teaching exists prior to the fascist rise, the rise will not happen. This is the theory, and it’s relatively well proven.

This is why the dearth of powerful teaching and the reduction of teachers, was on purpose for the trump cult hope for fascist rise? Perhaps. Might have been a happy coincidence for them.

I will say again…..they missed their window. What the USA is going through is called clean up. And the clean up for this cult will last a long time, it will pare down some as more and more MAGA members become aware they are just cattle being milked. We should probably start mooing at them.

But members of the trump cult could conceivably last within their counterculture….their cult…the entire rest of their lives without turning back towards the main USA culture. That’s a demographic to feed on, that’s why they are moo cows being milked. That’s why business booms, because chain yanks to get their business are EASY. They can be done post hoc. An easy business can be created and THEN the demand for it can be created within the cult. And that is how you mold peeps to your cult with fad and industry, while transferring money and power to the top (or inner circles) of the cult.

It’s important to see and understand that the Trump counterculture believes itself to be a true culture, not a cult, and that it is only going backwards, to before times before the ’60s expansion of the USA main culture to accept greater creativity greater diversity and greater opportunity.

So they believe they are embracing a past culture, when in fact it is a new one with less moral accountability than any cultures of the past. It is a new bro culture the Trump culture is a bro culture most definitely, and saying that might make it look more attractive to you or more attractive to the average person because they can just say oh it’s a bro culture and that means they do whatever they do boys will be boys.

I know it’s not “they will do whatever they do” and it’s NOT harmless. It’s an attempt to gain a fascist rise out of breaking the main USA culture. They decide to take a chance to break it because it did become a little weaker as it expands to embrace more creativity. That’s why all these patterns of attempted fascist rises go in cycles.

That’s why you can know for a fact when somebody misses their window for a fascist rise and the only thing you’re staring at is the enormous cleanup afterward.

And that is why I myself believe in working within the main culture or making slight adjustments for better or for worse, that play over long lengths of time within the main culture and do not endanger the culture with large shifts in changing traditions….or cults. I believe in No-cult.

Now when one of those slight shifts is to say happy holidays to your customers because your customers are all kinds of religions that you don’t know what religion they might adhere to…. To have the intelligence and the education to understand that other religions exist and live within that knowledge…

See that is a change in the major culture that we made a slight change for the purposes of our expansions and our diversity as a nation… That the Trump counterculture seized on as a facet for their counterculture to reverse. You don’t need to be aware that other religions exist because we’ll make sure that everybody is Christian or dies. That is how that fucking cult tune goes. That’s how it works and that is why no interior culture to a nation’s main culture, should be allowed powers within the main culture as specifically their subset culture or cult. In other words you don’t fucking mix religion and politics.

Well whatever this is it’s mostly mental masturbation but I am spelling out how it went down how it works and how the Trump cult mostly will ride into the sunset. Whether they fall off their high horses or not, is yet to be seen.

And someday in my golden years I would like to be able to travel to China and observe their culture. I doubt I have the lifespan available to do that but it sure would be a dream of mine, if just to observe the art.

One thing I know is that when you are a powerful being, you cannot judge the reactions of others TO yourself, as solely their responsibility. The only question on it all is IF the USA was ever that kind of aspect of power TO the Asian continent. Their is a great power in a submissive population. Even to torment them and make others watch. North Korean troops dancing and bee-bopping on starvation rations while obviously drugged with amphetamines…. Is a demonstration of ruthless power on their own people. They want a belief in the ruthless nature of Asian minds.

And I do not believe this is so. I believe great compromise can create great cleverness. But I do not believe it creates great ruthlessness. And from my observations with language translations…. Specifically the language within English that does not translate to Chinese or is refused to be used by the Chinese…. There is an inherent vein of compassion through their culture. This is evident and would not exist within a top-down society, unless the top itself held facets of that compassion.

So we just need to get along. And we need professors with actual minds and comprehensions of culture and societal meshing, to determine when where and how our separated societies come together. So that we do not invariably cause harm. To either of us. The Chinese already understand this, and without those parameters set up by ourselves they have simply blocked their internet and connections completely in an attempt to modify things well enough for their own preservation.

And how can any thinking being decide for them that this was not a correct move or the correct endeavor? The human rights issues is another aspect but again, this is a top-down society thriving more as a republic than a democracy, and within the scope of the capitalistic world the only avenue they were given for survival was essentially selling their people out FOR industry.

Yet another game because the pendulum swings both ways. And so one can credit that as clever. Who knows … com-c-comsau. Point is that Western and Eastern cultures differ so significantly, that simply combining them in a communications expansion or mushrooming….. Could be disastrous for both cultures. And walling off only one, can then become a benefit to that walled off one to insert their elements that are dangerous to other cultures… In a purposeful and discriminatory fashion.

So I see these facets of the politics between East meets West …also going on. And these very facets are the things that the trumps then use as scare tactics within their counterculture, to take the USA into a direction that increases the power and money of that 1% and precludes sense entirely.

Have you ever put two cents into your collection plate at church? Try it and see what happens.

βœŒοΈπŸ‘½πŸ»…. And mine? I’m 🐒. Mostly I wanted to outline the foundations of the trump counterculture or cult. How they will not likely subside or rejoin the USA main culture, and how it’s important to NO LONGER MORPH THE CULTURE to include them. Let them break, it is not enough to cause harm other than more shootings. And the MAGA cult just plays the shootings they cause as a reason to fear gun legislation…. So their creation of more shootings FROM their culture is a kind of masturbatory self-fulfilling prophecy.

The response to that is to isolate them not feed into it and watch them until they realize that they are the ones masturbating and making their own shoot-em-up realities that need greater regulations. You wait for the lightbulb to go on.

Those are my judgments regarding the clean up for the failed maga fascist rise. If attempts to simply exclude MAGA fail. But I would simply exclude them and not pander. I think that is the wiser course overall, and will result in more Maga rejoining the main culture while abandoning their trump cult. The fear is that more will run TO MAGA, as a stronghold of past culture. And that simply will not be the case on into the future, because today’s ultra-communicative youth does NOT fit into that old culture AT ALL with that older culture’s necessary component of secretive knowledge. They are accustomed to receiving answers. It’s a Google universe. Onward Ho.

And I think the days of condescension especially condescension within memes…. Were limited to begin with…. And their usefulness is long over.

When the radicals on the left side of politics, were the ones that at the beginning of the pandemic, said “You must wear a coat! Or I’ll get you.” (If we play into that metaphor.) Then it paints a different story. Then it’s a story about reverse psychology and the ability to convince others to shoot themselves in the foot.

And really….. How much more proof do you need? 🐒

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