It would be nice

It would be redundant to say I’m tired.

It would be precocious to say I have a headache.

It would be completely off the wall to mention that at least half of your customs and norms are faulty.

It would be over the top to remark that using faulty norms for establishing parameters of sanity, is a tad insane.

It would be ridiculous to teach principles of impinging revelations of black holes as the paradox of rabbit holes because a Cheshire cat always snickers in the dark.

It would end badly for any trying to move the status quo.

It was never rocket science to understand the part about fascism where “they” get you.

Only the good die young is particularly fascinating to develop as an idiom within fascist communities of old women scowling.

Change isn’t always good but it’s almost never bad. Why the difference received back from payment in coin, is also called change, I’ll never know. They could have called it chab.

When you realize the ones in charge of the language were the crazy ones, it all starts to make sense.

The history of the Norman invasion of England should be required study in English classes.

(Without that context

The world is grim.)

It would be forward of me, to presume any type of reality exists, here. With that baseline false, all are shifting like on a sea of kelp. In an ocean of undecided policy where the insane are sane and the Normans are certainly not normal.

At what point does wealth become poverty of spirit?

It would be understandable to live on the edge of the world

Looking down.

It would be a very good day if only I could reverse time and capture more sleep.

Feedback always welcome

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