Tripping down the road to God knows where

Most people don’t get that roe vs. wade wasn’t a moral decision — it was a legal decision. There is no place to draw the line, there is no way to create a legal obligation for producing life. And if you begin to define not producing life as murder, and make that the basis of your legal decision… no place to draw the line. Miscarriage is then defined as death, and you would need a hearing for every miscarriage to determine if it was NOT murder. This is what judges look at….”how are we going to prosecute or enforce the law.”

Keep in mind, that any law that is not enforceable, weakens ALL of the law. And the supreme court knows this. They know that as well as I do.

So IF they ever do outlaw abortion it will be like pontius pilate. They’ll wash their hands and call it the will of the people. And then all that legal fallout, will be written up BY THEM as a necessary course of action. In other words, you don’t want the right of abortion, so we now must maintain detention centers for pregnant citizens and test every woman of child-bearing age every month to determine if there is a pregnancy. That is the only way you will ever enforce “the sanctity of life.” And then good luck explaining the rise you’ll see in crib deaths. Eventually the law itself will be leaking like a sieve while the idiots of republicanness try to shore up their unending thrust for power ……. churches screaming it’s the end of the world, mayhem exists everywhere but IN the pregnancy wards ………….. heaven on Earth for all those new souls to be born!

AND, they will still say it was the will of the people, see. Because passing the buck has become the American pastime. So it’s important on the Left, to scream louder. I know it gets old. But the biggest objective the Right-Wing-fascist-republican party are aiming at–FOR establishing a bigger foothold of fascism in America–is to go this route where the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It’s two birds with one stone to them, where a decrease in the power of law itself opens the door for martial law. They want that end, see. That’s the final goal.

Fascist state with martial law, and the government is in your girlfriend’s pants every month to see if they have a new citizen. These are your choices…. you want either that, or to leave it like it is, maintain your freedoms, and realize that roe vs. wade was a LEGAL decision. Judges go to school for a long time and are not known for being stupid, they know a can of worms when they come to it.

The right wing wants to open that? Well, they better get their forks and knives ready. Gonna be a big banquet. And a very, very long time to digest it.

(I’ve been going over the flowcharts lately. People who don’t believe in anything–that is literally the RW MO to have no integrity– saying they believe life is sacred? I don’t buy it. For one thing, in these last 50 years or so (of my lifetime) we’d be seeing a lot different things going on than this reality of poverty for single mothers. I’ve just been waiting for them to SHOW their giant compassion…. anything, anywhere. None of it pans out. Wish I could say it did.

It’s a better fantasy for them than believing god appointed something like trump, that’s for sure. How much must you think god hates you to believe that? That he gifted you with somebody that horrible? Believing people are good and righteous to preserve life, that’s a much better fantasy …. But just another lie for a false front. Even the ones who think they are all for sanctity of life, are really attracted to it because of CONTROL. It’s the control over lives, it’s the ideology of ownership….. The fascist ideal of might makes right. That’s what I’m seeing play out.
Now, I generally don’t indulge the idea that they WILL accomplish their goal of reversing RvsW, ok. I don’t simply because it’s folly to enforce self-fulfilling prophecy….. And they are the ones who largely do that in the first place. “Ooooooo they will reverse it, the sky is falling!” It’s an easy way to make the right look powerful without trying very hard.
For the reasons I cite, it is a legal can of worms for them to go down that road. It is a fantasy they feed their followers, that life is that sacred… Specifically because they want them breeding….. Since it’s the only way to grow their ranks. They certainly won’t grow them from converts as we increase education levels of general populace.
Eh….. I don’t usually START with the premise of reversing RvsW because there is such little chance of that legally working out anyway, it would pretty much spell out the destruction of law itself. All those years of precedent thrown in the crapper.
But I’m seeing the vengeful side of things a little more clearly, I don’t generally indulge vengeful thinking and of course that makes you blind to it.
With the reminder this last week, of the heartless nature of their leadership…. Eh. Or I suppose I should say “childish nature.” The impulse to destroy what you can’t have.
My own goal has never changed my entire life: Freedom. It’s not a static thing, it goes by levels. There is a whole, and an individual reading.
I bother on it all, for freedom… Which is RANGE. We even have it in our songs for Christ sakes, and they get that all wrong. Range of motion means what you can do, not what you will do.
Can I skip down the street? Well if they get any more aggressive with mental health, the answer is “No.” When you start observing happiness outlawed by norms and punished by law [range of motion limited on things of joy]….That is when it’s time to take note and sit up out of your stupor.

It really is. Everybody on the right thinks it’s such a sacrifice for one person like trump to have a JOB like everybody else, since he was raised with a silver spoon. What about the sacrifice of millions who have had to remove themselves from complacency? What about those sacrifices. You know? What about that.

None of this is fair. This left-right divide, all of it. But the king of not-fair is sitting in Florida like a squat toad. And I get the more exciting life of competition versus fairness, I really do. What everyone on the right that I know, misses — is that it needs to be both. Competition without fairness is not competition, it’s cheating. And fairness without competition, is autocracy. Which in the long run is far from fair.

Anyway ….. I’ve done the flowcharts, at least in my head. It’s hard to summon the enthusiasm to set up a chalkboard these days. The right-left ‘divide’ that has been brought upon us by an autocratic piece of shit, needs to eventually go back to something not quite so alarming in its manipulative potential.

And using the issue of women’s bodies and procreation to get what you want out of politics? I would say that’s low, but it’s lower than low. It is exactly the opposite of what those men claim to be about… they are figuratively strapping the women of this nation to the front of their tanks.

I would say what kind of mean are they, but I already know what kind of men they are. Cowards. It’s all cowards. It’s not complicated. That part is not complicated. These are not people that can stand up well on their own. They graduate toward their position of absolutism, aggrandizement and control, specifically because they are NOT strong and they do not have abilities to live minus the pack. But minus the pack is the way of the future, the way of civilization. To BE civilized human beings, we need to be courageous. When you’re courageous, you take risks.

All that I see on the right, especially with trump–are the sure bets. That is all they will do or use. And in the larger game, world-wise …. that position is deadly. That’s the problem I have with it, a person who plays that strategy will LOSE. End of story. You can predict their next move with unbelievable accuracy ….. that’s what people love about it, about trump. They could predict — “I knew he would do that!”

You don’t want that with a leader. You want someone who cannot be read. You judge what your leader does AFTER he does it — you don’t keep yourself in a complete state of approval while predicting his every move and then congratulating yourself on how damn smart you all are … together. That is a recipe for failure. All it takes is ONE spy. That’s also why those type of strategists are so paranoid about betrayal.

When you lead a base, with known moves and familiarity, it is that one move done differently that surprises the enemy. January 6th was shocking, but it wasn’t surprising …. in fact, on the left we circulated warnings to NOT counter-protest, to just get the fuck out of the way. They did, told everyone to stay the fuck away from DC and let that go.

Eh …. could go on forever about strategies. Speaking of which, limiting that range of motion, limiting freedoms, inherently lowers probabilities and increases predictive measures. See? Which is good and bad, when talking civilian populations. If your population is more predictive and conformist, you can lead them more easily toward GOOD things and safety. Those facets of limits are not bad in themselves, it is a mechanism to loosen or tighten those reins. The greater the danger, the greater you tighten and limit range, for faster response. That’s why when I went to the Buzz game in 2018 and all these people who in past years were distracted and kids terrorizing — they were ALL standing at attention for the national anthem — I pay attention to that kind of change.

conformity ….. norms ….. readiness. But that tendency for readiness is being abused, and from what I can tell …. for the simple fact of amusement. It amuses wealthy fucks like the trumps that simple people have readiness. In some ways, I think he is jealous of simple lives. That part of the scorn is a jealousy. But no matter on any of that …… it’s all half-fed by all the typification we receive as citizens, anyway.

The main point, what I wanted to BTW about …. is that within my observations over the years, there has been very little indication that a moral ground exists for preservation of a pregnancy. IF you were the only two people on earth and survival of the species depended on you — then ok. What we are staring at though in truth…. the fucking reality …. is a planet quickly becoming overpopulated. That is all there is to it. You aren’t looking at a NEED to preserve and protect pregnancies or a NEED to exponentially grow anything … all you do is need yourselves right into NEEDING war to reduce population numbers.

The responsible thing is to allow range of motion so that people can limit themselves. And while calling something “responsible” is a gaslighting move, for when no other reasoning is available …. in this sense I truly feel that to be good stewards of freedom, we need to prioritize some things above others. It’s not a really hard concept, it’s just a really hard application of concept.

And I don’t know if there’s any light at the end of this tunnel, I don’t. But I know there’s none in the direction of limiting range more for the sake of limiting range more. If you need a motive for WHY the wealthy would even want that, just think about how a packed crowd is easier to stampede than a loose one. Or be aware that they don’t even see you as pawns in the game. You’re the fucking board. That’s what the blue and red is about. It’s time to wake up. You don’t have to smell the coffee. But I certainly need to sit quietly and have mine this morning. The tropics have arrived in salt lake, with overnight rains. This is very unusual, very strange, indeed. )

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