Terrorists belong in Gitmo

They’re playing both ends, you know. Won’t hang their own scape goats out to dry….but at the same time defend the terrorist leader. It’s always “muddy the waters” with these bozos.

I guess the moral of this story is that slime is slippery…

Generally, you would protect your terrorists from prosecution, in order to have less of a deterrent for them to terrorize AGAIN. Which means their action could be an indication they are planning to use MAGA for more terrorism in the future.

So far, the gop bleating is the only news that demonstrates justice is landing on those home grown terrorists. Most reports so far show that 1. they can’t even find a large number of the terrorists. 2. when they do get sentenced they get 8 months… equivalent of too many parking tickets.

So……… there could be a method to the gop madness and they are well aware of how moving the testimony would be. ? It’s a matter of displaying power. Their move is an emotional trap THEY use all the time, turn people into feeling like monsters, for saying “good!” when they hear about terrorists suffering. emotional tweaks is the specialty of all that slime.

then if the LEFT comes out as feeling sorry for the terrorist prisoners, they have proven to the rightwing sheep that the left are suckers. They always go for the win/wins. So their dem enemies get to be a monster or a wimp in response to the GOP press conference about bleeding hearts for terrorist prisoners.

so it’s not a bad move…..per se.

but yep, their aim is off. I wonder who cooked it up?

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