I really hate WordPress Block crap

I’m just saying that playing any boombox is against the law here, there is an ordinance. No karen about it. LAW. Karen is about enforcing norms. Law is about law. Keep it straight.

If you can’t keep it straight, then YOU’RE the Karen, enforcing a norm of breaking the law. See how that works? Or too asleep and dense yet to get it?

Besides the fact that playing loud music psychologically is a bid for attention. It’s a tell. You don’t get on people to stop their tells, you just note them.

You’re all down a fucking rabbit hole, btw. Cemented yourselves into a paradox where you’re being a Karen about pointing out Karens in instant hypocrisy. What that does, is it eventually makes you hate yourself.

But what it ALSO does, is enforces your own superiority with yourself. That YOU get to be a Karen, going around jumping on others — because you’re doing it to reduce Karens — ie, yourself. So it increases ego and decreases tact.

So levels of societal rudeness goes up, while levels of norm-holding AGAINST rudeness go down …. and hell breaks loose and all the jackasses of the world wonder why……

When they fell right into the set up for it.

This is all just an FYI … and NMP. Because I’m good with not having to ask for the manager — it’s fun watching the men try to do it and laughing at them!!!!! It’s fun watching the social order fall apart, and people can’t even go to the store in peace. Entertains me.

and yes, i’m that big a bitch. and yes i’m that much ok with having no obligation to keep norms in place. last fight i broke up, i let my dog do it! lol …. could get used to this no-responsibility thing. so i’m perfectly fine with you-all down your rabbit hole.

Because I can say I warned ya. 

Feedback always welcome

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