Yea whatever

I never saw anything like that, when I first came to salt lake. The guy I was dating said he wanted to take me to lunch but he needed to go get money for plasma first.

People selling their blood for money… I never saw anything like that until I came to the big city. I never saw the pawn shops either, all these pawn shops where people sell things to get money, too. And of course in more recent years the check cashing places.

It’s all about these disaster Merry-Go-Round rides that people get on and can’t get off. You start borrowing and you just have to keep borrowing and keep borrowing and keep selling your blood and keep selling your blood. This man had craters in his arm from the number of times the fat needles poked in to draw his blood that he sold.

He had electric guitars that were in and out of the pawn shop, depending on what day of the week it was. And you feel sorry for them but there’s only so much sorry you can feel for that much stupid.

And I understand running out of money I understand that desperation… it’s not like I’ve never pawned anything. But I didn’t keep doing it. I took my lumps and moved on. I realized that felt really crappy, have somebody holding your things hostage for you to pay them back for your stuff. There’s absolutely nothing good about that there was no plus involved at all.

But I didn’t see any of that world until I moved away from my hometown. I knew people were doing things like that pawning things and so on to get money… But I didn’t know the depths of despair and the feeling of hopelessness you end up with when you turn to those kind of income sources.

If I was running low on cash, I just ate dinner at Grandma’s house. If I didn’t have enough for cigarettes and beer, I worked overtime. Hitting the bottom of the barrel where your best option is to sell your own blood… That’s a foreign thing and it’s definitely where I draw the line.

I didn’t even like giving away my blood for the one blood draw that I did. I want that blood back …I feel like they owe me my blood back! I was coerced to do it by a friend, you’re supposed to be a good trooper and all… donate your blood. Nuts to that. It felt like my life was being drained and taken away. I didn’t recover for two weeks!

But it sure is sad, the levels of despair on this side of the tracks. There are days that I wish that I didn’t know so much despair exists…that those merry-go-rounds of disaster exist. I wish I was still in my middle class town with nothing much more difficult than deciding if you want chili powder on your cucumbers or not.

I used to think it was very wise of me to realize that people make their own hells. You create your own heaven and hell right here on earth. But wisdom isn’t about finding correct truths or answers, it’s about having the right questions.

And here’s the thing folks…

the people they’re complaining about that won’t go back to work and they’ll just take the government handouts and la di da di da God save us from all the bad people not going to work….

THOSE people are the ones caught in despair or on the merry go rounds of disaster using the check cashing places using the pawn shops and selling their own goddamn blood. Generally because they get crap wages for their work.

And the ignorant people that didn’t go to the big city like I did that did not see that side of things in life… Those ignorant and protected people, trying to say that one time handouts are some kind of boon that will destroy everything. When they are stuck on the merry-go-rounds that are ALREADY destroying these people. AND THE ONES THAT ARE COMPLAINING ARE THE ONES THAT OWN THE CASH CHECKING SHOPS AND OWN THE PAWN SHOPS AND OWN THE PLASMA DONATION CENTERS…

So what I have to say to that is ruck you all y’all. Maybe people will come out of their despair and find out they don’t need to sell you their blood and they don’t need to pawn their shit and they don’t need your loans. Then what will you do?

I guess YOU’LL have to get a job. 😝😜🤪

Feedback always welcome

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