gamblers ain’t so anonymous

eh, even with picking up dog dooty you just learn to not concentrate on toilet endeavors. and games mostly translate to GAMBLING to those who get excited by them. all kinds of gambling going on is what love of sports is about.

I joined the football pools at work…. so there used to be that kind going on before computers. and people place bets with bookies. now there are all kinds done over the internet. the amount of money changing hands through gambling is probably ten times any sport salaries or venue profits.

when ur not a gambler, you don’t see it. but that’s the missing link on the whole shebang. that’s the secret for why Doris is grinning ear to ear Monday at work, even though you know she recently buried 5 members of her family.
Then studying the minute details of various athletes is the key to wealth in gambling. It’s the same as all the seniors piling on the bus & going to Vegas.

A surprising number are gambling every month, with their fixed incomes. Start paying attention, and you’ll figure it out. That governs all these more that don’t make sense…. secret gambling. THEN the little einsteins watch politics and are all rooting together for a change, and it super-charges the gamblers, turns them into an insurrection mob.
They are all pony players. the losers become the homeless. the homeless end up in California.

and it’s why if you are analytical and not gambling or helping others gamble, you’re despised a bit. it’s also seen as an inferiority, by gamblers, to not gamble. because when you are not a gambler yourself, you don’t see the signs of it very much. it’s why hard work is prized so much on the reverse side of the coin…. because that gambling money was not a loan.

but it’s why people can sit all day watching sports on tv … gambling…. eh…..i try to ignore it as much as possible. it’s the best way. but that’s why they all got excited about reality tv shows…. which are SO boring not to mention stupid….. because it’s something new to gamble on. yuck.

so ok, then….IF a person or group does the favorite team dancecard, their moods get to match after the game. they all riot in the street when they lose, they all go crazy-happy with a win…. that’s all juiced with gambling. it’s why the emotions are all into the dramatic range….stake holders.

And with gamblers, when the prize is money, they have a value set TO money in exact correlation to their skill as a gambler, see. NOT to what that money can buy. So it messes up their comprehension of intrinsic value. And they get all captivated by set ups, etc…. because that’s cheating in the gambling world…. they see set ups as just another skill, not as extremely evil betrayal.
And then creatures like the trumps are prized …. because they are not only good at betrayal, they do kiddie lessons on it while insulting astronauts. such biggus dickus.

but that’s why so many watching sports seems like a club you can’t join…. because it is. it takes a love of money rather than a comprehension of value, and it takes the juicing of that money… when the mind is bent to gambling as income, you CAN’T value things like kindness above money. and that’s why they have to remind themselves all the time to value kindness… because it’s not natural for them to do that, with money so prominent as the goal. IF they devalued money, their entire life endeavor at gambling would be meaningless.
I bear with all of it, as long as they aren’t placing bets on ME, i can ignore them. But it gets exhausting.

gamblers live in a type of hell… and there’s no jesus to save them. I sure as shit ain’t gonna do it.

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