In Utah it’s very bad. It was very hard to adjust to the levels of male arrogance, I’ve finally had to tell myself they see me like I’m a talking pet they are picking out at the animal shelter…. That helped to clarify their behavior to me.

That is with male strangers, with men you know, it’s like they see you as a bird….a talking parrot they want to shut up because nothing you could possibly say has value.

It’s so difficult in Utah, that I spend a good deal of time alone. Got a dog.

I’ve read almost every book in my town’s library, I went to school forever…. And men that were brought up to believe books are for sissies, who haven’t cracked a book in their life, believe a sex organ makes them a genius.

It’s especially fun when the male children take the same attitude…. When you tell a ten year old boy to quiet down or knock it off and the reaction of insolence in return is like nothing I’ve experienced before.

All because … get this… some secret only mormons get to know, passed along in a temple. Whatever it is, it’s nothing compared to what they don’t know…. They don’t know a LOT.

I sometimes wonder where it’s going… The women’s lib. But I think it’s important to understand that the most oppressive environments exist in pockets, outside of the mainstream. There is a reason so many stations with “oldies television” exist in Utah. 

Things most certainly are changing for the better. Still need to be wary of the reverse psychology, manipulating a hope for equality and justice into even more oppression. Hope is very easy to manipulate, and it’s one thing Mormons do well …. manipulate hope.

Never count your chickens before they’re hatched. Eventually, a different world will arise. That’s my hope. One where people are people. I really couldn’t boil it down to anything simpler: people are people. It starts from inside, and how we see those around us. It begins with a knowledge that persecution and oppression are cruel.

And cruelty is an addiction to the pain of others.

The more you are aware of your oppression, the more cruel it becomes.

The more the addicts hum.

Ignorance is bliss. The only reason equality and justice seem a long ways off yet ….is because the last leg of the road is the steepest.

Feedback always welcome

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