In response to a comment that medicare pays doctors less money: that’s the problem. but the private industry middle-men leave bills and rates padded in the first place.

so the solve is to reduce the rates, which universal gov healthcare would be able to do. meanwhile, it’s not very smart of medical industry to make their services passe.

if no middle men existed, we’d still be paying docs with chickens. but since the bill goes to a third party, that bill can be jacked up into the “holy crap” range … of where no one in their right mind would accept it– for instance– paying $50 for a box of kleenex.

so the levels of grift in the medical industry, is WHY medicare has to set on the brakes with lower rates. the system exploded with hospitals on every corner. but at least we weren’t having to burn bodies in tents for a pandemic, there’s that. alls well that ends well.

but the levels of grift continue to go just about unabated. and doctors even proposing solutions these days? it doesn’t happen in utah. they have developed a thousand and one ways to basically tell patients, “sucks to be you.”

when you get out of the doctors and go sit in your car, ask yourself if you are better off in any way, than when you went in. so far they just chart me, but don’t help anything. at all. they are scribes? and document. but they get paid for healing. which they don’t do.

they’ll throw pills at you …. while saying one of their many forms of “sucks to be you.” i don’t have a complete answer to it, but i think progression to a universal healthcare is the best way to get better care for the majority of citizens. because zero is going on now.

honest to god zero — under full coverage insurance — zero of medical help or care. everybody has to do it on their own, all my neighbors, too. it’s all about sharing home remedies with each other these days, because doctors made themselves useless.

if i’m dying, i go in. i’m serious …. if i’m dying. and even then, it’s like pulling teeth to get help. to get an actual anti-biotic to stop strepp … or a breathing treatment to beat pneumonia. you have to wait and beg. beg.

so anything is pretty much better. going forward into a universal gov healthcare system …. we have the assurance that it can’t get any worse. at least there’s that.

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