Site Chasers


I think there’s a psychological problem coming up. A trap.

Normal growth is you get a job, finish school. Maybe get married. And your biggest risk for despair is from too much beer at the bowling alley on Monday nights.

Enter the new youthful craze, of finding the best camping spots across the globe. And chasing each other to find them, like a game of hide and seek. The problem is not in the game, but the game did make me aware this is going to hit HARD.

The coordinate system that is finite, because the earth is finite, leads to eventual despair. It is only in the infinite that we find spiritual soothing, if the despair of finite is the beginning.

The tied down into car seats, or any kind of infant caging, will create that need for the perception of infinite … to look at a sunset and breathe. Those who chase those breathtaking sites on the grid…using coordinate systems? Are becoming schooled in there NON-infinite.

And it will leave them with an unpredictable psychology that the world has never seen before. I myself can’t predict what those leveles of induced despair will have as an outcome. But I sense something very bad happening there.

Something bad when beauty no longer has a name, it is number coordinates. Your favorite place to go and think is not the beach at Baja. It’s (43.67842,56.83652).

That perception of finite space might explain the housing explosion, though that market has been an issue for a long time. But the space you have for living, would be seen in the nature of that many coordinates…. not that many bedrooms. Everything will shift to it, mindwise.

And of course, like all mathematical systems, the coordinate one is also flawed. So if realities are subject to it, they will eventually diverge from actual realities. And a mass psychosis of unbelievable proportions will arise.

Names have enough flux to incorporate realities of reference in the mind. Numbers and coordinates do not. That shift in perception will leave many without a home, because WHERE they live will be inside a despair for the finite.

I was thinking the other day, when I die I would like to be looking up at the sky, not a hospital ceiling. The sky is the ultimate screen, of course. You can see anything in it, the deeper you look.

I PERCEIVE the infinite. They might not have that capability. They certainly won’t, if they are convinced that what they are looking at is nothing extraordinary and only a number.

The magic of a name is its flexibility. Numbered streets, versus named streets. Even grids, like across Kansas … versus open spaces and wilderness. It’s not like we haven’t been doing these experiments all along, the finite against the infinite.

What is a cage?

(Yes, the psych of man SHOULD have the capability to rise above. But might not, it’s not like mankind has better intelligence levels now than 100 years ago. IQs have gotten worse, not better. Part of that is the 60s and 70s drug use, so it’s hard to get a full data set. and when you are in protected areas like utah, it’s really difficult to get a sense of those genetic swings….. so my perceptions could be off. there’s that hope.)

Feedback always welcome

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