It’s a long way to tip the dairy

I have this video game that I played lately it’s called Lego …Lego Star Wars is one that I’m doing right now. And the thing is it’s interesting how these games have sort of little discoveries you have to find and and figure out clues and things that you go through them …that’s why I like them.

Well I was playing it last night, I got to this point where the character’s walking along a little cat walk and then there’s this maze puzzle thing to go through and if you go too far on one side of it you fall off and then you have to go back and start all over again. By about the fourth time that I was starting all over again I gave a big sigh and turned it off and set it aside to think about that for a little while.

How many times have I started all over again? How many times did it take in my life on trying for things and repeating the same mistakes over and over before I just gave up? And the big question of the day then becomes, if you already know that the trap is there or that there’s the possibility you’re going to fall off the edge of the Lego maze one more time, why aren’t you adjusting your parameters to not do that on the second time around… why does it go into the 4th time and you’re still falling off?

My only explanation is that I’m testing or exploring the trap itself. So it has to do with objectives …and then my objective is not to finish the maze and win the game …for me the objective is to UNDERSTAND the game.

And I might not even be aware of my actual objectives or my subconscious objectives in going through life and in working a game like that. I might have in my mind that of course my objective is to finish the game to get through the maze to feel the sense of I won yay yay me. But the other part of me understands that actual benefit of something comes from understanding what it is and what you’re going through, not just the best ways to get through it to win …but to understand or comprehend what you’re going through is the win… it is the prize.

So imagine then I’ll go back to playing the game later today or tonight and I’ll run through that maze one or two more times and fall off the edge and start over again and again. Then at some point I will not fall off the edge and finish going through the maze, and I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished more than if I just did it without falling into the trap. Is it a trap appreciation?

It’s a Long Way to Tipperary. I looked that up at one point because I realized I knew that song or saying, but had no idea what it meant. What it means is it’s talking about men that have women at home when they go to war and so it’s a long way back to your putang or your squeeze. But the moral of it is that we don’t always get what we want. We don’t always reach the finish line or find the objective. Sacrifices are made and regrets happen.

The game still exists, you have to get from point A to point B. Maybe exploring the traps 20 times before you finally move on is not the smartest thing in the world. But maybe it’s a long way to tip the dairy. Maybe rewards are a long ways off, and you might as well find what rewards you can find at the moment … rewards of understanding that make actual winning kind of anti-climatic. That’s the price paid within the processes of relativity… It’s stepping out of relativity where we find something much better than rewards or games or punishments ….that’s where you find reality, a peace that passes all understanding… Yes.

When things are not better or worse, they just are. Repetition of worn patterns and terrible mistakes that happen again and again and again …those are difficulties that become almost hellish. that without comparison and contrast without the concepts of Relativity when things just are and things just exist then there’s no such thing as repetition because it’s all at the moment. I guess it’s sort of a break from the game and setting that aside. I like to call that tending my own garden… gives your mind a break to just exist and be… sort of enter a different plane.

so I study the game and try to understand the traps and try to look at what it is that keeps me falling off the edge and you know I think sometimes I just like watching a little character go splat.


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