Strong is my Consternation

The interesting thing about insults is they are tells.

1. That the individual felt the need to belittle someone else. (ego needs lift)

2. Insults used against others are most often the kind that would hurt themselves the most. (Pinpoints vulnerabilities)

The thing to understand, is an insult rarely fits the person receiving it. Even exaggerations have a direction, exposing their source.

Insults are often used as a junction of commiseration … mutual feelings among fellows. It is important to recognize that use, as it negates the tell regarding lift to the ego. Instead, that tell points to loneliness or a shaky reality.

Therefore, those gop that thrilled to call others weak (snowflakes) — are themselves extremely afraid of being perceived as weak. A resurgence of “real men don’t cry.” Or more importantly, the need for imperviousness within a society of large competitive factors.

And so, the factors and realities of competition, and how those are molded and melded into the functions of a society … in relation to levels of violence versus levels of peace.

I would be perfectly fine with high levels of peace. However, many are not, and find that higher levels of discord are more entertaining. Those more tuned to outward perspectives, need more outward entertainment.

And one way to disturb the peace, is to level insults … directly or behind backs. To choose enemies. If only we were as diligent in “choosing” friends! If only. The insults that hurt me the most, are those tied to factors not under my control.

Or even “constructive criticism” after i have tried my very best, seems particularly cruel. The largest tell in those who enjoy insulting others, is the joy itself. The happiness achieved in lessoning the joy of others. Which that, then, is a tell for sadism.

The distinction of sadism is in what it canNOT achieve. Which is an inner joy from the happiness of others. The power is a thrill or drug, the joy felt by the unhappiness of others. And power has its antithesis, which is humility.

The humble rarely insult others. Blessed are the meek… I believe that kindness is stronger than insults. That living well does not need to mean better or worse. That being a person who understands others can make you smile and make you cry. But it doesn’t make you weak.


2 Replies to “Strong is my Consternation”

  1. This post helped me to understand the dynamics of those who insult through gossip at work. A small group of hurtful people who get a sense of empowerment by the misery of others, actually a weak-minded group. Thanks.

    1. Am glad could help. There are many facets and scenarios, and degrees. Work situations are unique, because are not in a position to simply put distance between yourself and hurtful individuals. Those who use insults and gossip know that.

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