So U quit Smoking 2? Let’s feel superior together

I don’t believe in quitting itself. With the point that what you do or achieve is not what you are. I don’t brag about quitting cheesecake … but i have quit it. Lol. I quit watching so much tv. I quit eating breakfast. Decided breakfast was bad.

This is fun….. how many things have i quit in life? I quit soda pop. Was drinking 2 cases of pop a week. I quit that years ago. I quit drinking wine. Or beer. Or any alcohol. I quit going commando under jeans. Lol … i quit tea recently. Caused kidney stones.

I quit going to doctors for ailments. Now look them up online. Use home remedies or figure out better ways myself. I quit eating out … funny thing about that … it went hand in hand with quitting driving. Ends the temptation to go to a drive through.

I quit drinking coffee for awhile. That didn’t last. I stopped jogging for exercise at one point. Took up walking instead. I quit going to a gym years ago, it turned into such a racket that i couldn’t stand the entire club scene. I quit trying diet after diet. After diet.

I quit going to church for a long time in my life. Now I’m hooked on it again. I used to spend hours shopping. Now i go in and out. Mostly. Try not to get distracted. I used to pay absolutely no attention to politics. So that stopped.

I’ve quit reading as much as i used to. That was a very hard thing to quit, and I’m backsliding some. I quit wearing flip flops. Mostly because getting old and my bones are not as strong. I quit depending on food only for vitamins, and take vitamin pills now.

I quit being as nice as I used to be. I quit that–turns out it’s not very good for your health. I quit living for one day at a time and I quit believing in life eternal. Go figure, “all things in moderation” applies to philosophy, too.

I stopped trying to compete in areas where I already proved myself inept. Recently I’ve quit owning chaos and am ordering all of life like a squirrel counting its nuts. Proved myself inept at that before, turns out it’s an age thing.

I quit buying or wearing different colored socks. I have black and white. That’s good enough. I quit buying shoes that are too small for me, just because I liked the fashion. If anything, the entire world should praise me for quitting that. But smoking? Please.

Some of the best people I have ever known in my life were/are smokers. That correlation didn’t happen by accident. There is something about the ability to interrupt anything, and take a moment to sit and watch your breath dissolve into the air. Things in life are too often socked into good or bad. More often than not, they are both.

If you want a prize or medal for doing something or not doing something, well that negates the entire point doesn’t it? Good choices are their own reward. Each step is one more to the grave, regardless. And if today can be happy, isn’t that the most any can hope for?

So often crowd manipulation takes on a life outside reality. Never make it your guiding star. Never. Rebellion is too important. Experimentation is too important. Take it from an old broad. Life itself is too important. Faith has its roots in what we know and don’t know.

There are a lot of things I’ve quit. I pretty much don’t count the days or pat myself on the back for any of them. Life is a continuous formula. The entrance or exit of one variable is little cause for celebration. Happy Pi day.

Oh … I quit pie, too. Can’t make crust worth a darn anymore. lol…


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