Karma be Damned

there are two types
Of people

those who go through hardship and

it hurts them to see others go through the same thing

and those who say, “good! i hope others get to feel now what i suffered!”

And i don’t know why
Only know this difference exists

You either protect or you hate
either help or laugh

either exist for all or consciously selfish

where selfish lives
it is a place of bleak desires
empty sales to the self

roads peppered with hanging trees
paths stretching as far as the eye could see….
into hopelessness

i wonder the point, sometimes

It’s infinitely more selfish to be kind
to not sacrifice idealism on the alter of despair

to not believe in hurting anyone….
even yourself…
more than necessary

to think its enough… there’s enough sorrow in this world

mine won’t add to it

So i think there are two types of people,
ones who think revenge is more important than justice

and ones who believe IN justice
because there’s no such thing as revenge


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