Open source woes

It’s really a problem.
I believe in open source…
The concept.
I truly and thoroughly believe
That software advances should be shared
Rather than copyrighted
Or patented,

But the application results
Show more stable programming realities
In paid
And for-profit software.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

And I’m not sure where that leaves my beliefs,

As I turn off the android, once again
Frustrated with its schizophrenic behavior.


Think maybe it’s just Linux itself
That took a wrong turn

The all or nothing
In kernel panic and the
Philosophy of starting over:

Maybe struggling onward,
Is the more trustworthy path.
All judgement reserved,
Not for garbage in garbage out,
But for how much garbage itself can be tolerated,

Before a system up and ends its plight.

I love my belief in open source and the concept of build that does not hold proprietary rights…

And I hate dealing with the haphazard effects of that philosophy.

I support both.
I am a capitalist and a socialist.

Not sure what that makes me,
I’m a believer in function.

Will go to my grave,
Undecided… Perched on every fence
Man has ever made
In his quest to classify

Within battalions of better
And worse,
Right and wrong,
Yes and no:

0’s and 1’s.

Perhaps it’s not a terrible fate, perhaps there is no better path than one that sees all paths and ways as a matter of brave or not brave…. the ongoing process of discernment over apathy.


Feedback always welcome

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