So woe is the ever loving me
The little left of semblance that I am
To heck with life and constancy
All amber agents fade
All burning grieves remade

To find the depth
You plumb the waste
Caste aside the next in
Holy rolling … For
The essence of

Forgetful doling
To the one and one

Some day I only wish
For all evil in this earth
To be the done
To shift along its way
And leave such true hearts
In harmony to play and dance

I wish…oh wish!
That all was not the dream
That dream was not the all
That tyranny should drink its gall
And comb its gray

Give everything you have today
And in the morning pray

Oh pray for peace

All I am is sorrow
That’s complete and full
The measure of my life was never me…

The love of all that breathes
And laughs, and sees

Is ever too
Ever to the wind
The plane of solace, kin
And hearth

I stand
Oh stand and stand
As not so much a man of worth
But worth redeemed in man
And so

Once proof
There’s only smiles left
To greet the sun
To tame the morning
Where all need is none

What’s that?
You think I’m daft
Well I do, too

That is the difference
Tween me and you
For what I note
Is pressured into view
By all that’s square

By all that holds its shape
The semblance of the fair

Both true and blue
I never was your sky
But always loved to look to God
And ask forever… Why

It’s all within the reach
Pray this morning
Every night
Calmly drink the absence at my feet

And fade and fade and fade
Every portrait lines a street
That’s paved with glass


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