Dumb de dumb stare into this box…

It’s interesting.   So if you look at any online thread,  and glance along at the various responses … you can see what type of emotive response is happening according to the rhythm or music of the words. 

This gut was short and abrupt…. dismissive.   That person was explaining but understanding… conciliatory. 

Now, we know the trump followers are being sent off … they are being pulled into another perspective and view of reality. 

Twice i have had the fallen “scream” in a hyper fit that i was hysterical or things similar to that …. and it really puzzles me. 

Are they going away from reality so much,  that they can’t tell the difference between calm and collected or agitated and mean?  That is troubling. 

A similar thing happened to jake tapper when he interview a specimen ….a specimen from the cult.   Smith?  Smith got highly agitated,  and started accusing tapper of being hysterical.   And tapper’s just sitting there….i swear … just looking at this guy trying to figure out what’s wrong with him. 
Maybe we are going about this all wrong.   Maybe the trump cult is not just a loyalty pledge … maybe it is a passing along of knowledge.  Something that is backfiring and causing perceptual problems in comprehension?
Like if there was a new drug craze … we wouldn’t spend time trying to adjust reality to fit the drug adict.  We would say,  “that’s a meth head, what do you expect?”

We wouldn’t decide our school system is completely useless,  because society turned out some drug adicts or meth heads.  We would disregard them and try to initiate programs to change that behavior. 

For some reason,  the trump cultists feel special.  I don’t know what it is.   For all i know,  somebody went door to door handing out a method to get all your work done in half the time … just join the movement.  Or it could be the truest followers are trying to go with no sleep,  and follow that in how trump says he doesn’t sleep.   

You can tel it does wonders for him…. no patience,  blows up at anything,  giant bags under his eyes since 1985 …… real winner.   But maybe that’s all it is. 
Mostly I’m puzzled at those who are losing a gasket … seem truly convinced that they aren’t the ones losing it,  but it’s the one who is calm who is losing it.   So this is a big problem with perception.   
Generally,  no matter how worked up or irate someone gets,  they know they are pissed off.  They know they are upset.  And yelling or getting unhinged.  They might be happy about that,  or find it distressful.   But they have never,  in my experience,  been unaware that they are emotive while calling the other (calm) person too emotional. 

It seems very odd.  I could chalk it up to another state of non-reality for the trumper set … but i think the source is much more insidious.   Outlets like fox news,  when they run out of arguments … start in on stating that snowflakes are hysterical.   They repeat that word, it’s a trigger word in their hypnotic programming.   

So the cultists,   who are being programmed through one news channel … are now using “You are hysterical”  as their final argument.   And since they are just mimicking … they don’t realize how odd they sound.   How crazy that instantly makes THEM.
Which if you are trying to gaslight one person in private,  you might get away with it.   They might go to themselves,  “well, maybe i WAS a little too irate.  I’m not sure. ”  Though it’s hard to do even that,  when the other person has raised their voice and is red in the face yelling at you that YOU are just too hysterical.
So a lot of factors,  but I’m seeing this as a real problem in trump cultists at this point.   And they were led to it,  by fox news.   Did fox KNOW what they are doing to them? Probably.  
They have used the platform to make themselves the only station for trump cultists.  And they are programming them however they like. 
But it’s a stronger hypnotic addiction,  since it is one show constantly.   The same blue and red patterns.   The going into trance becomes deeper. 
Eh….. it’s just i want to warn you all.  
Take your phone camera… a digital camera … And point it at the tv.  

You should see a wave pattern on the screen.   That is the refresh pattern. 
The entire time you watch any screen,  it is refreshing in a pattern.   At a certain rate.   The standard is 60hz.  To have a smaller wave,  it is at 30i hz ….. it’s basically how the pixels on the screen update themselves. 

But it’s done in a PATTERN, a wave that is not perceivable by the naked eye.  When you point a digital camera at it,  the frame rate of your camera has to match up perfectly with the refresh rate of the tv…. or you will see the waves.  
But anyway…. my point is the wave pattern is like the spinning wheel in hypnosis or can be a similar trance effect.  And then the triggers are the talking heads on the news.
Some people are just more susceptible to hyponosis than others.   

And i don’t care about the mass hypnosis so much…. it’s been going on for decades.    But it looks like they are using one channel to program human beings incorrectly now.   And THAT you should be concerned about.  
So it’s interesting.   Do you think the British are finally getting their revenge?  I just wonder. 
Watch and wonder.   
But if you are talking to someone,  and they suddenly fly off the handle, and then add injury to insult by accusing you of being too emotive…. often when you haven’t said a word……. it’s the programming they received to do that.   On the accusing others of hysterics part.
The flying off Three handle in the first place,  is all theirs.  Or as much as it ever was for dummies that don’t get enough sleep and take care of themselves.   Who want to follow trump and think sleeping 4 hours at night is the way to do that.
Nobody asks if he’s just telling you that, and he knows that those who are short on sleep are easier to manipulate. 

Its one of the tricks.  Really old.   As the hills that flow off into a burning orange glow of sunset….
Be well.  Don’t take any wooden nickels.  Be aware of hypnosis in this day and age,  and take control of yourself,  stay in reality.   Some of us are incapable of being hypnotized. 
It doesn’t make you special now,  it makes you very alone.   Because you aren’t programmed in tandem.   

But somebody needs to stay outside it and keep watch.   Lol…. And there are many who are not susceptible.    Many who can choose to be hypnotized, and perform self hypnosis.  Like to over comefears of getting on a plane.   Your mind puts you somewhere else.   You trance. 

Eh… be well.   Tell the idiots in charge that they screwed up.   Tel them I’m going the other way.   I’m calling out gaslighters …. bigly now.
I might publish an entire book of gaslighting phrases.   It’s the habit to use them that needs to be broken. 
If your only last argument is that the other person is crazy… then you need to lose graciously.   You need to realize that life isn’t about winning and losing.   It’s about remembering. 


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