Higher anxiety in women solved:  belch and fart

A rather simple, if uncomfortable, hypothesis.  (Bordering on theory).

The answer to higher rates of anxiety among women, is to baby yourself by belching. 

Anyone who has dealt with a fussy infant, only to pat its back for a good belch and settling down… will know where I’m going with this. 

If you want to get technical, there could be an increased respiratory rate with anxiety…. hyperventilation.  And releasing trapped air and gas gets you off that merry-go-round.   

The more proper you are,  in not offending others… the more anxious you will be.  

And then those families more schooled to not emit bodily noises,  have a strange genetic tendency toward anxiety-related mental disorders. 

The reason less anxiety occurs after 50, might have little to do with estrogen.   And more to do with the fact that by that age many women don’t care anymore…and belch.   Or fart.   Just let it go after years of proper body-gas decorum.  

I’m relatively sure this is theory,  even bordering on fact.  Those with diverticulitis and genetically prone to trapped gas,  will have higher rates of anxiety and anxiety-related issues. 

That all builds and self-feeds until pressure escapes somehow.  Bad weather is lower pressure outside the body, so cavities in the body will expand.   

That’s why there are weather women.   It’s why emotions often seem to build with a storm,  and sleep comes with the rain.  And less restlessness comes with less gas.  If you have trouble with nightmares,  its time to cut out the spicy foods. 

I know the emergency diet for mental health is a plate of meat and potatoes.  And go to bed. 

Higher gas pressure >>>> Anxiety >>>>> no sleep >>>> lower serotonin >>>>> more anxiety >>>>no sleep >>>> release gas >>>> less anxiety >>>> sound sleep >>>> less anxiety.

I know it’s a terrible subject, believe me.   But maybe that’s one of the problems.   Could use a closer look.   It would also explain why so little in better mental health can be found for patients in mental hospitals.   Who can belch and fart with all those strangers around?  When you were raised to be a proper young girl?

It’s really too simple an answer, and would need a study for verification.  I suppose I could research the internet to see if there’s anything published on it. 

Until then (if ever because anxiety is a cash cow)…. next time you can’t sleep,  and anxiety is twisting you in knots… try belching yourself to exhaustion.   Or farting yourself into sweet dreams.

You might be surprised.   

And if you have any doubt that women are treated differently when it comes to bodily gases….I suggest you search on youtube for “woman farting.”   

The double standard on that just might explain higher rates of anxiety for women.  


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