The Game

It’s the game

The game is played on many sides
Open up and open wide

The thought that secrets

Do remain

For living large

In smart refrain
But when the lights

Come on the stage

And nothing but the self complains

There is the true

And world impact

Of those who never got the knack

Of seeing magician hands in duel
Oh how the love of secrets,  cruel
Becomes the tide of defeat…
I truly never bothered to note

Those secrets designed

Too get your goat

And make the feeling of keep away

A game that so many long to play

No,  i decided its all a rub

The pyramid scam to pass the club
And i watched hard the musical chairs

The fight to remain

While no one dares


Why are we marching to music?

The prize… the prize!  How does it burn

To want joys stolen from other worlds
Ooh heavens!  The games will prove you well

When shoving leaves no time to tell

If shoves would help or hurt

The self….

The games! So tell me,  what is the prize?

What secrets do you need

From other’s eyes

When the moment is the way…
To give yourself

One more day

To find,  explore

In better modes

A path of soul that won’t implode

And leave a nothing but
Nothing but the rivers running to the sea

Of foolish me*s

In consequence the empty

Page of wit…

I never fell for it

Who do you trust in a room of thieves?

What light is found

As deception lives?

The better ways exist for all

But all would play the game

The game!

You know something i don’t know

You know something i don’t know
But what if what you know is false

And what if what i see is true

What if how i find my life

Is the only way lives have a clue

A clew

Foundations built by looking at the game

And saying

“I won’t play”

For in the some of someday

Mine repleat

With laughter

As i lose my seat

On purpose i would watch them march

To wonder at the set up

 At the goad
There are so many, many roads

Circles are a wonder,  yes
The only wonder i complete

Is how the love of greed

Instills the marriage to want

How do men live

Without the knowledge

That memory gives us format

To disbelieve

The benefits,  worthiness,  constancy, 

Of the game

Keep away only works

If the one in the middle

Wants badly

What is being tossed
The games all there

Parables of life

When i think of how much could

Have been taught

I weep for the loss

Of time itself
The games the games!

My goal today

To understand more yet again

Minus man

As pursuits in the circle don’t interest me

Not at all

The only way i gain

The only way i live

Is standing tall amid all never known

In secret

Shrouding nothing 

For the bluff the bluff the bluff
The only way i gain

Is knowing how the game

Undermines the view 

Obscures the real and lives to harm

For competition

Is the charm…
Hell no
About me,  i will know and

Say one thing: 
This should have been taken care of years ago

Where were the me*s back then?

The ones who rose

Were ones who game it more
Came to the fore

Where promise is the birth

Of no reality
I wonder at the stakes

I think on how the me,  right now

Is always wiser than yesterdays 

Not from games!

Games teach nothing more than cruelty


False pride

The goal of some small wonder

That was placed within your eye

By another

So the wise today

That sees my past as less
Perhaps I’ve learned to make today the best

And that’s enough

Outwitted every game

Within a heart

A soul that knows forever is a dream

And always is the only promise

The heart of a dreamer

Can make

Such goals we undertake!

The games in every joy for win
But me?

I wish to win at something strange

No secret that is kept

Can undermine the nature

Of translation for the ancient works

Of tomorrow’s gleaning

Within the orchestration

Of the silence met
The need  to say the game is done.

No prize was won. 

And now there is a call

To look upon it all

And wonder at the scope of misdirection
Someday my sum will undergo

An overpass

To link the knowledge


With all that’s found
To prove the provers wrong

And see all turns

As drums
With no new sounds
So play the game and i will grieve

The gaps

Between thee and me
But never will i crave to win

Never will i Always

To the game
I saw the more

I gave my heart’s desire

A seat its own


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