Bulls and golden roads and sand with no glass

You know how when the universe seems to throw more your way?

I tend to look on in puzzlement

Think, yea… You all listen now. Tomorrow there will be silence again

And that’s ok, because I need to be alone in my thoughts

Too much shared with others and the cacophony of the collective unconscious drowns out the flowers growing

And the sunsets setting

And the birds don’t what birds do

I have to step back

And wonder…contemplate the place where the universe decided to spiral in


Nothing is that simple

I know how to ride a wave

I also know how you learn to go under them, too wait for the next

And funny thing about that, is if bobbing in the ocean waiting for a wave, is the more pleasurable thing

So you pass on heading in to shore.

And as the sun sets you finally take a wave, tuck the board under your arm as you leave the beach

Head for home with a goofy smile

The surf doesn’t need to be good, it only needs to be there

When the universe spirals in

I look at my toes

They are cold today, and whiter than white. Haven’t seen a beach in awhile

But I have each memory like a jewel

Wealthy beyond measure

I like to think things converge for a reason

What I’m perceiving isn’t real, but what caused it to spiral, IS

And so I take a deep breath

Mentally castigate myself for not getting basic things like laundry and dishes done

I wonder if I will ever be a normal person

That doesn’t procrastinate

That doesn’t hedge

I wonder what tomorrow will be

But if the bad tax proposal goes through

That spiral will rage

And by God I will let it and

Ride the wave

Over the rainbow to where Dorothy only found munchkins

And some very ill-fitting shoes


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