That’s what you’re looking at pretty much they don’t know what they’re doing it’s kind of one of those things but I look at it and think the problem is I’m looking for too many problems ain’t that a kicker.

Always finding fault is a way to make yourself feel smarter but it’s not always smarter to be trying to change things when they might do just fine the way they are.

Life is too short sometimes it’s interminable I live one day at a time but I try to not think of those sayings as being always correct maybe they’re completely wrong and the world tries to fool you more times than it can say.

I suppose it comes down to being able to tell yourself that you are content and sometimes content is a thing that seems out of your grasp but it’s right there in front of you and all you have to do is realize that you exist and you be and you are everything you will ever be in this moment and in the next and at some point the world will come into its own as a perfect place imperfectly created.


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