Fall to vicarious victory

Glorification of self through win of others

Fall to relative morality

If others are more wrong that makes you more right

If others are more sinful that makes you more pure

If others are in more pain that makes you in more pleasure

All is based on collective comparative estimation of value

Rather than absolutes of morality based on impartial data and quantitative results outside of collective directions

They are easily duped

Follow a person rather than an ideology

So easily made fools with hypocritical stands, actions and belief that contradict each other.

Afraid of being stupid

Fear not being smart and admire clever plotting

Don’t know there is a difference between clever and smart

Are miserable

Enjoy revenge

They think being right or correct somehow makes themselves good

Will lie, cheat, and steal to feel good

Don’t comprehend integrity

Have spent very little time in a public library

Don’t read well

Never learned how to read quickly out loud in a normal speed of speaking.

So the part of the brain that connects verbal language to written language, is missing its bridge

Therefore written and verbal become two different things in their minds

Verbal language is faster and less thought out… often parroted after things heard by those admired

Those admired are considered all-correct until proven all-wrong

Hero worship

Love of exclusive knowledge

Love of social inequalities, because they bring down makes you up. Perspectives based on relevance rather than absolutes

Vicarious victory… The cheers make you the instigator of a win. Which is delusion. Common delusion

Being a winner is how a goal forms rather than benefit and reward versus punishment

So the idea of being superior

Is needed

For some reason

So achingly needed that it is more important to believe than it is to think

On edge and physiologically experiencing irritants

Keep busy so avoid reality that unable to rest



Exist without conflict

Always keep in mind what they stand to lose

Never hold that confidence

Assurance of capability

Easily startled


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