It’s because how much you can get away with is supposed to reflect how much power you have

So they sexually abuse others

Prey on others

Old as the hills

Clad in scarlet of fall’s falling leaves

The answer is in definitions of power

Plus overtly horny men need a strong woman at home to make them behave

Which doesn’t always happen

Especially when silent arm candy is the popular mode for moguls

So nothing can be done

It is the place where decency confronts hedonism

And the consumer society is not helping that any

Greed is more socially acceptable

Sad. Starts at the top, too

Makes me think of the Hebrews constructing their calf of gold to worship

The way so much consumer deception silently condones taking what you want

With consequences be damned

…. All ties in

So my answer is for the world to produce selfless, decent people

Sorry, but it comes down to that

Need people who do not sexually abuse another because they know that other is a person who deserves to not be messed with… To even be cared for

Cat calls give women a false sense of power. Which then only dissolves into confusion when real power is further out of reach than ever

So it’s a mind f*ck

Give me your tired, your poor, your babes painted up, with stilettos and smug confidence


Today I am in pain

And would trade every ounce of equality for a few minutes to feel half way human

Point is

The subject is not that difficult

The torture you are having over it

Is people desire to keep their greedy ways of hurting others in the name of greed and wealth, and want to just somehow x out the sexual predator part of that….

Which to that I say suck it up, buttercup

We either go forward as good people

Or we don’t

Wish I had a better response

It either all has to change, or none of it will. You now have a prime example of evil, cheating ways on the highest pedestal in the land.

So how do you like it? 😘

Pretty obvious where that all went wrong… Such a miserable person

If you want your children to be happy, don’t make then into trumps, right?

Decency is not dead, it’s waiting in the sidelines like a woman smoking a cigarette and smiling with patience

We’ll get there. But I’m not looking forward to the amount of golden calf everyone is going to have to drink.

Yeehaaaa! It’s a round for all of us. Then I, personally, am going to chisel the ten commandments into the side of a mountain so we never lose them again.

But there will probably be twelve, or fifteen. Mainly because the word covet is not used anymore. And the ways of greed have gotten SO creative.

Must make one that says, “greed makes you a miserable moron, so don’t do it. respect the lives of others.”

But also, one that says, “happiness can happen when you are selfish, but to be non-selfish and happy is better.”

One maybe to condemn the worship of money specifically.

“a trading chip is not more lovely than a leaf…. Then why do you assign it such beauty? Remember that integrity is more valuable than any coin, because you cannot trade integrity away. Integrity not only is a part of you, it IS you.”

And i might sneak in one commandment to stop making the world safe for stupid people.

One of those things where learning to learn has to start all that out.

You can’t depend on memorizing knowledge like a parrot, there has to be application and curiosity, and wonder.

You can’t depend on the whole. If you do, eventually seeing how wrong they got some things will hit you.


Gotta have your own running invoice. The scientific method is actually a good place to start. That should be another commandment.

And something about suicide, how it just hurts others, so try not to hurt others. Or maybe how is OK to withdraw sometimes and be alone, center yourself. But get strength from that. If it stops being strong, join back with others

A commandment for how pleasure is something that should be continual by taking pleasure in appreciating creation. Elevate that part, so that the contrast to other pleasures like sex and food are not so high.

And I guess that’s kind of it. Never forget that modern plumbing is the greatest invention of all time. So it’s probably bad for us.

Peace out ❤️

PS: just try to remember that your pecker only SEEMS miraculous, it really isn’t.

We screwed up school by emphasizing some subjects while ignoring others like physiology and economics.

So doctors could seem miraculous, and average citizens could be played by marketing tricks.

I had to reorder all my knowledge after taking economics in college. So that should be taught in elementary school.

Teaching how to count change is not teaching economics.

So those are my answers to stop men from acting like they don’t have a civilized bone in their body. Finish the construction of your civilization. Ok?

I’ll be waiting here for when you’re done.


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