to sing the day into its rise
the love and loss of timely hope
when death comes and steals a friend
to wonder if death is understood at all

perhaps the flower knows it better
as petals are a part of the plant
turning upwards toward the sun

so humans are a part of something close
and yet remote
a system that churns and grows another flower
another day

if one is picked
and boldly taken from us
taken away

the soul is larger than
any one part of it could say…

i sing the day to rise
i pray into the void
where nothing is a something
holding notes and pleas apart

i close my eyes
and touch the fabric
of the system, churning
where all life and supplication
gain their start

i see the vast complexity
yearn for all that’s wise
but truly wisdom is
the tears that live in other eyes…

as i look on in stunned
and grimy silence

knowing one such as i
can touch the One
with all We am
the answer is
there is no question worthy
for this sand
that drifts away
in time’s cruel glass

no perfect way
no subtle play
to say good-bye


2 Replies to “unfair”

  1. Hi, can’t say that with this post that you’ve out- done yourself because you’ve pined so many great post.

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