It’s because how much you can get away with is supposed to reflect how much power you have

So they sexually abuse others

Prey on others

Old as the hills

Clad in scarlet of fall’s falling leaves

The answer is in definitions of power

Plus overtly horny men need a strong woman at home to make them behave

Which doesn’t always happen

Especially when silent arm candy is the popular mode for moguls

So nothing can be done

It is the place where decency confronts hedonism

And the consumer society is not helping that any

Greed is more socially acceptable

Sad. Starts at the top, too

Makes me think of the Hebrews constructing their calf of gold to worship

The way so much consumer deception silently condones taking what you want

With consequences be damned

…. All ties in

So my answer is for the world to produce selfless, decent people

Sorry, but it comes down to that

Need people who do not sexually abuse another because they know that other is a person who deserves to not be messed with… To even be cared for

Cat calls give women a false sense of power. Which then only dissolves into confusion when real power is further out of reach than ever

So it’s a mind f*ck

Give me your tired, your poor, your babes painted up, with stilettos and smug confidence


Today I am in pain

And would trade every ounce of equality for a few minutes to feel half way human

Point is

The subject is not that difficult

The torture you are having over it

Is people desire to keep their greedy ways of hurting others in the name of greed and wealth, and want to just somehow x out the sexual predator part of that….

Which to that I say suck it up, buttercup

We either go forward as good people

Or we don’t

Wish I had a better response

It either all has to change, or none of it will. You now have a prime example of evil, cheating ways on the highest pedestal in the land.

So how do you like it? 😘

Pretty obvious where that all went wrong… Such a miserable person

If you want your children to be happy, don’t make then into trumps, right?

Decency is not dead, it’s waiting in the sidelines like a woman smoking a cigarette and smiling with patience

We’ll get there. But I’m not looking forward to the amount of golden calf everyone is going to have to drink.

Yeehaaaa! It’s a round for all of us. Then I, personally, am going to chisel the ten commandments into the side of a mountain so we never lose them again.

But there will probably be twelve, or fifteen. Mainly because the word covet is not used anymore. And the ways of greed have gotten SO creative.

Must make one that says, “greed makes you a miserable moron, so don’t do it. respect the lives of others.”

But also, one that says, “happiness can happen when you are selfish, but to be non-selfish and happy is better.”

One maybe to condemn the worship of money specifically.

“a trading chip is not more lovely than a leaf…. Then why do you assign it such beauty? Remember that integrity is more valuable than any coin, because you cannot trade integrity away. Integrity not only is a part of you, it IS you.”

And i might sneak in one commandment to stop making the world safe for stupid people.

One of those things where learning to learn has to start all that out.

You can’t depend on memorizing knowledge like a parrot, there has to be application and curiosity, and wonder.

You can’t depend on the whole. If you do, eventually seeing how wrong they got some things will hit you.


Gotta have your own running invoice. The scientific method is actually a good place to start. That should be another commandment.

And something about suicide, how it just hurts others, so try not to hurt others. Or maybe how is OK to withdraw sometimes and be alone, center yourself. But get strength from that. If it stops being strong, join back with others

A commandment for how pleasure is something that should be continual by taking pleasure in appreciating creation. Elevate that part, so that the contrast to other pleasures like sex and food are not so high.

And I guess that’s kind of it. Never forget that modern plumbing is the greatest invention of all time. So it’s probably bad for us.

Peace out ❤️

PS: just try to remember that your pecker only SEEMS miraculous, it really isn’t.

We screwed up school by emphasizing some subjects while ignoring others like physiology and economics.

So doctors could seem miraculous, and average citizens could be played by marketing tricks.

I had to reorder all my knowledge after taking economics in college. So that should be taught in elementary school.

Teaching how to count change is not teaching economics.

So those are my answers to stop men from acting like they don’t have a civilized bone in their body. Finish the construction of your civilization. Ok?

I’ll be waiting here for when you’re done.


Saved Comment

wanted to save a comment i wrote in a thread this week regarding conspiracy theories:

the majority of americans don’t use guns to defend themselves, they use them to kill themselves. and i’m ok with that. seems better than a formal institution of euthenasia. this is america — i don’t believe we should have no guns. too many open spaces that are unpopulated with no police nearby. this isn’t the UK. we have a lot of land. so the price paid is all the suicides, and things like the mass shootings that are so senseless. what you do when that happens, is go “thank god i wasn’t in vegas that day.” to say that you “see” so greatly, and that it did not really happen, or is a conspiracy … that’s fine. but you need to see how you are being played. and also need to let it all go. stop watching the news and find something good in your community that you can accomplish. do something to help others. be a reality.
the instant communication and copious amounts of news does not suit those who cannot disengage their minds and enter back into reality. look at your shoes. what color are they? come back to yourself. where there is life there is hope. and where there is hope, there is another day to find a little bit of the grace God puts into it. fear serves no purpose. paranoia even less.
people will play with your head. that’s what people do. but compassion is something we can all have for our fellows — whether they are playing us or not.

guns cut the population. the majority of death by gun are suicides. at some point, it will be nice if american men can set them down, and determine they don’t need to decide on death. until then …….. i will grow my garden and water my flowers and pray that decency outlives those who want to harm others.
trying to get others paranoid is a harm. it’s not nice. serves nothing, and in the end — collective madness is no better than singular madness.

i know what i’m talking about. be well — and let the ideas of conspiracy have a backseat to your own life and own hopes. reality is a much better place to play …. there is a way to be happy. it’s by not letting fear rule you or yours. god takes care of the fools and the irish, and thank god i’m irish. my grandma always said that. it’s a mathematical puzzle. that’s why it’s funny.

i can tell who taught you the rhetoric you used. i know it. i know the vein of where and what and how. i can see that much, and it’s quite maddening. so i live a quiet life and do what i can. i make mistakes. i also own up to them, and have paid dearly with everything but my own life. so that, i’m going to treasure. what you do when paranoia strikes you, is start thinking of all the things that go right. start focusing on the opposite – notice the things you are not noticing. realize that you are placing the things you DO notice in a pattern.

patterns are comfortable. they are insurance. they are the way tomorrow starts at 7 am just like today started at 7 am.

it’s natural and understandable. but not everything is going to fit into your pattern of conspiracy, and so you warp it to fit. and then you build this entire pattern and supposed perception upon what you know has to be truth.

no such thing. are all abstract concepts, and what matters is that matter exists. it is ordered naturally — not by man nor by his perception. it’s SO beautiful ……. life is beautiful. and it sucks. and it weeps. and it is aggravating as hell when all you want is to be understood.

important thing, is i’m not afraid to look like a fool writing on and on …………. because i take the time to help. it’s who i am. what i believe in, even after being mistreated by this society and harmed more than you can imagine. i still love it, because i understand how people fall to temptation. i understand how nobody’s perfect. and i know how some plot and scheme and work to get whatever it is they think they want or need. that makes them the fool, not me. so i don’t give a rat’s ass who or what does this or that. i certainly don’t care about what others say on how that should effect me. and i don’t care that you are fond of believing “they are out to get you.” what i care about, is that whoever played you is not a nice person. what i care about, is that i need to get back to work editing photos — so tedious! what i care about … is i don’t want to see america dissolve into chaos and insanity. funny thing about fear, is when you are not afraid, you handle things better. that’s where we need to be.
it’s not about guns, or crazy, or how to dissect the truth. it’s about purpose and value for individual lives.

it doesn’t matter “who” is in control. i know what i’m doing right now. i know what i’ve been doing. i know i don’t want to see others go through the pain i went through.

first, you have to realize that you don’t need to be that important.


yes we know you had 4
when houses were ten thousand a pop
before it became more important to own
a mortgage than a home

before children came with a price tag on their head
one that governed how much opportunity you can afford
to buy for each child

winners and losers
the great race to save nuts and

rising levels of greed surpass
rising levels of home prices
and the question of the day becomes
not how long can we keep this up?
but how long before reality catches up
to the american dream …

because something real and desperate
is more meaty than something fake and sure

gnaw the bones:
i have lived and loved
and seen the best and worst in humans

nothing dismays quite so much
as the bragging over children
and how that somehow equates to
a better view of the self

i don’t understand how that works
never did
it never computed to me how my individual
existence is supposed to augment
the existence of those who spit me out …

it just doesn’t matter
once you are an individual
your accomplishments (or lack thereof)
are your own

and some of us choose not to be
a mortgage, or own our children
because in the end
all you own is your time … taken to help
or to hurt

i have lived and loved
and seen the best and worst in humans
but the thing that gets me
is so many processes are bought and sold
that ceased to hold any value long ago

what gets me
is i can’t force anyone to understand
the dangers of envy

i can’t design a way to relegate the absolutes of pride
all i can do …
is say i’m so proud that you’re proud

while i feel a deep sorrow
that living must be vicariously performed
until levels of pride equal levels of emptiness
and i mourn

i wonder at what has been taken away
what opportunities
what love and pride in self-made construct

pity overwhelms me
and then guilt – for what part
of my own bloodline saw to it that
singular/individual dreams were quashed?

i hope the world holds better
for those needing pride in their children
i truly do
because i NEVER wanted anyone
EVER to say “i’m proud of you.”

i always thrilled more
to hear
“Good God, what have you done now?”

And i never know the answer to that.
It always comes out in the wash


it’s always about the reminder of your own mortality…
“don’t ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”

i’ve looked at it many different ways, you know

from “what if nobody died ” and the result that
would have to be a world without children
because there’s no room at the inn…

or if everyone went to heaven
but somehow found purpose in doing nothing

an energy cloud that spirits return to
which i actually think is the most likely

energy never dies, it just goes somewhere else

electricity is grabbed out of the air
so your great grandfather
is running your computer
or the vacuum…

it’s always looking for ground
to be free again

though i imagine electricity is what is used
to think, but not the person
only a tool

and the person is temporary
has an expiration date
a collection of molecules that some day will be dissolved again

often, it’s offspring that are considered the keys to an immortality of some sort
which is a practical way of approaching death

one sort of mind blowing thought…
is that for each person that dies,
it is the end of the world

because the world is seen and experienced
from that foundation of self

so i think the way around death
is to NOT make life all about you, the self
but to realize the continuity
and continuance happens regardless
if you are there to observe

but the other thing
is your spirit needs to be in a good place
when dying… and not staring down the gates of hell

there have been times
bad times when i knew that if i died in that moment
my spirit or life would be in a worse state
a hopeless and terrible place

and i don’t know how to explain it,
except in those moments, i am unable to touch
the foundation of life with my mind.

unable to dream, perhaps
or exist apart from the physical

so in that way,
i know there are bad ways to die
if you are not a dreamer
or if an illness is so severe it ties
the spirit
cruelly and harshly binds it
to the body

and i want my mind already halfway home
before the spirit needs to travel there

and we all probably just turn to dust
and that’s all there is…
it’s actually the most likely scenario

but i never understood how to fear death
or it didn’t make sense
to regret something that is going to be inevitable anyway

and it always seemed kind of silly
that people needed to tell themselves to live
each day like it’s your last

never computed for me

because after at least a week of it not being
your last day, even the most dense would have
to concede that maybe tomorrow will arrive on schedule

….. so i’ve looked at a lot of ways of looking at death

i think the idea of heaven is really nice
but since i have never existed in spirit
without a body, i don’t know how that is supposed to work,
or if it works.

but it’s definitely easier to think of those
who have died while you still live… to think of them as in heaven
or in the spirit realm
or watching over as angels, though i’m not sure what they are supposed to do the rest of the time

it’s easier to think there are just some things we don’t know
and that in some form or fashion,
death is a difference of state
but not an absense of state

i also don’t understand why people
insist you have to believe in heaven to go there
i should think that wouldn’t make any kind of difference

it puts WAY too much importance on your own belief system
when that always changes and grows

if i decide to stop learning,
that is when i die. my mind is what lives,
in this moment
and must continue on while it can

and i don’t ask “for whom the bell tolls ”
i only wonder why bells exist

i only wonder what man was thinking
to make a big clapper and noise
when silence is how eternity breathes
through even the most stubborn dreams

i gave away my ticket to grandma, by the way
told her if i earned heaven at all, she could have it

to never worry
because i would see to it
she had my seat

and i’ll go to dust
and be proud of it
i always was a stubborn child….

will see you in my dreams
and don’t worry about death, ever

it’s one of those things
we live and learn

and at some point we die and disassemble
it doesn’t mean the living was useless

one smile is all you need
and i can’t help but believe
that those who were gracious in life
are more than adequately gracious in death

it’s always about the reminder of your own mortality…
“don’t ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”

Look … i understand that some kind of belief in
what death is or isn’t
makes people comfortable
WITH those who have the belief

and i just don’t have enough information
and i’m not really keen on knowing death more
the two bodies in college offered to the class for
dissection was enough

quite enough …

more than anything
i believe it is silly to think
that you have to believe in this or that hypothesis
in order for that reality to exist for your human self

since any reality is going to exist anyway
despite your belief in it or not

see, that part is what i don’t get
or rather, i get that it’s used to spread belief
and enforce it more … i get that
but i don’t understand the willingness
to keep something like the fear of death
in a religious arsenal

it’s all very confusing
and there are many horrifying things …. many!

many “what ifs” that are NOT pleasant
like what if you stay in your body after it is dead?
like in an observation way and a feeling way
so the body is gone, but you are still in it, staring out
for eternity? that would pretty much be terrible

what if you ARE electricity, and get trapped in the
maze that IS computers? a complete hell for electricity that is, undeniably.

what if humans DO achieve immortality, and stop death or aging with science?
because i know humans will only use it to set up eternal torture
for those they hate — and to have that influence

nothing like having a real, actual hell to put someone in
they would use that power

what if souls go back to the collective
but the collective is largely evil?

what if this is as good as it gets?

so i don’t worry too much about what death is or
how any of it fits in with the scope of things

mainly because WHAT I BELIEVE is that the reality
occurs with or without my comprehension of it — that is my belief.

it’s not a popular one
it’s actually the biggest acknowledgement of a higher power and God, though

to face your own mortality ……..
i like the story “the death of ivan illich”
but there are many literary works that cover the subject
a whole type called existentialism … which always translated to me as “depressing”

not a fun place to explore
the sharing of that spirit, a life enamored with death …
it’s something you see and then go, “ok, then, i don’t want to be like that.”

and you’d be surprised how many depressing scenarios arise from the belief in heaven…
how it might not be the answer
to automatic bliss …………….. so i have looked at a lot of things

when it comes to death
but mostly there is a gate that shuts
where you know nobody is coming back

all you can do is wish them well
and not be afraid


to sing the day into its rise
the love and loss of timely hope
when death comes and steals a friend
to wonder if death is understood at all

perhaps the flower knows it better
as petals are a part of the plant
turning upwards toward the sun

so humans are a part of something close
and yet remote
a system that churns and grows another flower
another day

if one is picked
and boldly taken from us
taken away

the soul is larger than
any one part of it could say…

i sing the day to rise
i pray into the void
where nothing is a something
holding notes and pleas apart

i close my eyes
and touch the fabric
of the system, churning
where all life and supplication
gain their start

i see the vast complexity
yearn for all that’s wise
but truly wisdom is
the tears that live in other eyes…

as i look on in stunned
and grimy silence

knowing one such as i
can touch the One
with all We am
the answer is
there is no question worthy
for this sand
that drifts away
in time’s cruel glass

no perfect way
no subtle play
to say good-bye