How we got into this mess and steps to get out


Nice, clear and concise article. The extent that conspiracy theories have taken hold, speak of a wide ranging vulnerability to paranoia itself. Perhaps the mundane reality is too mundane.

Our society focuses on importance as the prop for worthiness. It’s why people speed around in their cars when they don’t need to–the feeling of importance and needing to be places faster according to self-importance. And that same need for importance, has the need to see itself as a protagonist in their own story, needs to picture the self as fighting an evil that wants to “get” them.

And the degree of how they can elevate their self-importance, correlates with how big an evil they make their perceived enemy, or conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, the need for self-importance only grows with expanding populations. That might have an apex, where trends will go down once crowding reaches a certain level.

I’m not sure what kind of actions or redirection can help in the meantime. Obviously, the USA did something wrong with the philosophy, “you are special, you can do anything your mind sets out to do.” A type of backfire from not taking into account basic mental capabilities. I kind of have to shrug my shoulders, because I’m not sure.

I think at this point, it’s important to realize that many people use the internet as an outlet for their angst and aggression. For their fears. So the untruths are true, in that these are their fears. Why they are selecting these particular fears, though, is because they are being guided by some very unscrupulous individuals and organizations.

I don’t have any answer but to rat them out one at a time. Fact check, disapprove the memes one at a time. And it’s pretty hopeless, like using a shoe to attack a house infested with roaches. My stand at this point, is to let it go. Let them spin their own reality, and only correct those in your immediate PHYSICAL sphere, not on cyberspace.

Step back from the melee and note where it goes. See, the way you beat paranoia, is you go forward until it gets so absurd that you have to drop it. You’re worried that there are cameras broadcasting your every move to the owners of your apartment building? Bump it up a notch, and worry that you are being broadcast to space aliens, or to entire earth-nations. Then you have to address the question, WHY? Why would someone want to watch me?

Then the answer circles back around to self-importance. America is suffering from a mass case of delusions of grandeur. You don’t beat that with just humility. You beat it with gratitude and service. Take yourself down a notch. Remember in Lord of the Rings, where the elf queen says, “No, I will diminish and go into the west. And remain Galdriel.” ?

That’s what we need to do. The ring we need to destroy on the fires, is the overwhelming need for self-importance. The truth is not a banner to rally behind, it should be the ground beneath your feet.

The coupe de grass of it all, is the USA is currently lead by the king of all things self-important. A personality that never felt the need to check his own delusions of grandeur. And so he has swept the nation, or a good part of it — into his insanity. They part of their brains that should be broadcasting logic, is saying to them that “How can this be wrong to follow, he is so successful! So I will be, too.”

And we have gotten nowhere in pointing out that there is a difference between success at life, and success at happiness. That there is a difference between inherited wealth, and made wealth. A difference between seeing others as your kin, or seeing them as only friend or foe. We’re getting nowhere in the attempt to lay these principals on the line.

My feeling, is that humility is an individual, and a group feat. So it must be addressed, cultivated — at several levels with extreme care. And I don’t think we have the discipline, nor the proclivity as a nation, to do this. That’s my prognosis. I hope I’m wrong. But it very much does not look good for the moment.

Let the conspiracy theories fly and see where they take their followers. Revert those in your immediate circles to simple logic. Hold tight, and consider the fact that many nations are worse, though many now are looking steadily better. I believe that the trump administration will be a wake up call, and the biggest challenge may be to not overtly-react in the opposite direction. Cheers!

Life is too short. At some point it becomes a long haul for all of us. Chin up. Darkest before the dawn.


One Reply to “How we got into this mess and steps to get out”

  1. Very interesting perspective Eileen. My take is that we all need to focus on our own individual purpose for our existence here on Plant (what was it called again?)…

    It is said that all things happen for a reason and let’s hope so. Trump, the lone rider of his own apocalyptic personality has indeed a bent for seeing through on his quest for conquering POTUS (past tense), steamrolling the Institution of POTUS, living his own little game of ‘Star Wars’ engagement right here on Planet Earth and obliterating all who might possess a matching ego as Lord and conquerer, including the maniacal head of the throne (or throne of heads) in North Korea.

    Trump has an agenda that someday will play back as a self-fulfilling prophecy (solely of his own design and derision). A family of fools marches down the halls of the West Wing amid the gallantry, pomp and unprecedented circumstance, all the while sarcastic and virulent whispers trail behind closed doors of their detractors.

    Mommy dearest looks like she would prefer to float in a hot tub at the bow of her own yacht far out at sea espousing her own moments in the limelight effecting nothing more than chortles about her latest evening wear. She could care less where her pompous trout of a spouse is or what he has been diddling in.

    POTUS’ ultra sheik yet oh so pouty daughter wanders about the Hallowed Halls, circling the Oval Office (as close and precisely as one can circle an Oval) lamenting how much hard liquor she might consume on any given evening, after all, is said and shamelessly done and who she’ll dole out a cut and run, take it or leave it ultimatum as she stands steady at the stern. And her brothers, well, their hair and suits cut with the precision of leathal weapons, their bodyguards ply their secret service like pixelated images on a matrix screen bursting with data fusions no-one will ever decipher just in time…

    Does this all sound like pure fictional babblespeak? It surely does…

    Meanwhile, I roam the streets of our own metropolitan chaos, not one of America though atypical in so many ways. I too wonder at humanity scrambling about in the rat trap, darting and ducking, weaving their way through the daily maze, wrapped up mechanically in obsessive oblivion chin-strapped to their iPhones and otherwise fixating on what they are all about, why they have come to this place in time, why in God’s name Mother Nature is tearing apart the earth and its inhabitants nearly as fast as some little imp of a supreme order dangles his little digit over a red button that would end it all…and right here in our own little world we can’t get a seat on the LRT to save our lives…and what young person gives a damn whether we do, don’t or die falling between the cracks on the way out…

    So here we are moving forward, like so many pawns in the game of life, obsessing on our self-importance, self-worth or self-loathing while the clock on the wall just keeps on ticking…

    (this comment may self-destruct if fifteen seconds to protect the disinterested)

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