what is given is given from love

at this point i just slammed them for being envious of poor people. because that is what we have going on with alt right fits over charity programs. they are jealous of poor people.

the white trailer trash class level applied, put applications in at some point and they weren’t poor enough to qualify for foodstamps. not needy enough to require help. so they are angry and envious of the people that are poorer. it is the weirdest thing i’ve seen in 1000 lifetimes.

because i’ve never had any trouble becoming poorer. that’s something i’ve never had a problem doing. and it’s not like government programs have any ambiguity. you are either poor enough or not to need help from them.

they don’t tell you their cutoff levels ahead of time. the schedule is not posted. but it’s all based on need, and for some things a criminal record can be cause for denial.

but these yahoos are spitting with jealousy about wanting the charity money or goods that go to poor people.

and i’m not sure what to think on that. there’s not a lot of literature addressing the situation of somewhat badly off people writhing in envy over very bad off people.

i’m trying to understand why, when they have a kitchen cupboard full of cherio boxes, they want to take the ONE cherio box from the guy getting something to live.

it was like how people freaked out that any poor folk had the luxury of a refrigerator. it made no sense, because that’s one of the government standards …. it’s not a request put in or anything else. it’s a government standard for living. so what the heads of manipulation division 101 were doing, was they were trying to get the government to DROP their requirement of a refrigerator — so that landlords without refrigerators in their buildings could rent to poor people.

that is what the housing programs are for, btw — to increase standards and eliminate the problem of slum lords. or at least keep it down to something that is not entirely disgraceful for the country. those programs are in place mainly to regulate the conditions the working poor have to deal with, and improve those conditions without a big fanfare.

and you have people that have higher income angry ……….. but why are they so pissed? because they have less disposable income. because their money goes to beer, to parties, to gambling, to whatever ……… and then the money they have left to LIVE on, really IS less than the benefits given to the poor.

so when you have a rage-spittin’ alt-righter foaming at the mouth about all those charity programs that help others ……………. you KNOW they are either:

1. a criminal
2. a drug addict
3. out of control spending
4. or part of manipulating others

there really isn’t a lot of room for me to listen to an argument based on the premise that we SHOULD be envious of poor people.

so their argument is that all that stuff should be given to people higher up the chain … or to build more graveyards, i guess. i don’t know what or where their reasoning comes from.

i’ve seen it for awhile. try to ignore it. i don’t understand how we are supposed to start with a premise that poor people don’t need anything. it’s the friggin definition of poor. i can’t figure out where this weird envy of the poor comes from, except it’s more an evny of LIFE. of lives not riddled with crime or addictions or things that sap money until they don’t know where it goes. that envy eats them up — they want to be the poor person with the “free” cellphone — because they think that makes everything better. or they don’t want others to have free phones, because they don’t get a free phone. even as they grip their 10-times as expensive cellphone to type in how mad they are that the poor get free phones. and why do they have refrigerators?

it’s beyond crazy and into some bizzaro land i can’t describe.

because i don’t even know how they came to these conclusions. it keys in with the entire sort of delusional process that surrounds the term “free.” nothing in life is free. you pay for it somehow, with blood, with sweat, with tears. you pay for it with anger or with defense. with sacrifice and determination. you pay with worry and anxiety. sometimes you even pay for things with helplessness.

but free …. no. and the only reason you can have that gigantic boat-rocker of a gambling hall on wall street — is because the government feeds a direct IV into the country to stabilize the economy — like a ballast. the money or goods they give “free” to poor people, is not going to poor people. it’s going to the grocer down the block, to the apartment owner, to the bus and train lines, to all those services that serve the LOWER CLASS. they support the businesses that serve the lower class, keeping the pricing for them down.

so the lower class attacking the government IV influx to that — is pretty high on the stupid level. it really is.

and the republican maneuver of jerking stocks higher and then cutting the IV … that’s their trademark “turn the boat over” because they are betting on exactly when it will tip.
and then they use the somewhat poor, to be angry and envious of the very poor. and it’s just too much. you can have someone poor in money — but when i have to watch others that are so poor in spirit — it’s really hard. i don’t know how to ask them why they are envious of poor people.

because they will return that they are not, even as they just spit out ten tons of envy. and then that just ADDS to the poorness of their spirit that i have to watch. they can’t see what they’re doing.

and the leaders don’t care, because they have a hoard of money bet on the time the boat will tip over.

i’m just mentally throwing my hands up in the air at this point — doing some italian gestures and you know there is nothing you can do with them. let them stew. but maybe if they think for awhile and ask themselves “WHY am i envious of the charity given to the poor?” maybe if they look at that inside for a bit, they’ll realize they shouldn’t be.


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