perpetual economics versus trickle down poopfest

strange thing, too, is that the wealthy do better when the poor spend more. when more currency circulates, those working product and service businesses profit. the wealthy that do not profit more when the masses spend more, are those who are sitting on their piles of gold. the biggest problem i see in money systems is the selling of money and the laws of supply and demand falling on money itself. so our actual currency is this intangible thing above money…… lol.
​so if circulating cash is low, the cost of money (loans) rises. and the banks loan to each other in a round robin of profiteering at all times, a kind of ponzie scheme that never ends so the piper is never payed. the stock market is just wagering on business, and giving the business your wager to hold as you bet on it. so all or most of its gain is based on gambling and so reflects degrees of desperation more than health in a system. and again, it pushes onward as long as it never ends. its motion is dependent on it never stopping. but the inflated values for the companies caused by the betting on them, creates a further decrease in the value of money itself. the rise in cost of property/houses creates a decrease in the value of money itself. which is then countered by a greater demand to buy money through loans to raise the value of money. (and loans themselves assist in making higher prices easier to swallow) so things like the republicans want to use the stockmarket and loans in a REVERSE fashion to make their property and businesses more valuable. (the cause and effect switch places) so assets sat on increase in value at an incredible rate as the dollar bottoms. at a greater rate than inflation would cause in the direction it currently goes, where inflation is (marginally) regulated and controlled. then of course, the biggest weakness of the whole system is they are balls in the air. disruption can fold the entire house of cards. but their thinking is that they can shuffle more money to the upper class and into property investment, tank the value of the dollar, and come out big winners. which in many ways, they already have done when seniors need to take out mortgages to afford retirement. those signs, mean that it is on the way of reversing its chain of cause and effect already. and of course, the ultimate goal is to dump the poor into a pit and feed off them, such as countries like india and others where the currency value has been horribly deflated. so trickle down is the mask to disguise the reversing of the gears and tank the dollar … where more money to the top causes less money circulated, more invested, and a rise in the cost of money itself, which devalues what money is circulating already. it is an uncontrollable spiral downplunge. feeds on itself. makes paupers and kings overnight. so the entire population of the planet are betting on the currencies themselves. like a game of musical chairs for which one will tank. trump got elected, and everyone cashed in their usa treasury bonds to the tune of trillions. so my point is, the application of trickle down is not the coffin, it is the final nail in the coffin. they are grinning so widely… the republican “winners”… because they figure they will be able to nail it home. and there will be no coming out of it and the usa will fall to extreme poverty for the majority of its members as the dollar completely tanks. that is what they are happy about. they want to sit on assets, and have chinese workers make any products they sell. they want to feed off the poor of the world, and the poor they create here become more easy to manipulate. so right wing are enemies to the state, as far as i’m concerned. plan to sell out their country by making it take an economic dive. so they cut government programs before they throw more people into poverty. that’s why their platform maintains the policy of cutting government spending on the poor. because their wealth depends on creating more poor, and the desired levels of desperation. eh…. it’s all quite the game. most days i simply wonder how much greed it took to get us to this point.