what do you do when something angers… write

this is about my teeth
the new fake teeth
and it’s one of those things
part of me just says, “keep to yourself”
but another part is a little bit… angry
my english teacher taught us that
dogs get mad, but people get angry

so i’ve been dealing with a lot of difficulty
chewing anything with the new dentures
and you are supposed to trust the dentists
for adjustments
and so that is what i had done

but after stewing with the
and the pain
i sat at my shop table and took a
good look at them

the insides had nibs in places
like purposeful points
of an F-you to me
i kid you not
and the bottoms would rock
from back to front
because a ridge was built
right at the halfway mark
on each side

and just in case
someone wants to say
but the gums change as they heal
… but they never fit right
it isn’t like they are supposed
to come with nibs on the inside
to cause sores
and rocking horse bottoms
…. and so
my only conclusion can be

well F-me… and i got out my tools
and fixed them
… it’s fairly pliable resin

so now the pain all gone
and the fit is fine
i dug into some toaster waffles
like it was my last meal

and i’m not going back
to the “frat boys” at the dentistry school

seems a little pointless
so that’s how i spent my sunday afternoon
and i’m fuming just a bit
i’m not sure how to express why
betrayal on something as silly as this
has me questioning… well, what
makes people think they are being smart
by hurting others?

and if any are wondering,
the entire time with these
student dentists, i have been
courteous and nice and polite and
just never mean or bitchy

so it has to be for the sake of
a joke or a prank
at my pain and expense

so i’m a little peaved

the teeth look great
and now that they are no longer
instruments of torture
i should be fine

it’s just disappointing
the world is like this, you know?
i’m just so disappointed in… well…
my own faith that has me trusting
as the given
until i get the big F-me

but you know
i’m not going to change that
who i am
i think it’s better to have faith
until someone proves you shouldn’t
can’t walk through life with a chip
on your shoulder

one of the nibs burrowed a hole
right down to the bone
….. yea
it’s going to take awhile
for me to not be pissed off

but i should be fine, now
really no need to fuss
or complain… it’s just
i try to live minus the fear of
what awful creatures human beings can be

i really do
try to keep that knowledge
clamped down
in a safe spot i don’t visit very often

these days i kind of see it as
i’m just not built much like the
rest of mankind
and i only want people to be nice to each other
and i don’t see why there is such a difficulty
with that

but i guess anything
i do or say
will not change the nature
of all problems inside
all those “normal” folk

and i found myself truly wishing
that i believed in karma
but instead, this world has wars
conducted by all those empty, normal folk

i think the biggest thing is men need to read
and be literate and find
themselves in other minds in books
so that they can develope sympathy
and empathy

and not be such…

nope, the anger isn’t gone yet
might take me awhile
and the day is beautiful
the flowers are happy
and the world turns

sometimes i do wonder, though
what real progress
for mankind
spirituality and faithfully

looks like


3 Replies to “what do you do when something angers… write”

  1. Good for you for fixing them yourself! Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. An emory board can help file down any rough edges (as opposed to say, a dremel tool), and the more you keep them in, the better they will fit in the long run. If you can sleep in them one or two nights a week, that can help too. Yes, your gums will heal in a different shape, and the closer they can mold to your teeth, the better suction/fit you will get (i.e. try to wear them as much as possible over the next few months as the gums heal).

    Agree with you about writing out the anger. I had never heard that about “dogs get mad, people get angry”. lol Will have to remember that! 🙂

    1. yea i’m reading up on everything about dentures. how they are made. i finally just got a suction on the bottoms yesterday, after working on them a bit more. i looked on amazon, and they have a kit but for purchase only with a medical license. : ( but i found a battery powered manicure set at walmart with the same exact nibs, completely identical. go figure. so yea, the manicure tools are what work with it. thing is now i have to wait with them not moving around so much, for the blisters to heal. it has to be like shoes, where the movement is what causes the most problems. but i wasn’t getting anything close to the right suction before, they were all over the place. so it’s already messed up for me, because a lot of the front gum has healed with the denture just over it, not right down onto it. i might never be able to bite into anything with these dentures. but i’m going to see now if i can use pressure, i’m a jaw clencher anyway….

      but at least they don’t float in my mouth now every time i go to take a drink! 🙂

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