kicking around the kick to unremarkable lives

being thankful for what you have
the lack of envy

but also the elimination of deprivation

deprivation has a constant

but is also relative in a correlation
to the facets of envy itself

” you should be satisfied.”
really not something one person should say to another

but ideologies for satisfaction
are manipulated and twisted and promoted

in clear avenues for
maintaining a class structure
that support the structure OVER the
good of any people within the structure

you are to envy those with a home
and seek to buy one

yet instead of saving a life of work to then buy a home for children
are convinced to pay much more and leave
children a mortgage

so once owning a home
you should be satisfied
but then get sent off chasing every
other thing, to further support
the ideology of dissatisfaction

those who gamble, seniors with pensions
they can’t afford to lose
because they are dissatisfied
with the amount they don’t have

and so the games become a way
to face winning and losing
as uncontrolled elements

YOU are the one to tell yourself
if you are satisfied or not

yet again, there is a constant
that poor health and pain
that misery produces dissatisfaction

i think there is such a thing as ways of peace

of not firing immediately back
of not being afraid of what can’t hurt you

but also, of ignoring what can hurt you
and is inescapable

but those ways of peace
are a luxury afforded to those with
needs met

and it is too easy for those with needs met,
to insist those who suffer should find the ways of peace

though i would say that if your need is
always more
then the perception will be that your needs are never met

living in peace is living without fear
but along with that is the sense
that you yourself are allowed to exist

if a job is too difficult
i just won’t do it
AND i don’t knock myself for bowing out

i don’t see that as a weakness
and i don’t set what i can accomplish
based on what others can accomplish

it’s better to do one little thing right every day
than to do one big thing right once a year

and envy is the mystery

seems to be no point in making yourself miserable
but there is also something to be said
for setting attainable goals

add to that
the fact is that many times if you had
that thing you envy
you would not be any happier

and add to that
the interesting phenom of needing
others to be envious of you

AND the baffling display of anger
if others are not appropriately envious


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