double standards that find a way into triumph

so there is the argument that democrats hated comey and now they love comey. and i’m trying to think what bothers me about that. not the dems, but the republicans that think anyone gives two farts about popularity of an fbi director.

so i’m trying to comprehend what their thing is on that. so if the republicans hated someone, and then changed and defended the person they hated … how would any democrat bring that up as an argument to say they are bad? or would it just be another day for republicans, to change policy and belief one day to the next.

so republicans are putting down dems for not adhering to the democrat principals that republicans don’t hold. so it’s like me as a christian, jumping on a jewish person for eating bacon, while i’m eating a ham. it’s like a bank robber telling a shop lifter that stealing is bad. it is like a child that catches their mom sneaking cookies, and is happy as can be that mom is bad and weak.

so it is the typical reaction of the oppressed toward their superiors.
it involves double standards, holding dems to a higher standard, and to consider the miss of a standard by the dems, as a win for the republicans. that is what is so strange. i can’t quite figure out what kind of person would bring that as an argument.

it would be like me saying that the jewish person that eats bacon makes me a better christian. it’s not that it is hard to argue against, it’s that why is this some kind of point to them? it makes no sense. like if somebody said why is the sky orange today, and the person next to them replied, “what sky?”