like I have said before, the man is illiterate

the word hypocrite
is one of those things you can’t call another
unless there is actual hypocrisy

if a person has NOT been hypocritical
then calling them an hypocrite is like calling your aunt Sylvia a dude
when that person can say, “no, I am not hypocritical in this,
so you are a liar!”

now I’ve played the devil’s advocate a few times
been deliberately hypocritical

but for the most part
integrity requires that
actions match up to beliefs

or that belief for what the right thing is,
because it is the foundation of actions.

so when somebody says they love babies
and don’t want them to die,
but then take away their health care

THAT’s hypocrisy, UNLESS they have decided they
hate babies and want them dead, then it’s
not hypocrisy

when a person hires Mexican gardeners
and then condemns immigrants
that’s hypocrisy

if I ask you to give me back my pruning sheers
and you do so 3 months later

then me being angry
is not me being an hypocrite

I don’t know how that even works
and apparently

the potus does not know the definition
of hypocrisy

I think they think it means
changing your mind? or maybe they
feel hypocrisy is any time
you want something, but then you don’t
want it after you get it?

I’m really not sure. it is part of their
brain limitation to not process the UNLESS

so I’m hypocritical sometimes,
and my belief foundation plays catch up
with my actions

I’m angry that the president used the word
“hypocrite” incorrectly and now his followers
have a misunderstanding

I can’t begin to say how many levels of stupid
that goes under

so I am frustrated, and somebody needs to mail the
whitehouse a dictionary

if I believed that I should never change my mind
and want something different tomorrow
than I want today…. if I felt that was wrong to change my mind
and yet I did
and if I tell others they should never change their mind

but I change my own mind…. then that is hypocrisy.

but of course, I believe “every woman has the right to change her mind.” so changing my mind is not hypocrisy.

the moral or belief system has to exist
before hypocrisy can exist

when no such moral bar exists, and you scream
“hypocrite! “…. then we are looking around for the bar
you claim we missed, and it’s not there

and the difference is severe, like potus is calling a mountain a guitar

I’m going, OK how is this hypocritical? I believed one thing
yesterday, and another thing today.

and that is called LIFE… but it’s not hypocrisy.
hypocrisy is keeping a belief and acting contrary to it

and he just doesn’t know what hypocrite means.

it doesn’t mean that your wants are changing.

it means your wants don’t line up with your beliefs

it doesn’t mean liar, it means you have no consistency
in your approach to decisions.

and I guess what happened is that potus45 was called hypocrite so many times, that he just registered it as a bad word
and is calling someone that back.

since he doesn’t know what the word MEANS

yes, people…. the American president is constantly
an hypocrite because he never learned
what hypocrisy actually IS

and ain’t that a kick in the 5th grader pants