glub glub floatin on the sea of love — glub flub

yea it’s kind of mind-blowing … the work here has been to get MORE people seeking mental health and especially those who are homeless. the answer, is to enroll them in mental health. so now, they are just going to get rid of mental health. ? lol ………. i am laughing, i guess. this is too funny. whatever they go with, i will choose the option that costs nothing, or few dollars a prescription. and if it ranges higher than that, i will remind everyone that those in the mental health system, are the only people on earth that take medication to make OTHERS feel better.

and the republicans are obviously insane at this point. how far away from reality is hard to determine — but they are out there — like collectively stoned.

i’m not sure what happened — it’s like the planet full of robots, where somebody cut off all their antenae so they go around bumping into things. i guess it has to do, that when humans ACCEPT hypocritical precepts, then they corrupt their own foundations of logic. enough of it, and becomes a quicksand — where reality is not based upon any systematic form of integrity.

and it’s why hypocrisy is used so much in propaganda — to put various parts of the belief systems at odds with each other. it destabalizes entire populations.

*sigh….. *