if it’s part of the insides the green eggs and ham are two different pathologies

You don’t want to get in a biblical argument with me, I went to Lutheran school. The bible was shoved so far down my throat, I don’t know where it lives now.

Was actually glad when the living bible came out, in plain English and just the new Testament. Not that it was the best, but it gave me a place to start for better translation of old English. Though nothing is perfect, and these days I check the verses in king James when the translated one doesn’t make sense…..

And I’m not sure what that means? But I still remember Matt C., whose dad was a doctor, saying the bible was God’s book of fairy tales. That was seventh grade at Lutheran school, and I remember he played basketball. The boys all got taller than me that year, and beat the rival Catholic school by a mile.

But between memorized verses, and catachism, and church itself, where they methodically went through the entire bible in the readings every four years or so (leaving out Leviticus and Revelations)….you just don’t want to get into a bible-based argument with me. Somebody prays outloud too long, and I’m thinking of the lesson Jesus told about the silent woman versus the loud Pharisee (or Sadducee). And just as a funny note, if you speak that into Dragon, it writes “there is an insurgency” ….I love technology.

It’s not that I consider myself the best student. But at a certain point of repetition, you just go, “ok, already.” And by the time I was handed my confirmation bible with my name on it in gold letters, I never needed to crack that book again. Though I have, and even disgraced it with a bit of highlighting….

I don’t come off as a “bible person” because it’s not just the bible. If I start giving out bible quotes to uphold weak arguments, you’re going to see me throw in some Shakespeare….and some Dr. Seuss. And the author of ALL the Wizard of Oz books, and The Lord of the Rings, and maybe even Game of Thrones if he ever gets to finishing it.

The study of the parable is vast, and the only problem is that life isn’t long enough to get them all. You don’t worry about that kind of thing when you’re younger. Just read and read. Apply the lessons–move to the next. You get older, and suddenly realize you’re running out of time. Begin to wonder if there is a library in heaven…

So I woke up this morning, and in my huffy way, thought “no, you don’t want to get into a bible argument with me!” And I thought having it still lodged in my gut somewhere was kind of funny. But in a way, it is.

So that’s why I say life is too short. And it’s kind of too short to be getting into bible arguments in the first place. Never heard anyone argue if aragorn was more of a king or more of a healer. I would have chosen healer, and they left that part out of the movies entirely.

A story is the way of looking at how others react. So I went ahead and got up, got myself a cup of tea, still chuckling over the image of a bible lodged in me somewhere. I sat down to write…on the tablet, because I’m lazy. And the desk is for important things. I’m not important, not in the least.

Just enjoying my cup of tea, wondering if the sun is even up. And I call myself dumber than dumb, of course the sun is up. I just can’t see it, am looking too far in instead of out. Looking back instead of forwards, wondering where the time has gone? But of course, it’s right here. Ticking on top of the bible and making the warm tea taste awfully good.


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