and i guess i got a little high on the ranting horse, this is not rocket science

democrats don’t have open border policy, never did. on contrary, have constantly tried to nail down the republicans on a policy. the good old boys just want cheap labor. republican didn’t even know that in economics the term open borders means free trade. no one is flinging open gates and whistling the herd in. world open borders is trade, trade, trade. just get that right? it drives me crazy. we don’t want a wall because it’s stupid and expensive. if you want protection, conquer Mexico and build the wall to the south of Mexico where much cheaper to build. picking the widest point is stupid. upkeep is crazy and they aren’t even coming over so much now because the trade agreements(that trump wants to end) did as planned and helped their economy enough that they are rising with less need to immigrate. so he wants to dump them into more poverty, wall it, dump the usa into inflation, and make the oil big boys richer. and to that, I say if we have to keep up his stupid wall for centuries, I will personally pull it down brick by brick to spare us the expense.

the alt right bs machine from russia told you it meant open physical borders. always meant open economic borders.

just letting you know, because you can’t use that in an argument, because your premise is false. no democrat ever suggested open physical borders.

when i sent my friend from facebook a computer — to nigeria — he had to pay an extra tariff to pick it up from the customs office. countries have tariffs on goods entering their countries. they have bans — it is forbidden to import cloth material of any sort into nigeria. when the usa levels a sanction, what we are doing is screwing up their trade with our rules. so basically, an open-trade WORLD would make our sanctions MORE POWERFUL. wake up, please.

it’s all about trade. we’ve been in world war 3, just it’s an economic war. i import chinese parts to repair computers. sometimes it’s the only place available. and EVEN if i got them here, it’s just somebody sitting in pitsburg with a warehouse that ordered from the same chinese, and is storing them so he can sell for a profit.

at that point, i’m going, why am i the smuck doing all the work, when i could be sitting in a warehouse selling crap to smucks like me?

the wealthiest company in the world — world, and wealthier than all the oil companies — is walmart, who import most of their items from china. is it good to have cheap products available? hard to say — maybe if we didn’t, the cry and outrage to raise the minimum wage would have happened sooner. that’s why we have economists to determine what to do in crucial matters. but is in the hands of fat cats, now. so rock and roll………..

they are not going to go for what steadies the boat, they are going to go for what makes their friends richer. and only problem got with that, is they take it out of the hides of the taxpayer who will get less bang for their buck. less government programs, county fairs, national parks, etc. but who knows, a wall might give the army something to do. but should be army core of engineers building anything if he was serious about it. all this other is men greasing each others palms and kickbacks. it’s all insanity, though could get a computer monitor running the wall to cut cost. but then hackers…eh. it’s easier to help Mexico get on its feet, and then have their assistance in limiting south American immigration.

you do know the mexicans can buy dynamite? heck, they have fireworks up the ying yang, get them cheap from china.

so fat cats in charge now are not going to go for what steadies the boat, they are going to go for what makes their friends richer. so it’s rock and roll. quality is not price. price is supply and demand.

i want you to repeat that into the mirror every night: quality is not price. price is supply and demand.

I promoted hp computers because they are American made in Texas, until I had to repair their laptops and saw how they engineered them to fail. American made is fine, but you have to remember that we figure out all kinds of ways to screw people over. none better at it.

so go ahead … build those economic walls! build a real wall. see how we do feeding off our own greed for awhile. should be interesting when children in the USA are starving while soldiers patrol a stupid wall that we didn’t need in the first place.


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