for the round of potatoes in american do-si-does errupted

it’s not often i get to make a nice, beef stew. often the price of beef ranges higher, but it’s also because much easier to throw what is left of a chicken into a stewpot.

so i found some good beef on sale, and chopped it up — added vegetables that were getting a little old. you just clip out the bad parts. and it is bubbling on the stove nicely, on this sort of gloomy day. funny how the sun is wonderful, and invigorating. but the rain is necessary for any and all of the beauty.

so can’t regret clouds. just make a nice batch of stew, and settle in for a comfortable day of reading.

i get a little overwhelmed with the issues. but i kind of think it’s like using the vegetables you need — cut out the bad parts. put things together, even experiment with ingredients. did you know that peanut butter works nicely in pork stew? a dash of this, a shake of that.

the final moment is when you raise that spoon to your mouth, close your eyes and sip. think what it might need or what it doesn’t need, or if it is perfect.

you can get too fussy, and ruin a perfectly fine stew by adding too many flavors. there is a balance to all artistry, i think. that point where colors will jumble and blend, to become mud brown. i do like the peaceful sound of something cooking on the stove, the smell of the house — onions and so forth. i breathe a little deeper.

it’s gloomy out. the rain will begin, soon. patters, and then pools. i type my thing, my reasoning that looks a little worn, at this point. needs a little fresh rain itself i should think.

but i look out the window at the day, and it’s good. wouldn’t change a thing.


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